Hmm, Should I Buy Litecoin? Insider Exposes 4 Litecoin Secrets!

Hmm, Should I Buy Litecoin? Insider Exposes 4 Litecoin Secrets!

should I buy litecoin
that is the hot topic on many people’s lips in the crypto industry right now
and you know in this video I’m gonna give my opinion on it but I want to make
it clear as I do in all my videos take my opinion with a grain of salt and do
your own due diligence after all I’m not financial advisor I’m just a guy who
does stuff with crypto on the side and you know I’m not gonna actually even say
how much I’ve put into crypto but what I will say is this I tripled when I’ve put
in in the last couple of months so I’m not doing too bad however this is not
financial advice so now we’ve got that clear let me give you my opinion on
whether or not I think you should buy likely well to answer the question let
me tell you that I’ve been buying like going and I’m actually sitting on a
significant amount of it right now and here’s why we’re on a site called coin
market cap which shows as the top-performing crypto currencies in the
world right now the current market cap should I buy litecoin for crypto currencies worldwide is five
hundred and seventeen billion nine hundred sixty one million two hundred
and fifty eight thousand one hundred in other words we’re in a half a trillion
dollar market right now but as a massive number let me say that we’re in a half a
trillion dollar market right now in 2018 mark my words the cryptocurrency
industry will become a trillion dollar industry so point number one why I
believe you should be buying light coin right now is because of the growth of
the crypto industry worldwide as a whole as point number one point number two is
this the price of Bitcoin although bitcoin is dipping right now
the average Joe out there cannot afford to buy a full Bitcoin
and you might be thinking to yourself well then they don’t need to buy for
Bitcoin to make money with it right well yeah that’s true but I wanted to think
about it this way nobody goes into a car dealership and says hey you see that
brand-new car there I want to buy just the tires thank you
that would not make sense right people go into a car dealership and they say
hey I want to buy a brand new car and you’ve got to imagine Bitcoin as like a
Ferrari that’s unaffordable for most people but litecoin is like the porsche
that the average Joe can afford I mean right now is a great time to buy to 270
270 dollars most people can afford to grab at least one couple right so reason
number two is why litecoin is gonna go up in my opinion it’s because compared
to bitcoin added compared to Bitcoin cash and compared to aetherium which are
the over three coins on coinbase litecoin is a relative bargain and the
point number two kind of leads me very nicely onto point number three coinbase
the reason why coin is gonna go up in prizes because coin base is now the most
downloaded app in the Apple App Store so when new people are going over to
coinbase this app which is now really popular in the App Store they’re going
in there they’re seeing the price of should I buy litecoin Bitcoin they’re gonna the scene of fear
and they going are they seeing Bitcoin costigan utter they see like coin and
they think oh yeah that’s affordable that’s that that’s interesting
let me let me grub litecoin so that’s point number three look let’s just recap
real quick putting number one while icons gonna go
up is the overall market cap is growing point number two is that Bitcoin of
theme and Bitcoin cash are out of most people’s affordability range point
number three is that coin base is now the most downloaded up in the App Store
and finally point number four is the fact that we’re nearly at Christmas time
family and friends are gonna be gathering together and more and more
people are going to be hearing about cryptocurrency their friends and family
members who are already involved they’re gonna town to go over to coin base and
when they do they’re gonna see like coin at the cheap price and they’re going to
want to get involved in an area where they can afford to get involved so those
are my four points on you know showed you by litecoin or not remember this is
just my opinion you should do your own due diligence but I won’t be surprised
to see like land go up to at least two thousand dollars at some point in 2018
so personally yes I think it’s a great investment
yes I think you should snap some up and you can do so if you if you’re not
already involved with kryptos there’s a link to coin base where you can go and
set up an account and you can get should I buy litecoin yourself some white coin today you’ll
find that in my description box below well hope you’ve got a lot of value from
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well that’s it from me from this video I will see you in the next one a lot more
thing let’s make your next crypto investment your best clip to investment
see you in the next one you


  1. One nice thing about this temporary price and volume pullback is that maybe Coinbase can get a few hundred more employees hired and trained in order to handle all the new busines coming in.

  2. Do you think the big annoumcement   from Charlee  will be coming soon ?? think this will cause the price to rise also.??

  3. Hi, i'm quite new to the Crypto world and i'm wanting to buy a few Litecoins to get started with. I really like your content but was just wondering if I could get some basic tips as a new starter to Crypto. Thanks

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