Ethereum Alarm Clock – Explainer Video Schedule Ethereum Transactions

Imagine your favorite ICO
The clock is ticking
You’re trying to sleep, restless
What if you miss the limited window
of participation and can’t get in?
The Ethereum protocol currently does not have
a way to automatically execute a
transaction at a future point in time
Instead, you must stare at your
computer at 4 AM in the morning
dozing off before you painstakingly
make a couple clicks
just to send your transaction at the exact right moment
But with Chronos’s bounty program,
time changes
From scheduling simple payments to complex
contract future function executions
the Ethereum Alarm Clock powers them all
One – lock a TimeBounty to schedule
secure execution at a future point in time
Two – Go back to sleep
Three – an entire network of TimeNodes competes to execute your transaction at your exact scheduled time
And if you want to earn Bounties as a TimeNode
simply open your browser
join the network by staking DAY tokens
and leave your computer on as your
browser auto-executes transactions
Welcome to Chronos,
powered by the Ethereum Alarm Clock
where you can execute the future, today

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