Earn FREE BITCOIN while reading articles (EXBUZZ & PIVOT)

Earn FREE BITCOIN while reading articles (EXBUZZ & PIVOT)

Yesterday we had 0.28
Bitcoin that were divided
among new users
and old members of ExBuzz
Hello do you want to earn extra income online
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Hello guys hello friends and
welcome back again on my
new video and this is Aiza again
For today I have something to share to you
about 2 trending applications
On where we may be able
earn free Bitcoin
There guys and sorry
if this is my voice
right now because of the weather
ok so I got a runny nose
and cold
But anyways let’s start making
a review on those 2 app I said a while ago
this application is Exbuzz
and Pivot
Ok for now let’s start
Exbuzz and
let’s talk of course in how we
can earn free Bitcoin here
Its like airdrop
in where we earn points
and it is convertible to Bitcoin
Let’s start by clicking the links in the description of our Exbuzz
So, in Exbuzz there is up to
0.4 BTC awaiting
and what you will use to register is your
phone number or your mobile number
So just click here
ok find here your
or in where you are
Then just enter your phone number
and once you entered it
you can now click
Claim BTC now!
and then after you have clicked it
an app will appear which you need to download
on Appstore or on Playstore
So after you register
using your mobile number
you need to download
an application
and this is the application
color yellow
and there is a bee
Not your ex ok
of course it’s not your ex that comes out
So let’s click your Exbuzz
Yesterday we had 0.28
Bitcoin that were divided
Even here there is something you share
of course give way to new user and
old members of our Exbuzz
10,000 Buzz is equivalent to 30,000 Satoshi
and for today we still have 22 hours
left and it already has fund
of 0.08 Bitcoin
The more members and the more recruit
we have
the higher the fund that
we will be sharing here
let’s click account
and just click the ‘Click to Login’
and just enter
the same number
that you used to register
and then
click verification code
then you need to drag
something like
an image puzzle
you will receive
a verification code from Exbuzz
through your number

if you received it already
you encode it or
you enter the code
and start
there you logged in
ok I have accumulated
1406 Buzz because there is someone I invited
Ok there I have a balance of
18,000 Satoshi
I just made it a while ago
Because I just chased the daily limit
of 24 hours
and we will be talking about how we earn
So below
there is mission
ok there are tasks
on what we could do
Ok 1 there is active bonus you click that every hour
there is +10 Buzz
in reading you will get
5 Buzz
Share with friends 20 Buzz
Browse ads 25 Buzz and recruit
you will get 600
So in Read articles
you will just click 1 articles there
and you can see on in right side
in the lower corner
is like you have 30 seconds that you have to wait
ok there
if you like to wait just wait or
if you want to read these articles
that you clicked
you can read it
so just wait 30 seconds
there below once it shakes
you can now click it
you will get 5 Buzz that you will earn
ok it restarts
you can
read it again if you have not yet finished
ok next that
we will be trying
the Share with Friends
You just share it
Example you have ads
or articles that you read
you just need to click this upper corner
there you can share
on Facebook or Twitter
Example here is Twitter
here just tweet it
and you earn there
You will earn 20 Buzz
By just sharing something you read to
your friends
Ok here in ads
Watch ads
there you will see a big ad
that is placed there
so that’s it
its not an article
but its an ad
and you will earn
25 Buzz points
we can’t find anything
ok here
just click actions as mining
Because a while ago I already tried it
I already clicked it
That’s why I can’t show it to you
But for you
you will earn something there

and next is
Recruit Apprentice
You will get 600 Buzz
every person you recruit here
or every
person that signs up using their
mobile numbers
and last on how to earn
on our Exbuzz is the ‘Guess and Win
What is this ‘Guess and Win
Click it on the
and just guess how many
number 8
and number 0
that will appear in the hash value
that are being shared by us
example here above
how many
0’s and 8’s in this
So will be the
or the same number
that you guessed on how many 8’s and 0’s
So previously
I didn’t guess it correctly
I losed
and yesterday we had 12 winners
that shared the 0.04
every 24 hours
is the collection of points here
and convertible into Bitcoin
as of now, I have 18,000
but I still can’t withdraw it
the withdrawal
or minimum
withdrawal here is 0.001
Ok that’s how easy to use Exbuzz
only read article, share and you can also recruit
the next one is also same
same concept
but different
way to login
So here in Pivot
your Google email address is the one
you will use to register here
Ok this is not phishing
or if you don’t trust just use
different email
ok just finish you logging in
your Google account
and after that
the application will appear
you will need to download
and after that
here is the Pivot application
so how you can earn is also the same
just read articles
read and share
and you can
also recruit
here you earnings
is called ‘Power’
so also every 24 hours
how you earn Bitcoin here
ok here in
Pivot you can see here
‘Daily tasks’
to save power
1. you can invite a friend
you will get 10,000 Power
Read Posts 200 Power
Read and Share 200
and invite bonus you get 10% of everything
that your refferals read
So 1.
is recruitment
2. We will read
Let’s just click it read and share
let’s scroll down and we can see
the rewards
just click the Read
So that we will get 200
Power in every time you read
you don’t have to wait for

Timer here
or seconds to get your bonus
Just read and read
ok I already got it a while ago
So let’s just go back
just other articles
example here
let’s scroll down and we can see rewards
Just click ‘Get Read Power’
ok there 200 Power every
article that you read

alright, finish them all
the maximum is 4,000 Power
per day
if you read 4,000 Power
per day only
and here in our account if you can see
our Power has been added
and today’s bonus pool
We will share
2 Bitcoin
the more that we recruit
here in our Pivot
The bigger the bonus pool that
we our members will be sharing
lastly is
sharing posts
you will earn 200 Power

ok so how do you share
here in the upper right corner
there is something like a pen
then just click post
then for example if you want to create post
Follow me
and the just click post or first
choose the community
choose Bitcoin
and then post
click your post itself
Read and Share for Power
and click then ‘Get Read Power’
and you will automatically get
200 Power
So that’s just how
to use the 2 trending applications

You will just read articles, or share
and you can invite
So after 24 hours
Before your Power will be converted
into Bitcoin
Ok friends
this is how
I will give you updates on new websites
and applications on where we can earn income
There is someone who requested me to
make a Telegram Channel
So I will just leave it in the description
On where you can suscribe

here is the name
Extrang Pera Online
I will post free and
Telegram Bots, applications, and websites
and sometimes
it takes a lot of time
to post it here on my Youtube
because I need to make a proof of withdrawal
or me myself I will try if
it is really legit or not
So see you on my Telegram channel
Thank you again for watching
and this is my
review on the 2 trending applications
on where we can get free Bitcoin
This is Aiza Mercado
thank you for watching guys and friends
Have a great day!




  2. maam kindly teach me pano mkukuha ung referral link kc everytime na click ko recruit then select fb wala nlbas na link pra ipost

  3. Ma’am… laging verification failed ang lumalabas sa exbuzz ko… di ako makalogin… ano po pwde gawin? Uninstall & install ko po ulit yung app?

  4. nag try ako i download yan app n yan s computer, na download nman pero ayaw mag run hehehe. anong program ang pwd ko ipang open s app n yan s computer pra mag run?

  5. Nareset po into zero yung buzz after the countdown pero di naman po naconvert sa BTC yung previous buzz amount ko. Help me po.

  6. Gud pm yong pong sa btc pool paano ko po malalaman kung stater na ako nagplan na po ako nabasan naman po mining ko

  7. Just like Pivot, here's the new app that pay for sharing, reading about crypto and doing some tasks.

    The payments are daily and the mission of the app is to increase the mount everyday.

    600 Buzz for downloading the app
    100 Buzz per ref

    NO investment
    NO Id required

    Download the app on plastore(exbuzz)

    Use my code in your profile section

  8. maam aiza normal lng ba na ang bitcoin cloud miner ay mag server maintenance tas ng hihingi ng 0.00025 na bayad kasi nag deposit ako dun bla na try ko na naman mag widraw thru coinsph liget naman kasu biglang nag temporary server maintinance pa help naman po

  9. miss aiza may 1k pvt balance na po ako, panu po ba yun ma withdraw? ang nakalagay po kasi lagi nlng "Withdraw(coming soon) "

  10. Hi lang ma'am aiza. Appreciation comment lang po. Thank you sa walang sawang pagrereply kahit sa old videos nyo na po. God bless po.

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