Ethereum ETH Break Out CONFIRMED! Next Price Target? Technical Prediction Today!

Bitcoin on the dollar here We’re gonna be taking a look at bitcoins technical analysis along with aetherium and ripple against the US dollar as well as its satoshi pairings Looking at Bitcoin we’ve broken this long-standing pennant that we actually predicted in our last videos We predicted aetherium and ripples price action as well If you guys have been keeping up and if you guys are a part of our premium discord grouper We’re sending out all of our cryptocurrency trade signals We just did a 20% aetherium call if you guys are on there. You can see everyone’s making profit We also had a stellar Abby TTS ZRX call in the last 48 hours hit take profit So make sure to get into our Groot. The link is in description below but looking at this graph here We’re following exactly what we expected We broke that 50-day moving average and now we’re not just above the 50-day moving average were also above that 100-day moving average, which is extremely Important because now we’ve got two resistance levels here acting as strong support. We’ve got the resistance of this Previous descending resistance level acting as now new support levels for Bitcoin. So things are looking quite well this could certainly be the start to buyers and institutions coming into this market as we see more regulations mature if you look at recent headlines ETFs are back on the table now that the government shutdown is starting to weave away and Things of that nature is just gonna drive more buyers in its market looking at the buyer volume here You can see we’re seeing that increase here and by your volume very positive We’ve got this ascending support level and we’ve broken this major resistance line as we’ve talked about So looking at this RSI, you can see we’re also seeing a bullish RSI here It’s not necessarily completely overbought just yet, but we are in overbought level. So I’d be expecting a small pull back slightly Soon if we were to probably pull up like a one-hour chart for example We’d probably go a lot more in depth on this technical analysis, but you can see we’re just continuing to rise now We do have this major resistance here That’s most likely gonna hit and so we’re most likely see some sort of a you know correction a small correction right along that 4,000 big even I wouldn’t be surprised for us to see a small correction here. Maybe bounce right back around that 3840 level before seeing continued skies here with Bitcoin, so Transitioning into a theory to the Bitcoin value here. This is a Satoshi value of aetherium You can see you’re looking at the daily chart. This is actually what we’ve had drawn out We’ve also followed exactly what we predicted here Once we saw this Golden Cross occur, by the way, a lot of you guys are commenting about this Golden Cross Oh, it has to be the 50-day and a 208 moving average not necessarily It just has to be a lower moving average and a higher moving average. Obviously the 50 and the 200 Crossing over like that would be a lot more of a significant indicator in Comparison to the 50 and the 100 but this is still a very very huge indicator. You can see exactly what we predicted here we saw this run up here following that Golden Cross and Following that ascending support level that we’ve now finally broken alongside this major resisted. Why is this major resistance? Well, guess what? We’ve got that 50-day moving average. We’ve got this ascending triangle resistance level now So in terms of breakout, where are we gonna see the continued highs? I’m looking at right around that 4.1 million satoshi mark like we predicted several days ago if you guys have been keeping up with our videos by the way like this video if you guys appreciate these consistent updates and subscribe to the channel if you guys haven’t already and so Looking at the MACD. We’re looking really good here in terms of buyer pressure coming in with a cystogram Approaching these known resistance levels here So sooner or later, we’re gonna see that pullback But I think we’ll see a little bit of some higher highs with aetherium in Bitcoin over the next few days, if not the next, you know, 24 to 48 hours before we see some sort of a Minor correction like we saw here for example before seeing any continued highs But the overall pattern is bullish on both charts, and that’s what’s exciting right now You’re starting to see high volume. You can see insane amounts of buyer volume here. And then if you look at the daily transaction volume for Bitcoin right now when you’re still at these all-time highs the same highs that we saw back in December when Bitcoin reached 20,000 if we look at coin market cap we’re starting to see bitcoins dominance start to decrease and some altcoins starting to rise, which is actually why I think Looking at this transition here in the XRP. We’re seeing some lower price levels vol here Because in my opinion buyers are starting to go into these altcoins Which is why I highly recommend you guys are in our premium discord route because we’re posting daily Altcoin signals and we’re seeing 5 percent 8 percent 12 percent Consistently and then like today we saw 20 percent with the theorems signal that we sent out and so I’m highly highly excited I’m super excited. I’m sorry about all coins season coming back into fruition sometime soon started to see Bitcoin demand It’s starting to drop so looking at Ripple here You know I’m guessing we’re seeing some people pull out their money here trying to get into these alt coins as they’re starting to see Etherium and litecoin and some of these are their alts at all-time lows and so I’m expecting this major support to hold here right around that seventy three hundred Satoshi mark I’ve got nothing against triple’ but then in the day the technicals just aren’t looking good The fundamentals are obviously a lot better looking at the RSI pretty bearish RSI here We’re still below 40 so we’re pretty much watching this as That strong resistance level for us to indicate when we’re gonna start seeing any sort of higher levels here with a theorem so I’d be a little bit more careful with the theorem here looking at a theorem or Ripple here against the US dollar a little bit of a different analysis here. You can see looking a lot better We’re following this consistent pattern here inside of this triangle with the descending resistance and ascending support level We just broke past that 50-day moving average. You’re approaching that 108 moving average So we might see a little bit of some downside there looking at the RSI as well. It’s showing the same exact thing We’re approaching this Resistance as strong resistance is right around 60 and so In my opinion that 100 a may push it back a little bit might take a little bit of time before breaking out of this pattern and that’s why I just don’t think we’ll see a ripple perform as much as Bitcoin in aetherium over the next 24 to 48 hours, you know for you to pull up aetherium technical analysis And by the way, there’s not just those two resistance levels here, but the other resistance level is this descending resistance so there’s heavy resistance with the 50-day and the 100 day moving average and the triangles resistance level and so I’m just not as optimistic about Ripple’s price action over the next 24-48 hours as much as I am optimistic about Etherium and Bitcoin looking at a theorem to the US dollar. We haven’t taken look at this chart here So we’re seeing this known resistance level just now being broken. So this was a trend Confirmation here. We’re starting to see the trend back up. We’re seeing by or volume come in. We’re above that 50-day We’re above that 108 So I’m telling you right now Bitcoin in Atheneum against the US dollar is looking really really good right now looking at this Bullish RSI here. We’re in these bull levels. One thing I did notice is Aetherium is known to stay at these bullish levels once it’s past 60 So this could just be the start and we could certainly see a little bit more action here some higher levels Over the next few weeks if we were to ask, what’s the next target? Well, you’ve obviously got this extremely strong resistance here as well right around that 180 US dollar mark So I would expect our first target to be right around that $180 US mark and if you guys were following our signals, you know exactly what targets I’ve set out for aetherium So make sure to join our group if you guys haven’t already the link is in the description below Looking back at bitcoins technical analysis I do want to point out a couple of different things that I’m looking Forward to over the next few weeks that I hope you guys are also going to be looking forward to but first let’s actually pull up the total market capitalization chart here for bit just to talk about what’s Happening here as we’re starting to see this huge amount of volume Starting to come into this market you can see this is actually the same type of volume that we saw back when Bitcoin was at $20,000 and so What’s interesting about that is our market cap is a lot less than it was back then right so we’re right between that one hundred and one hundred and seventy-five billion dollar market cap and back over around this time frame our market cap was Significantly higher you can see we were right around that almost One trillion dollar market cap we were right around 700 Billion, and sorry now. We’re at a hundred Billion, but we’re seeing similar amounts of volume a lot of buyer volume and I really wouldn’t be surprised for this right here to act As that strong support after this long correction that we’ve been through and for us to start digging our way back up to these higher highs seeing that 200 billion dollar market cap as a target sometime soon because as you can see We’re pretty open here in terms of space There’s not much, you know resistance here up to that 200 billion dollar market cap, obviously This is you know, a huge level of resistance here And so we’re most likely see resistance right around that 200 billion but looking really positive I’d love to hear you guys’s comments on crypto currencies. Are they coming back are the altcoins gonna start seeing some action? Are we back in season? Are we back in bowl season? Leave it in the comments below if you guys are not part of our premium group. We’ve had some amazing Cryptocurrency signals forex signals every single day. The link is in the description below. We also have this huge educational Tab in our discord if you guys join our group where you guys can learn some advanced strategies as well as to assist you with your trading so, you know, we’re there for you 24/7 I’m gonna see you guys all on our discord as well I’m gonna be heading over there right now looking at some more pairings for some potential signals but once again, thank you guys for watching like this video if you haven’t already subscribe to the youtube channel and We will be live this week. Most likely tomorrow taking some live audience questions. So thank you guys so much for watching. Take care

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