Going to Jail in China…

Going to Jail in China…

Matthew: So, foreigners in China are often
lauded as exotic, you know, bringers of new
information. They’re like seen as the outsiders
that are very, very interesting to the average
person because China’s a pretty homogenous
society, right? Now, oftentimes, you can see
the general opinion of foreigners in, like,
conversations with taxi drivers, and if you
get in a taxi in China, they’ll often ask
you, well, pretty much every time, they’ll
ask you where you’re from. Basically, you
might get a little bit of a big head because
you’ll think that Chinese people absolutely
love people from your country because they’ll
say things like, wow, Americans are so good.
They’re way better than us Chinese because
they’re so rich. Oh, you’re from Germany.
Hitler was a good man.
They’ve said this.
I’m serious.
And all these kind of generalizations
about your country which are usually positive,
but it’s a slippery slope because, actually,
if there’s an altercation or something happens
where it’s China against another country or
China against the rest of the world, then
everything can turn on you, and I’ve wanted
to tell this story for a really long time.
I wanted to make a proper video about how
I went to jail in China over a woman.
Guys, this literally…I’m not even joking. This
entire meal, which is this delicious pork
belly and rice and vegetables and you have
pork blood soup, might seem unappetizing to
you but I love this stuff. This is, like,
US$3. So, it was Valentine’s Day but it was
Chinese Valentine’s Day, am I right, person
behind the camera? So, it’s Chinese Valentine’s
Day and I was out with my wife. We went out
to eat some Japanese food actually and we
got into a taxi. Taxi driver was normal, countryside
taxi dude, and we actually had forgotten to
bring cash. We explained to him, hey, stop
at our house real quick. My wife’s going to
go grab her purse. Then we’ll continue on
to the next destination. 200 meters. Yeah,
it was like a 200 meter taxi ride. So, he
goes, okay. He agrees to all these terms and,
basically, when he goes to the house, he stops
the meter and he’s like, yeah, just pay and
get out, and I was like, well, I already told
you we have to go get the money first. We’ve
got to go get my wife’s purse. So, my wife
gets out of the car and she goes to walk into
the apartment complex and he goes, give me
money, and he starts swearing and screaming
at us. I’m like, you need to calm down, and
I wanted to go protect my wife because he
just got out of the car. So, I follow him
and he stops my wife. We believe he physically
touched you, right? He grabbed you or something,
and turns you around, and he goes, give me
my effing money, screaming at my wife, and
I get furious obviously, but I look at Vivi
and she looks like the fury of hell, like,
had just been bestowed upon her, like Satan’s
spirit came into her eyes, and she whipped
out at her camera. It was my camera, right,
and you started filming him, right, and you
go, I dare you to say that again, because
what he just said before that was, I’m going
to beat the hell out of you. I’m going to
kill you. Didn’t he say that, right? I’ll
beat you to death is what he said to my wife.
So, right before I jump in, she whips out
the camera and starts filming him, and she
goes, say that again to the camera, and he
says it again. He repeats himself. He says
I’m going to beat you to death, and he slaps
my wife in the face, and slaps the camera
out of her hand, and I don’t…obviously I
know what happened to me, obviously I got
very angry. So I did what any normal man would
do if his wife had just been struck by a man
and I punched him in the face. I don’t want
to make this sound worse than it actually
is but I have to be totally honest and it
was a very strong punch and the man’s face
was very soft. I feel like he did not receive
the nutrition he should have as a child because,
literally, he melted into the crowd like a
pile of ooze after I hit him. I’ve never been
in a situation where I hit someone and they
literally just…they collapse into a pile.
So, he’s laying there, and as all this is
going on, the most interesting thing is…this
is something that’s very Chinese. If something
happens, like a car accident or people get
into a fight or there’s an argument or the
cops show up somewhere, people make a big
kind of scene. They’ll look…they’ll be onlookers
and they’ll take videos of it and kind of
be like this silent crowd in the background,
and this happened when, you know, we were
arguing with the taxi driver, and of course
created a massive crowd when I hit him. So,
the entire crowd, the entire time, was cheering
on my wife. They were, am I right, they were
like, yeah, like, you can’t hit a woman, mess
this guy up, right, and then, as soon as I
hit the dude, they were actually…they began
to cheer even more. They’re like, hell yeah,
like, finally got some justice, but within,
I would say, 30 seconds of me hitting the
taxi driver, the kind of position or the opinion
of the crowd completely and utterly changed,
and it went from, yeah, protect your wife,
to, hey, foreigners can’t hit us Chinese people,
and it was scary and I know what kind of situation
this was about to turn into because mob violence
and mob mentality is very common in mainland
China. So I’m like, shit, like, we need to
sort this out. So, we went into the apartment
complex which is actually, like, government
property and the security guards were obviously
on my side. They’re like, you need to stay
back, you guys need to get out of here before
the crowd turns on you, because people have
been beaten to death over stuff like this.
So, long story short, the cops show up and
we all get into the cop car. Vivi was in there,
the dude was in the cop car, I was in the
cop car, and then her parents showed up as
well, and on the way to the police station,
my brain is racking. I’m like, what is actually
going to…what’s going to transpire here?
What’s going to come out of this, and although
you may think I was in the right in this situation,
this is how I ended up in a Chinese police
station holding cell. I had never seen, like,
Chinese police officers, like, interacting
with each other but I feel like they could
have their own TV show. They all had their
own, like, little personalities and stuff,
and they were all eating, like, shrimp. I
remember they were eating, like, shrimp congee
or something, and I got to see the inner workings
of a Chinese police station in jail because,
at least the people they just caught, because,
you know, they would bring a criminal in and
they would kind of make them confess to what
they did and get all their information, and
then I’d be able to listen in on these conversations.
So, here I was, like, next to all these, like,
criminals basically, and everyone that wasn’t
local that committed a crime, they were shit.
Like, they…if they found out you’re from,
like, a different town or a different province,
man, your punishment wasn’t light, and the
most common thing that I saw people going
in there was for, like, putting illegal stickers
on the walls. So, basically, when you walk
around, on the walls in China, they’ll have,
like, stickers that will say you can buy fake
receipts here, you can buy counterfeit this
or whatever, like, illegal stuff, and the
people that get sent out to put those stickers
up, they’re not really criminals. I mean,
they’re just kids getting paid to do stuff,
but, man, they beat the shit out of you. They
were like, hang him. They use this word, hang
him. They basically take the dude and they
brought him upstairs and they hang him by
his hands and they just beat the frick out
of him with, like, a metal rod and you hear
him screaming and stuff up there because he
won’t admit to what he did. There was other
people that were caught for prostitution and
stuff. Long story short, me and Vivi are in
there and I’m, like, shitting myself because
I’m like what the hell did I do wrong, but
I’m listening to the conversation and the
guy claims that he was in the right, and the
police officers ended up kind of taking his
side because I was a foreigner that drew blood
and punched the dude.
Vivi: See, here’s the thing. That dude even
say, like, you tie him up, I beat him up.
That was the story, but the thing is the police
not going to believe him.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: But the problem is you draw blood so
that’s why it’s the bad case. I said because
that dude hurt me, but the problem is that
dude is too weak to the point I didn’t have
any mark, so…but he had blood. So, in that
scenario he’s way more, like, severe.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: So…but it’s really with, like, a foreigner
so they also don’t…
Matthew: It becomes a big deal.
Vivi: Yeah. So, they don’t want to…normally,
they would let us go.
Matthew: Of course. Nothing would have happened.
Vivi: If you were Chinese, they would just
let you go.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: But…and he said, like, even if…even
the cop told me that if you are not foreigner,
after they get out, you can beat the crap
out of him.
Matthew: Yeah, I’m allowed to…
Vivi: Yeah.
Matthew: …because the guy was such a pain
in the ass.
Vivi: Yeah. And then…
Matthew: They’re like…this taxi driver
Vivi: Yeah, and the problem is because you
are foreigner, they don’t…actually, the
cop was saying, like, they don’t want to
mark anything on you.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: So, at the end
of the day, we need to pay for his medical
Matthew: Yeah. It was, like, a thousand dollars.
Vivi: Which is okay.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: claiming that he wants 100,000 RMB.
Matthew: Yeah. He wanted, like, US$20,000
or something like 15,000.
Vivi: Yeah, and then my uncle showed up, said,
like, I will give you the money but if you
get the money, you’re not going to able
to have this time to spend.
Matthew: Yeah. So, her uncle shows up. I don’t
know what this guy does, by the way, but he
basically dropped some names and this guy’s
taxi driver friends show up to support him
in the police station and they all bolt. They
all run away and I’m like, what did your uncle
Vivi: Anyway, let’s go back to the story.
Because he thinking he couldn’t get anything
out it, he decided to inject all the IV for
him so we can pay more.
Matthew: Yeah. So, he wanted to take advantage.
He’s like, give me the works, and they strap
up all these bags of IVs at the hospital to
him and he’s puking his guts outside because
he’s so sick from all this random medicine.
He got antibiotics and stuff
Vivi: Yeah. All the thing. My dad said, like,
he literally inject more than 4 or 5 IV in
the same time, just puking everywhere. Anway,
the main point I was trying to prove is, first
of all, the person, if they get a little bit
injured, they will over exaggerate what happened.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: Try to scam the crap out of you. They
try to get the…get as many as help as they
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: If you are foreigner alone, stay away
from the situation…
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …as fast as you can.
Matthew: Not only will you get, potentially,
get scammed for a lot of money but also, legally,
very bad consequences. Look at Wendell Brown.
Vivi: They can’t support you.
They…even the cops, like, they, you know,
they will ask for the crowd…
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …for everything. It’s not…everything
is not exactly run like how the western country
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: The lucky thing is because I’m the local
there, I have the connection, so at the end
of the…
Matthew: That’s not always going to be the
Vivi: Yeah, but that’s not…everyone is
not that lucky. At the end of the day, like,
they end up, like, making me sign a thing
is, like, I say I beat him up…
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …and I draw the blood on him, which
everyone know that’s not going to be the truth.
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: But that’s how we keep him stay out
of the record was saying, like, he hurting
Chinese people or blah, blah, blah…
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …all those kind of thing. So, one
suggestion, seriously, really serious suggestion,
if you see any crowd, if you saw any person
get hurt, I’m not suggesting you try to be
a bad foreigner that, like, not helping, stay
away from any trouble.
Matthew: Do not help. Do not help people if
they’re hurt because they will potentially
use you to get money, and, number two, avoid
any situation where you could potentially
get in a fight because, look at Wendell Brown,
the NFL player, defended himself and his girlfriend
at the bar. No one got hurt. 4 years in jail.
Vivi: If you see any crowd start to have…if
you see anything start to have a crowd, stay
Matthew: Right.
Vivi: Stay away. Run the heck out of there.
Matthew: Seriously.
Vivi: I know the fact thing is that the Chinese
people are saying like you don’t teach foreigner
to do that. That’s so…it’s such an insult
for our China and blah, blah, blah, those
kind of thing, but that’s the truth. If you’re
trying to come here, stay away from any trouble,
any crowd, because probably you will be the
Matthew: It’ll turn on you.
Vivi: Like, I don’t want to just, like, shit
on my country but that is the truth.
Matthew: It’s mob mentality and, like, just
for a really bad example to kind of finish
this off, I mean, look at the Pakistani guy
with his Chinese girlfriend. If he had gotten
out of there and didn’t argue with the dude
that was angry at him for being with a Chinese
girl, he would have been…he’d be alive right
now, but he had to continue arguing and get
in a fight and then he ended up dying, getting
stabbed. So, that’s, I mean, that’s just what
happens. So, avoid any altercation, seriously,
and if you can learn anything from my story,
it’s either make local connections or just
don’t get in trouble. Don’t punch little
tiny taxi drivers.
Vivi: So, even me and him’s joke is like
if you want to punch, need to be tiny now.
Matthew: Every time I’ve got in a fight in
Asia, it’s always been with very tiny old
man. I’m sorry, guys.
Vivi: They’re like Chihuahua.
Matthew: Yeah. I think it’s the attitude problem.
Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this video.
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Vivi: …on the next one.


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