Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector (New 2017!) – Kellyco Metal Detectors

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector (New 2017!)  – Kellyco Metal Detectors

(dramatic orchestral music) Say hello, to the Garrett AT Max. For the veteran treasure hunter, this is the best of the AT Pro and the AT Gold combined, and much, much more of what our customers have been asking for. The AT Max includes
built-in Z-Lynk wireless technology and a pair of new Garrett MS-3 wireless
headphones. Metal detecting tips With near zero delay, the built-in Z-Lynk system operates six times faster than Bluetooth speed. This means you are hearing your target signal while the search coil is directly over the target with no delay. (metal detector beeps) Maximum freedom, auto pairing, no cords, no cables and no interference with other wireless devices. Increased transmit power and enhanced
electronics provide the AT Max with a significant depth increase. This detector also includes a true all-metal mode, and an optimized frequency of 13.6 kilohertz, providing excellent detection on a wide range of targets including silver coins, jewelry and brass relics. The AT Max is also sensitive enough to
pick up small gold nuggets such as this. (metal detector beeps) Because our customers asked for it, the
AT Max includes a backlight for improved visibility in low-light situations. The AT Max can be automatically or manually ground balanced, with 175 points of ground balance resolution. (metal detector beeps) This allows the machine to efficiently handle both conductive soils, like saltwater beaches and highly mineralized ground. Garrett’s exclusive Automatic Ground Balance Window feature means the AT Max can simultaneously ground balance to a range of values to help overcome localized ground variations to smooth detector audio and allow you to hear faint targets. (metal detector softly beeps) Other key features of the AT Max include, proportional pulse width modulation audio response, which provides more target information and sharp responsive target signals. Larger display numbers, including the
digital target ID and the iron discrim. numbers. A more robust, non-absorbent
textured grip. And, adjustable threshold, allowing you to modify the constant background hum to better hear faint targets. The AT Max also includes iron
audio to help avoid digging tricky, undesired flat iron items. (metal detector beeps) All metal iron audio, a Garrett exclusive feature to audibly identify discriminated iron
while operating in a true all metal mode. (metal detector beeps) Adjustable frequency, minor frequency
shifts help to eliminate interference. (metal detector beeps) Notch discrimination. And, 44 points of high resolution iron
discrimination. With the AT Max, you have four search modes to choose from. A true all metal mode, custom mode, coins mode and zero discrim. mode. Of course with a Garrett AT detector, you can also expect fast recovery speed and excellent target separation, which means more coins and relics in your dig pouch. Alright here we go, first silver, AT Max. First day of hunting for coins, got silver, I’m happy. Strong sound on this thing. This detector is designed for use in both saltwater and freshwater. The AT Max can be used wirelessly to hunt streams or shallow water. As a Garrett all terrain detector, the AT Max can be fully submerged to 10 feet or 3 meters. But, if you’re going to fully submerge the unit, make sure you’re using optional hard-wired, fully submersible headphones like these. The U.S. version of the AT Max
includes a coins mode and tone ID breakpoints appropriate for U.S. coins. Outside of the United States, Garrett will offer the AT Max International. The International version includes a coins mode and tone ID break points
appropriate for international coins, as well as a different target ID legend and Best metal detectors for gold
a metric depth scale. With the AT Max, you can take advantage of built-in Z-Lynk technology, along with the MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones that are included. This is a tremendous value for a wireless machine that can also be used to hunt fully submerged. Also included with each AT Max is a free search coil cover, and for a limited time during its introduction, this AT Max cap. Powerful, wireless, all-terrain performance, the AT Max is built for the professional treasure hunter.


  1. so sad it's only at pro with light but not for scuba or dive so why it's still waterproof machine . after 6 years same machine so sad.

  2. I'll try it out if its a 90 day and you pay for shipping both ways. Nope, no video either unless my price is met…

  3. I'll try it out if its a 90 day and you pay for shipping both ways. Nope, no video either unless my price is met…

  4. How deep does it go….? Will it go as deep as the Teknetics T2 SE….? I can't understand when you say it goes deep but you don't show how deep……someone else has to spend their money just to find out. Help us out here…..

  5. Why a high tone for bottle caps?? That's confusing as high tones are normally the 'keeper' tones on most detectors. A Fisher F70 can be set to i.d. iron as high tones though but a bottle cap is obviously not what one would necessarily want as a high tone.

  6. What do you think Kellyco, which of these seven detectors has the quickest recovery speed/response times; the AT Max, the XP Goldmaxx Power, or the XP Deus, or the Teknetics G2/T2 or the Fisher F70/75 ??

  7. I really want to buy at max , the only thing that stops me for awhile is the question " is this good on prospecting ?( nuggets) because there are mining sites in my place

  8. Atpro max is nothing but an added name and a light, equinox kills this thing on land and especially in the water , pull ya shit together Garrett and come up with something other than a rename

  9. we were very pleased with the performance of the metal detector.>>> We were able to complete our work in very short time because of the accuracy of this model.


  11. For you that have the AT Max: if you have used it in salt water or on wet ocean sands what was your experience, your settings? Thanks in advance,

  12. Cost hundreds of dollars to buy
    Lucky to find 5.00$
    Cost does not merit the price of the unit
    Great for the seller
    Bad for the buyer
    sucker born everyday

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