Hatriot Mail: 2-For-1 Edition

patriot mail patriot mail we’re going to
do uh… uh… a two for one this week
because the the two
the hatred nails short what his hatred
mail people write as hate mail a
professional voice-over artist turns it
into a dramatic interpretive reading
of that
is that the good assessment willis yeah
let’s go to number one here is hatred
mail number one for this week
fuels subject to a father your career
and eventually end up not being able to
justify your will any longer
but still continued to do so for it’s
better than not acting at all but you
will have no integrity
i don’t understand now
that’s one of the ones we get words just
took it to the rankings of a lunatic and
we have just no idea what they’re
talking about yet we would need to dive
into that a bit farther leverage that we
did detective farther into that their
and uh… payton patriot mail number two
for the week
why i do listen to this more and i will
never know what movement
he has a simplistic ignorant attitude
and he is too young to know anything
there it is
uh… blistering critique in hatred mail
this week
i like i’d like
i think we should try to get our hands
on one
the wording which is just completely
butchered writings that would be great
uh… i thought we did that that that
that well i mean even worse than there
was a miracle
and the thing is sometimes it’s so bad
that there’s not even actual words that
the the we have to give the narrator
words to work with the dragon minimum
level he’s like their i’d can do it as
long as their words and then some of the
time of the hate mail we get doesn’t
meet that stringent standard right like
consonant clusters with unpronounceable
hey this is really disturbing uh… you
know how remember one time somebody hung
up on me during interview well actually
that’s not true the first time someone
hung up on the during an interview
for dot the i’s name
jonathan something years ago we will
mention the hundreds of times people
follow up on you just during casual
carbonite arsenal in justice from from
the point of view of the show right

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