Female Students Forced to Remove Underwear

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon but Indian women are restricted from touching others, cooking, entering the temple, looking at other men and women and many other rules. This was in the olden days. Now times have changed. People have become more broadminded. Women can touch each other as well. However, things are still the same in Bhuj, Gujarat. An outrageous incident occured there. 68 school students were forced by their teachers, to go to the bathroom to remove their underwear to “prove” they weren’t menstruating. This took place on 13th february 2020. Let me tell you what happened. Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute offers B.Com, BA and B.Sc. There are a total of 1,500 students. Out of them 68, who come from remote areas, stay in a hostel. The college is run by followers of Swaminarayan Mandir. The college has strict rules under which menstruating girls aren’t allowed to enter the kitchen or “touch” others. The hostel administration complained to Principal that some of the menstruating girls mingled with others but also roamed in the campus. The Principal became very angry and ordered the students to stand in a line. She asked the girls who were menstruating, to stand aside. Two of the girls menstruating stepped aside. The Principal was unconvinced and asked the teachers to escort the girls to the washroom and force them to strip and prove they weren’t on their periods. Students said the Principal and Trustees constantly insulted and punished the girls for having periods when this is a completely natural phenomenon. The Trustee said the students can take legal action, but will have to vacate the hostel. The Trustee also forced the students to sign a letter claiming the college did not force the students to strip. Another Trustee said that since the college shares campus with a temple, girls are not allowed to enter or touch anyone, that is the rule. Leelaben Ankola, the spokesperson of the Gujarat State Women Commission (GSWC) said, she was shocked when she heard about this outrageous incident. She has spoken with the Police Commissioner and DSP Kutch to investigate the matter.

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