Evaluating Currency

Sure you can finish your sandwich with just bread and meat, but that’s not particularly health. Leafy greens and other fresh vegetables are a pretty important part of a well-made sandwich In the same way you need to be certain that the information you’re providing is, in fact, fresh. But just like vegetables go bad at different rates the shelf life for information is different depending on the topic and discipline. While making certain that the information you use is only five or ten years old might help you avoid out-of-date information, it could also exclude important historic documents related to your topic. Thinking critically about the timeliness of your information is always the best choice. Ask yourself: How might the field of study have changed since this information was written? Could scientific advances made in the past five or ten years invalidate this information? Is this a thought-provoking essay about an ongoing cultural issue? Or a newspaper article written about a current event. Am I researching a work of art or literature? A historic events? Or current political issues?

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