Get Some Ideas to Start Your Own Banknote Collection Here!

Get Some Ideas to Start Your Own Banknote Collection Here!

Today I’m excited to share some insider
information and give you professional advice on how to create your very own
banknote collection. If you’re considering starting a banknote
collection but don’t know where to begin well, you’ve come to the right place! The
incredible thing about bank notes is that they tell you stories through their
design, colors and artistic representations. They tell stories of
history and of the periods in which they were created. Banknotes are more than just a currency they become a collection when they are
assembled in a way that reflects centuries of history. While each banknote
is unique, there are many ways to go about beginning your collection. You can
start by accruing banknotes with similar themes. Some banknotes are inspired by
nature and have incredible nature themes such as this aquatic creatures
collection. These banknotes feature fish, sharks and sea turtles as a reflection
of the country of origins aquatic wildlife. Another wildlife theme
represented in banknotes is that of colorful birds from around the world.
Beyond nature banknote collections can be inspired by real-life events in
history. For example this World War II collection features banknotes from 1939
to 1945 from different countries that were involved in the conflict either
directly or indirectly. Some collections are based on the material or feel of a
banknote. This collection features banknotes made of polymer material that
have a unique texture security features and increased durability. Like each banknote every collection is
unique what will your banknote collection say
about you! Thank you so much for tuning in! Please feel free to visit our website
for more information at A list of these products will
be in the description below.


  1. I love the Canadian banknotes for some reason! I just love polymer in general! By the way, I'm excited for my order to come in!

  2. Some banknotes are works of art. They also have a strong relationship with history as most art does.

  3. Is there anybody here that goes to money changer whenever they went abroad, just for having banknotes collection from the countty and their surrounding countries ?

  4. Nice video! Welcome to exchange – I want new UNC notes with fauna and especially – with birds!

  5. I don't know how, but I came here from an economics video on hyperinflation. I somehow have gained an interest in banknotes.

  6. Speaking of masterpieces, your beauty, Ms.banknote world, is what I find to be truly truly above basic design.


  7. nice video! Btw i would like to print some banknotes and put them on the wall as you have. do you know where i can find such large pictures to print? thanks!

  8. nice video madam i want to buy some polymer notes , do you ship to india? and how can i contact you do you have any Facebook id please inform thanks

  9. Banknote world and eBay have help build my collection. Thank you so much banknote world for helping me out! Could guys watch some of my videos and comment what you think about that would mean the world to me. Is it okay if I shout you guys out in some of my videos?

  10. Hello, from where i can buy banknotes? how i can made at home Sheet Protectors for banknotes or coins? what i need to use for burn the sheet? Thank you!

  11. I have just started my own banknote collection, its a really great hobbie, the design on the notes and what they represent are pure art 🙂

  12. Very informative video. I started with coins and now have around 2000 of them + 600 banknotes from all over the world. 😊

  13. I have already started a stamp, banknote and coin collection and I want to have one from every country in the world

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