Earn .03 Bitcoin | Free Bitcoin Slot | BTC Heat legit or Scam!!!

Earn .03 Bitcoin | Free Bitcoin Slot | BTC Heat legit or Scam!!!

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Hello friends welcome to i tech bd
Today i am gonna show you a website known as BTC HEAT, where you can earn bitcoin by playing game
The system of this game is to play slot
And you can earn bitcoin
sometimes you may loose
You will get 50 spins free after login
You will get easily 100000-150000 satoshi
Within 1-2 minutes
Now showing how will you play the game
Click the link in the decription
Or you can go to i tech bd facebook page and click the link here
Then directly go to the site
Just enter you bitcoin address and login
Then press start
Its a dashboard
you will get 50 spins free here
You will get satoshis by rolling the spin
You see that my balance is 163253 satoshi
I spent here 2-3 minutes
Now showing 0 spins
No spins now
as my balance is zero
here you see the option Auto refill
Three refill will give after Three hours
If i claim here, i will get three refill now
You will get 50 when you are at the first time
Then just play
I am showing how the prize is given to us
If match same three dice
You will get 349900
Next is 52485
You will see the matching yourself
Now you can Play
I loose so didnt get any satoshi
Next one
3499 is paid
If i play again
You can play as you can
you can get spin easily
I will show you the way
Every three hours you will get free three spins
Or collect some referrals for more spins
Besides you can get more spins with mining
Here will see the mining options
Start mining and get spins
It is for whom, who are are unable to collect referrals
And three is fixed in three hours
if you do like this then you will get more spins and earn a lot of satoshis
For withdraw you must need at least 3000000
The worth is so much
You can earn unlimited bitcoin only from one site
Only play and earn
so you need to collect spins
So you can collect spin by mining and auto refill and also from referrals
Now play and earn
As a new website, this site will pay you
Next time they may not pay
If you wish you could work here
here you can easily earn btc
who are finding for easy way, they can work here, its the best way
The is no chance to loose
Bitcoin will at your balance
After reaching 3000000 you will get paid
I will not waste my time for this site
Ffinally i am telling that
who are thinking that you will earn 3000000 satoshi from this site
Please forget this site cause
Is it so easy to earn 3000000! from one site
with collect some spins and play game!
Guys what is the profit?, why they give you much satoshi to you! Almost $165-$170
They must need profit from this site
Without benefit they will not pay you
We know which site may scam!
Its a big scam site
Please dont work here
Why this site scam! i will let you know
if anyone work here
When you reach 2200000 or more
Then your earning will be slow
Matching will slow and more tough
This will decrease
without match the dice your earning will not meet the threshold at 3000000
So that you can not withdraw
The happened would be just wasting some times
No more
Finally you will leave the site by bored
At first i show you how you can earn
Now i am telling why it is scam!
It will 100% scam
Dont think that Bitcoin earning is so easy now
You know well the rate of bitcoin, its worth is now almost $5500
So you can earn 3000000 satoshi within 2-3 days or a week or in a month
Its no so easy
When you play wager then you may see they try to loose you anyway
You never challenge with them
You must be a looser
Finally i suggest you that please don’t work here
Its just wasting time
I made this video to let you inform
Someone can say this site will pay
But it never pay you
Hope you understand, how btc heast is scamming
Today is no more
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See you in the next video till then tc and thanks for watching
Allah Hafez


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