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and in the description well the first piece of news I have is about Costa Rica
so Costa Rican workers can be legally paid in cryptocurrency so employees in
Costa Rica can receive part of their salary in cryptocurrency and that
wouldn’t be against the law certain provisions in the national legislation
allow companies to pay their workers not only with fiat money but also with goods
and some legal experts believe cryptos can fit in this category so very
interesting to see now I guess there wasn’t any it wasn’t any new thing that
allowed them to be paid in cryptocurrency was more of
cryptocurrencies falling under the partial payment with goods so I
personally I think that’s a great thing I think building a salary in
cryptocurrency building an investment portfolio and cryptocurrency accepting
part of your actual salary in crypto currency could be really cool and I want
to know what you guys thought of that would you accept part of your salary in
cryptocurrency if you were offered that up to that scenario so guys let me know
that in the comments right now leave a comment telling me if you would
or if you would not accept part of your salary in cryptocurrency now if I worked
for a company I honestly would because you see a lot of people in companies you
know they get partial stocks partial auctions whatever it may be but no one
really accepts cryptocurrency and it is another form of building an investment
portfolio now riskier one but being a twenty-one years old I have no problem
people playing it riskier so I definitely would accept part of my
salary and cryptocurrency I think that could be a really good thing and in
certain countries I think accepting cryptic as we’ve seen mining
cryptocurrency is for even ones that aren’t worth a lot to mine in the US or
in the UK we’ve seen other countries and people in other countries actually
really benefit from this so overall I think this is a very good it’s a very
good situation as long as people can actually still receive part of their
salary in Fiat so they can go ahead and purchase their day to day things because
I don’t know how that works in Costa Rica but in the u.s. I wouldn’t be able
to go to the supermarket and spend Bitcoin or aetherium whatever I got paid
and so they were definitely still have to be a partial fiat payment in that
sense next up talking about the first trillion-dollar cryptocurrency so
Charles hoskinson’s he thinks that card Donal is going to be it now he is a
little biased given that he is the CEO of IO
HK and he’s the co-founder of Cardinal but this did kind of spark my interest
in figuring out which cryptocurrency I think is gonna be the first
trillion-dollar cryptocurrency now before I go into my opinion I would love
to hear what you guys have to say about this as well so let me know the comments
right now as well which cryptocurrency do you think is going to be the first to
reach a trillion dollars in market cap well I was thinking about this and I
think I’m gonna have to go with a boring answer I think it’s going to be Bitcoin
reason being we have Bitcoin ETS coming out if we talk about the New York Stock
Exchange the nasdaq listing Bitcoin everyone is looking at – Bitcoin as the
sort of the grand cryptocurrency the one that’s on top right now the one that
everyone talks about it gets the most media attention everyone is always
talking about bitcoins so I think when we get a lot more money coming and we
get institutional investors it I think the main target the main place they’re
going to go is going to be Bitcoin I don’t think that’s a bad move honestly I
think Vic was continue to improve the lightening
network is gonna help with some with some microtransactions we’re gonna talk
about that in just a little bit but overall very boring answer i think
bitcoin is going to be the first trillion-dollar cryptocurrency but i
can’t wait to read the comments and see what you guys think
which cryptocurrency you guys think will be the first trillion-dollar
cryptocurrency moving on like i said talking about bitcoin continuing to
improve while china’s crypto millionaires are using bitcoin to buy
real estate abroad so this is really cool and i don’t see i think there’s an
actual reason to use bitcoin i think there’s a very good case to use bitcoin
right now and although bitcoin is a per isn’t perfect for micro transactions
like i said before it is continuing to improve it’s continuing to get better
and better than i think in time we’re going to see a huge evolution in bitcoin
being better for micro transactions but so far i’ve heard of people buying real
estate with cryptocurrency it makes it easier the transaction is a lot faster
you don’t have to wire money and this isn’t the only use case for it so i was
listening to someone talk and this was a speaker his name’s neil patel actually a
very oblique is a pretty big speaker and he was all he was asked he was invited
or he was hired to speak somewhere and he has his feet and they tried wiring
him over the feet several times for it was obviously in different countries and
they tried to wire the fee over to him several times and they had no success it
kept failing for different reasons and it was making it very very difficult
well they then asked him would you be willing to accept cryptocurrency and
since he thought bic one was cool he wanted to build his Bitcoin portfolio he
said sure I would be more than happy to accept it in Bitcoin and within minutes
and within minutes guys he then had his Bitcoin in his wallet and everything was
good to go so that just shows the stress the time everything was minimized by
using cryptocurrency and I think it’s that’s going to continue to happen we’re
seeing it again with real a buying real estate it makes it a lot easier the
transactions are instant everything works better so I’m not can’t say I’m
surprised we’ve seen people buy houses we’ve seen people buying the exotic cars
Lambos Rolls Royces continuing to buy more and more of these
expensive things I don’t think that’s going to change I think especially if
people make you know everyone’s talking about the moon Lambo well I’m
when everyone can afford a Lambo there’s going to be a lot more Lamborghini
purchases with cryptocurrency as well but moving on let’s talk a little bit
about the market so 286 billion dollars in market cap Bitcoin dominance
continued to climb at 46.1% well Bitcoin is going up wall of law a lot of all
coins are taking a hit and I’m not gonna go into too much details to why that is
we talked about that in several previous videos I do always mention that people
are looking to Bitcoin to have a run of people expecting Bitcoin to have a run
up if the ETF’s come out and everything so a lot of people I believe are selling
their all coin positions to put more money into Bitcoin now I like to be
diversified I have I have my Bitcoin holdings I have my etherium holdings and
you guys saw the video I made about how I would break down a portfolio that’s
basically how my portfolio is set up right now not those cryptocurrencies in
particular not only those but it is the same structure breakdown of my portfolio
I have some of my holdings that I don’t touch and I have my O’Quinn holdings as
well this is some of them are for the long run which I don’t touch either and
then I have some that I use for the day trading or the trading that I that’s
gonna help me accumulate more and more Bitcoin in the future again if you’re
interested in that make sure you check out the cryptocurrency trade alerts
group constantly making money on they’re making some cryptocurrency gains so that
we can have more Bitcoin at the end sort of trading it back to Bitcoin so we can
grow our holdings in Bitcoin so again if that sounds interesting to you guys
don’t miss out on the opportunity before I do close the group well now let’s take
a look at some of the big mover so hollow is up 54 0.91% don’t know exactly
why that is not rhodium is also having a huge pump right here not gonna comment
on something I don’t know I don’t know why it is up 14% drop bill is up 12% GX
chain a lot of cryptocurrencies are up but again I believe there is more in the
rent if we keep scrolling here it is there seems to be more in the red now I
don’t think it’s more by to much I think it’s a pretty even breakdown of the all
coins moving sideways while Bitcoin did break the $7,500 resistance and was
moving up to to try and break the next resistant now it looks like it’s taken a
little bit of a halt sort of trading sideways
up there trying to break the next resistance as well I’m fine we’re not
having a huge parabolic run I’d prefer seeing slow incremental
growth as we continue to grow but now let’s talk about ripple because I do
have some interesting news about ripple well wise ratings they actually created
a pole for which cryptocurrency is best for moving funds between exchanges and
78% of people guys 78% of people said ripples XRP then 8% said aetherium 6%
said big coin and 8% said others so apparently XRP is the best token to move
between exchanges and they want by a landslide so you know what I haven’t
tested everything out with numbers and you know figuring out which one’s the
fastest which one’s the best but I’m gonna trust 78% of people now I know
when people started buying on coin based a lot of people would buy Bitcoin first
all the way back when I bought my first big coin I bought Bitcoin on coin base
and then as things moved on people started to buy and start to buy light
coin on coin basis then trade out because it was faster it was easier the
fees were less especially when we started having the all coin run the fees
for Bitcoin got a little high so people started using light coin apparently um
apparently XRP would be even better now XRP is not listed on coin base at least
not yet we haven’t heard of any plans for them to do that but if it does get
listed there I expect a lot of people to they’re there for use X RP by x RP
transfer that over to exchanges since a lot of people are very all since a lot
of people believe it is the best for moving funds between exchanges so
something to keep in mind in case you guys were interested I get a lot of
questions asking me Patrick which cryptocurrency is best to have which
cryptocurrency is best to move between exchanges to transfer money from one
exchange to the other well 78% of people said well said said to use X RP and I’m
not going to disagree with 78% of people that’s a lot of people now moving on
talking about Tron well Tron as a secret project that’s going to be revealed on
the 30th of July and apparently this is a substantial date in the growth of the
TRX currencies so I’m very curious to see what this is some people are
speculating is gonna have to do with BitTorrent other people think that
they’re they’re gonna try and keep BitTorrent completely
separate but I’m very curious to see what is maybe they’re gonna show us what
the plan was with the BitTorrent acquisition maybe
like the reasoning behind it what their thought process well what their plan is
still there’s no real news for it I just wanted to share with you guys that it is
coming out I wanted to hear if you guys had any insider information if you guys
know what’s going on again leave it in the comments I’d love to read what your
guys thoughts are but coming July 30th I will share what actually happens
hopefully this isn’t a hype thing we’ve seen a lot of cryptocurrencies do this a
lot of all coins do this where they hype a big project they hype a big release
and then it ends up being something decent and then everyone gets everyone
gets upset because it wasn’t as great as they hyped it up to be and then things
don’t go well we’ve seen that happen countless times not to name any alt
coins in particular verge right they see this happen countless times and it
always ends up being a bad move now lastly I want to talk about waves one
that I don’t talk about much on the channel but they did have a huge updates
of the new decks launched huge huge news waves when waves decentralized exchange
has undergone a major redesign and UI update making it more user-friendly and
professional-looking than ever before so you guys can see the new launch they
actually have a before and after that I’ll show you in just a bit but then
some of the main highlights from the new decks are the completely new UI in line
with the top professional platforms and improved app stability and performance
by moving to custom-built data infrastructure and API now I think
decentralized exchanges do have a place in the future it’s going to be who does
it best again there are several this isn’t of the only project doing it there
are several decentralized exchanges out there but I think moving for we’re gonna
see that happen more and more going to see it III think we’re gonna see
decentralized exchanges picking up more and more traction now there are other
projects still trying to achieve cutting-edge front functionality they do
acknowledge that here are some of the reasons they say you should be using
waves as decks you should only use the waves decks while decentralized and
anonymous and so no middleman or a difficult or difficult registration Pro
procedures funds are stored safely in your wallet not on the exchange
real liquidity so over six point three million dollars on average 24-hour
volume insanely low fees of less than one seneschal 0.003 waves per order fast
and secure unlimited withdrawal limits for crypto issue a token and see it on
decks straight away so you can actually create your own token on their trading
of any pairs easy and flexible search for a given pair from hundreds of
thousands of possibilities multiple feel and crypto gateways so BTC
BCH aetherium several others available for any device so it does you can use
text within your browser or in a stand-alone or mobile version so they do
have a download they do have the online version they have the mobile version as
well maggots can look at more of the my list
so with a new watchlist feature you can find any pair your incident quickly and
easily here’s a full a full rundown of the watchlist and this is what I
mentioned the before and after that you guys can see before is what we have on
the left and afters what we have on the right honestly the right looks
significantly better even if it’s just small differences overall it does play
an aesthetic role I think having having the colors on the percentages is a great
addition it does just help make everything pretty to look at which
although it seems like a small thing it does help them in the longer doesn’t
make helps with a doctor it’s crazy but small features small things like that do
actually play a big role so the order book what’s new highlighting from a
four-volume of a submitted of a submitted order users orders are
highlighted in the list of all orders and returning to the center allows
comfortable viewing of order lists after scrolling again before and after small
changes but they look big that’s the thing the things they added are small
but the change is insane and there’s a huge amount of change in there too so
open orders order submission you guys can go ahead and read their medium
article to figure out everything there is going on about it but lots of news
coming out for it again a lot a lot of new things and in the conclusion we hope
you’ll agree that the most recent set of updates brings the wave decks
into line with you with the user experiences of the most popular crypto
exchanges so the only way to actually figure that out is to give it a test so
if you guys are interested in me using this may be figuring out more about it
then let me know down below in the comments and that sounds like something
interesting to you but other than that guys if you did enjoy this video don’t
forget to give the video a thumbs up leave a comment down below to enter a
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giveaway and you guys won’t miss out on any cryptocurrency news as we do post
daily but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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