EP-2 Romania 🇷🇴| Bucharest to Brasov Scenic Train journey | Currency Exchange | हिन्दी

EP-2 Romania 🇷🇴| Bucharest to Brasov Scenic Train journey | Currency Exchange | हिन्दी

Hello friends. Today is 6th of Sep,2018 and I am in Bucharest,Romania I reached quite late today early morning, almost 4:30 am So I just sleep So now I am ready and I will start my journey to brasov Brasov is almost….. approx 200 km from here By train it will take almost 2:40 hour Train tickets can be bought online and also from the ticket counter in train station I bought the returning ticket online but the ticket from here I will buy from the train station so after check out I have to do two task first I have to convert euro to Lei second one is I have to buy a local sim card As per my research LYCA mobile SIM card is considered good here in Romania and… I will change almost 100 euro to Lei Yesterday I have said one euro is equal to 4.65 Romanian Lei So now I will do check out, not much time is left. The train is at 12:15PM and it is already 11:15 pm This hotel is very near to the train station.It is walkable distance from here. I have done the check out Now I am going towards the train station I must say that doing vloging with one luggage is quite difficult So I will try to show the view from the front camera Bucharest is also like any other European capital The train station is just near by I have changed the currecny just from the exchange behind me I got 461 Lei for 100 Euros Here it is zero % commision so friends do remember that if you are changing currency in Bucharest don’t pay any commision to the exchange You can change Euro, dollar ,pound everything So now the train station is in the front I will go the train station and will buy the train ticket The ticket counter is quite busy now Both the lines are very long I don’t know I will get the train at 12:15pm or not only 15 min is left for 12:15pm The platfrom number is flashing on the display board I got my ticket now I didn’t get the ticket for the 12:15pm train as seats were full so I would have to do the whole journey standing So now I bought the ticket for the 1pm train It will reach Brasov at 3:30Pm the ticket cost me 48.60 Lei I paid by cash I didn’t know they accept card or not one hour is left for the departure So I am planning to have lunch now as I have no idea if I will get something to buy on the train Let me search for the Mc Donalds nearby Mc donalds was just nearby I ordered Mc Chicken Meal. It cost me approx 15.40 Lei I think it is cheap not very costly My train has arrived now on the platforn no 7 my seat no is 61 Wagon No 3 and 2nd class There are total 3 wagons After 10 mins train will start Let me go and search for my seats Local sellers on the train I got a window seat so I will now enjoy the outside views from the window and almost 5 min is left for the departure The train is quite nice Not like the German trains but still very good as per european standard fully airconditioned You can see the buildings on the right hand side they are from communist era as Romania was under USSR for a long time so the architecture is also like that The Train is on right time it started on time from bucharest the scenery is very beautiful outside it is totally different then bucharest Bucharest was full of buildings here on both sides there are plain grounds and it is very beautiful So now let me enjoy the scenery outside and you guys also enjoy with me now it is alomst 1 hour since we started from Bucharest Both sides scenery is changing time to time These are typical Romanian Villages on the right hand side It is very very beautiful now we are going on a little height towards the mountains like the hill stations in India Now it is 3:30Pm and i have reached Brasov Train station Journey was very good you can see the train behind me Now I will go to my hostel hotel or hostel . Name is Hostel but i have a private room with attach bath so lets go out now Friends I bought the local LYCA sim card it cost me 10 euros it has so many facilities I will discuss in detail once I reach my hostel now I am heading towards my hostel after reaching the hostel I will explain that what all I get with this sim card 10 euro or 57 Lei My hostel is near from here 2km walking distance I will use google map to search for it you can see the brasov train station behind me weather is very good here. The breeze is quite cold It was hot in Dubai ,but here the weather is very pleasent There is a big shopping center on my right All big brands are there All the building on my front looks like from communist era Building are old but the city is very beautiful according to google map ,my hostel is now 1 km away from here on my right side you can see my hostel , Hostel Crisandy Brasov


  1. I want to know about Iasi city of Romania about Indians about Indian food and everything. I get admission there in DVM(Doctor in veterinary medicine)

  2. Do you like Romania? Yes it's a beautiful country. But not so beautiful as India is. India is wonderful! _ / | _

  3. Hellohello sar main India se baat kar raha hun Ranjit Singh sar main Romania ke liye work permit lagaya aur mera interview bhi ho chuka haiaur sar mere urgent ne mere ko do mahine ka time diya hai aur sar main abhi ek Naya video dekha hai jismein sar kafi workerbol rahe hain ki hamen Na Tu khana peena Diya ja raha hai aur na hi hamen duty ka Sahi time Diya ja raha hai unhone 10 ghante ka time Dekh Raha Hun Mai se 14 ghante ki duty le rahe hain aur yah sar hamen please bataiye ki yah sahi hai ya galat hai ya bahar ki companiyan aisa hi Karti Hain kya hua sar koi aur hi froad company hogi jisse aur unhone thekedar ko bech Diya hai sare Bandhan ko aur suno na khana peena hai peene Ka Sahi time sir please help me sir

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