Hatriot Mail is Back!

Hatriot Mail is Back!

patriot mail it is time for hatred mail
it is wednesday i think a trivial maybe
will make it a wednesday evening
yeah antenna like that idea here
hatred mail today patriot mailed this is
the new hatred mail graphic from rafael
this is uh…
this is a call and i like this on our
way it’s it’s a cartoon type of thing
and it seems to be an envelope
that is angry and holding a gun and a
flag that has the david package a logo
with like a red cross out like no david
packard show and i guess there’s flames
at the bottom so it’s quite a production
i haven’t said it is a pretty good
graphic i’d like it
let’s get the hatred now if you’ve never
heard hatred bill before hatred now as
we take some of the most absurd hate
mail that i get
and i get quite a bit of it
and a professional voice-over artist who
does like commercials and movies and all
sorts of stuff
uh… does a dramatic reading an
interpretive dramatic reading of the
hate mail let’s get into it shul is
uh… louder know what that is the list
but that’s certainly not hatred now now
this is hatred mail this into this
clearly you’ve been told by someone that
you are a good presenter
you are shockingly bad
you don’t have a clue about what you’re
commenting on it because you just sees
something once and feel you are the
experts right i’m not alone in saying
before your comment on something look up
the facts read through the history amid
a bad advice so far retin-a goes off the
rails better still in our opinion
clear off our screens
you are a past and quite clearly feel
that your talent deserves airtime
it doesn’t
and of story there it is a very that’s
uh… the disarray me list for not
knowing anything and passed
i am a pass that should did the show
should be off the air
we will keep an eye out for that


  1. I think he addressed some pretty legit points. It often bugs me how uniformed David can be. Sometimes he even seems proud of how uninformed he is.
    I like the show, but it could be a lot better and more informative than it is.

  2. Ill give Pakman THIS……

    HE DIDNT DENY he is a know nothing……so…..XD Maybe, deep down inside, he agrees. lol

  3. TYTlive just used an graphic titled HAtriot and I was like TDPS is the the only other place the word hatriot has ever been used. It was odd.


    PS the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuause the voices where pretty good. but thats it!

  5. Funny enough, I do think that you reveal your knowledge best when you are on other people's shows. I wonder why that is? Perhaps because you are being interviewed as an expert, so you raise your game, whereas your own show is more chit chatty.

  6. i wonder why someone like david gets hate mail. after all, hes only a coward who wont even discuss how his lord is perpetuating another war for corporate and financial interests. u pussies make me sick. no moral or ethical foundation to stand on, just like the republicans u all claim to hate. guess what? u ARE what u hate. but at least with the republicans u know what youre going to get.

  7. and growing up i'd always hear about liberal hypocrisy and how rampant it is, but I guess I was too young when Clinton was in office to really get an idea of it.

    thanks for the insight, david

  8. It seams that the author of this email has seen The David Packman show and feels he is an expert on David's presentation abilities.

  9. Go read some science on left/right brains then go fuck your moronic self… not only are you pig ignorant, you are proudly boasting of being so…

  10. This is a great segment – can I be a contributing writer? ๐Ÿ™‚ I would just say that you should not use Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance march as the backing track, simply because it sounds too British. We already requisitioned that track for similar purposes – mainly for riffing statements made by BNP supporters.

  11. I love Hatriot mail, the voice over's reading makes it extra delightful. I wonder if Hatriot's know whatย a great source of comedy they bring?

  12. Eat the GMO drink the fluoride breath in the poison take the shots and don't protect yourself or your family. Take them to the beach and swim in the toxic waste dump that is the ocean. Cause you are free to do as they tell you.

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