Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 ETH Technical Analysis ETH Chart Analysis

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 ETH Technical Analysis ETH Chart Analysis

hello my dear
ETH trader sutlers friends and welcome to this Ethereum price prediction and
technical analysis for November 19th and let’s have a look at what is currently
going on you can still see the nice previous equilibrium range that we have
been seeing on the daily here if we just look at the dump guys and that happened
yesterday I just want to show you this huge wick okay that happened with ETH
wild grandpa bit comb was hugely dumping so very important ëthere iam is
currently stronger okay Ethereum is stronger how can we see
this we can see this in a direct relation let’s just go to the weekly
chart and let me show you what is going on here if you look at this we have
beautiful basically – you know u-turns here right now like we have two cups
okay we can see one bigger cup we can see a second smaller cup let’s actually
put a nice neckline in here okay what I would like to see okay this is the
optimal case what I would like to see would be something like that okay
something like this and then coming back here and then and then doing this okay
there you go so this is this is let’s make it a little bit lower but this is
the potential if we you know reject from here and come up over here and then we
could break above why is this important okay this is important because this is
the direct relation from Ethereum to Bitcoin
so if eth can break up of this don’t forget we will still have the crucial
0.025 BTC this is going to be the previous bottom that we had broken so we
have been consolidating here for a huge amount of time okay one two three four
major bounces before the break in but obviously the ETH Bulls are coming back
here they wanna press above so it’s gonna be cool okay if we can break this
up up because if we cannot do that then of course eth will
basically stay neutral up to weaker against bitcoin so this is gonna be
crucial we see this strength basically translating also to the to the weekly
chart look at this so here we are dumping okay no question about it dump
buh buh buh dum okay lipid trial no dump but sheer already we were bouncing off
from the hundred seventy hundred eighty region this was the previous okay when
we previously dumped last winter and we came back and shot above – up to 360
this was the region where we basically built our resistant resistant so as you
can see it goes from hundred sixty up to the basically you know 180-200 region so
this is very eth eventually broke through and now this is where we’re
coming that the coming back basically building this you know sort of AG and
then now look at this like here it was veggie we broke up off but now
completely lying down and eth doesn’t want to break underneath that’s why i
also said in our group when we were trading that i’m gonna be looking at an
LDC bch us those were the three that I played on the recent dawn break so we
can see eth was not a good thing but on the upside I was looking at ETH okay so
very important and this is still the case
okay so we have slightly broken underneath here okay we have still
uphold this week uh so we haven’t seen that one you see that that was the arrow
that I put in earlier so we didn’t see it dumped this is very very strong for
ETH that we are not dumping because anytime BTC now sees a bounce here
Morgan because this is a bounce like on the daily as we have just looked like on
the weekly we do this sort of u-turn then obviously eth will be much nearer
okay if the edge will be much nearer to the 190 our neckline here okay and then
of course we will see you know if BTC breaks out we’ve also see a break out
coming here to the upside so this is the case since the
bears are not seeing follow-through anytime we come back into this is
equilibrium range will be very very bullish for ETA G having said that okay
don’t forget I just said it in the Bitcoin video if you haven’t seen it by
bit is launching this competition it is awesome why it is a hundred BTC price
pool okay so it’s literally laddered the top teams are getting 30 BTC 20 BTC even
up to the black lace ten you know like the ten biggest ones and the amazing
thing is there may be twenty teams like you know legitly
participating there the rest of them are complete moon boys like complete you
know you know like you can take it seriously but yeah it depends on the
amount of people who join because the more people you have inside the group
the higher the probability that your ranking inside the team is higher that’s
how they calculated so it’s the competition is going on for three weeks
and at the end of those three weeks that teams with the ten best traders like
with the profit and loss okay and don’t worry it’s like not visible just like
your nickname okay the the team’s worth the ten best
traders they will have and they will basically uh you know win okay they will
win the competition it’s just amazing because the price pool is huge so if you
have been watching my stuff this is the time to to show the moon boys how
trading works you know what are what are you waiting for and it’s just great you
know it’s a great experience to also get to know each other and you know trade
base off from the same strategies like look at okay what are we gonna do here
what are we gonna do their trade based off on money and risk management and
yeah like show them how to do this correctly and we have nothing to lose we
have only to gain and it’s very very cool so very welcomed to join me the
link is in my description click on that come to my page register you need at
least 0.05 BTC I guess right now it’s like as you can see it’s like 400
offer funds to participate otherwise it doesn’t count
0.05 BTC and that’s the minimum and yeah then we can basically try
together it starts I guess next week sometime next week
but definitely make sure to register immediately the registration just goes
on for a couple of things now okay so that’s it that’s how ETH is looking like
so if for the case we break bullish here it’s definitely the candidate I’m also
as you can see I still have my alarm clock set here I’m gonna be watching it
eh that’s it my dear friends wish your beautiful rest of the week if you had
some value is semester like button comment it okay so the algorithm also
counts that and we will see each other on the next
etherium analysis I say adios amigos no matter where you are on this planet see


  1. Thank you for your videos. They’re concise and to the point with good tips. Exactly what I need as I am very new in trading and can’t give too much time to it unfortunately being a full time med student

  2. I used to have so much doubt but no more. I had a dream and I’m choosing to believe it was from God no matter how much it hurts, no matter how long it takes. Etherium will go up. God will bless me.

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