showing you guys the all new digi by iOS
wallet for iPhone and then also showing
how easy it is to use and how fast you
can send did you buy back and forth in
this video so stay tuned what’s going on
guys so last night I mess around with
the all new digi by iOS wallet it’s
still in beta testing it’s very close to
being done I’m actually kind of working
in the developer telegram you can also
go in the developer telegram and see
what’s going on there we did you buy
we’ve been kind of just bouncing ideas
back and forth and then also you know
testing it and making sure that
everything works and you can see here
I’ve got it pulled up I recorded this
but kinda just go through and show you
how easy it is to use the app how fast
it is to send digi buy it back and forth
and then how quickly you can actually
use the did you buy it once you receive
it now I want to make a quick disclaimer
that this video is not comparing did you
buy to all the other coins on the market
I understand that there’s other coins
out there that have similar features in
terms of apps and speed and all that but
this video is talking about the Digi by
iOS wallet so you can see here I’ve got
my iPhone screen recorded on to my
macbook opening the app here it has the
face ID so right there boom face ID
opens up it’s easy
I haven’t actually backed up the wallet
just cuz it’s a beta and I keep loading
it and unloading it once you get into
the wallet you’ll see your transactions
you’ll see your balance you’ll see all
the information on the bottom there’s a
send there’s a receipt for the iPhone
window is showing what’s on my phone and
then behind that is my core wallet and
now if I go to send I’m gonna go down
there to the bottom to send I’m gonna
put in my core wallet address there and
then I’m gonna put in how much I want to
send and then I’m gonna click send
it’ll ask me for my pin once I put my
pin in there it’ll confirm and send and
now you can see boom it pops up there on
my core wallet and it’ll show kind of
the progress see that it was instantly
sent and now we’re waiting for
confirmations that will then allow me to
spend that digibytes so right there boom
it’s in my core wallet it’s ready to
spend in a matter of seconds so let’s
send did you buy to my mobile wallet
here just to show how fast it is with
that so there I’ll put in my mobile
wallet address I’ll go down here to the
bottom two clicks in
I gotta enter my password
so I enter my pass phrase it’ll click me
one more time if I want to send it so
it’s gonna be sending now and there it
is deliver to my mobile wallet again so
you can see how fast how easy it is and
just kind of how simple this app is to
use and that’s the big thing right now
four digit by is focusing on barrier of
entry trading apps creating programs
that make it easier to send did you buy
to buy digit I and all of those things
so you can see here again just testing
out the face ID it works great I’ve had
no issues and going through the app here
you can see it shows my transactions and
everything in the app again I’ll show my
balance at the top there just to show
you one more time how easy it is to send
I’m gonna send to my core wallet I’m
gonna put my amount of did you bite that
I want to send there and then I’m click
send and there it is instant
transactions I mean that’s pretty much
instant this is not sped up this is very
very fast
sending did you buy it back and forth
between different wallets it’s the same
thing if I was sending did you buy to my
other friends and all that so you can
see on the bottom there you’ll have the
different types of options you can
request an amount and also you can go
into the menu and adjust your security
you can use the six digit pin you can
use face ID and then you can backup your
wallet as well on paper so overall I’m
really impressed with the digi by iOS
wallet it’s fast it’s easy and I think
really anybody can use it and that’s the
big thing right now for digi by is
creating products that are easy to use
gotta remove that barrier of entry for
people to start adopting did you buy
everyday to start using it for everyday
situations it really just needs to be
easy to use and that’s the big thing
right now that did you buy it is
focusing on they are focusing on
removing that barrier of entry it’s been
really cool to also see kind of the
development process on the telegram
seeing the developers talking to people
asking questions bouncing ideas around
people have feedback the developers
answer that so it’s very open source
people are working together on this
project it’s not just hey the company’s
making a wallet here it is boom is done
but people are really giving their
feedback they’re talking about the
wallet and then also trying to help
improve the user experience so a lot of
things right now happening for did you
buy it you got the iOS wallet
you got the algo swap come in x2 this
wall is also coming out with support
treasurer is gonna have it all built in
pretty soon as well you can already use
a treasurer Hardware wallet if you just
kind of go through the backend and do it
but treasure should have full support
very soon so I’m looking forward to the
next couple of months here development
wise but did you buy and just increasing
the ease of use and also lowering that
barrier of entry there it is checking
out the all-new digi by iOS wallet if
you have any questions leave a comment
below like I said this video was not
meant to compare digi buy it to what
else is on the market this video is just
to show how easy it is to send and
receive money using digi by leave a
hit that subscribe button and also if
you liked this video hit that like
button I’ll talk to you guys later


  1. You seem to push DGB quite often. In fact, I opened a position after watching one of your videos on it. I did also do some research so of course I own my own L’s. But this one had been a big dud for me. At this point I’m just HODLing and hoping for the best.

  2. I'm glad to see this wallet is on point and on it's way to the world. Great examination into the beta, highlighting the speed.

    I recently spoke to a newer crypto friend and he was shocked I said "15 seconds" was the tx time. Honestly, when I got into DGB it was from June pump(first crypto bought from my btc). I figured it was normal how fast it was until using other cool projects yet still seeing such a lag and frustration in times of need, ex. "Buy the dips!"

    Anyway, it's now great to see the progress since that initial time I joined. Multiple exchanges, funding raised for a marketer, a couple of shills(Mcafee/Fast Money) and as we all now know, New/updated wallets. All of this progress is preceeding an algo swap in Spring 2018. My favorite aspect is it's start date. You won't be able to replicate one of those and will be highlighted in the future. Product is solid and actually just slept on. Hodling as a newbie feels easy, I'm not much of a swing trader but don't even fret cause this is a long term thing. I'll look back at this comment in 10 years and still be amazed that we were all here so early.

  3. After waiting a week for a small amount of Bitcoin on Coinbase. I was amazed at the speed of Digibyte when i moved them to my wallet. Value of this coin is yet to be seen and i believe it will suprise us all.

  4. I down loaded the wallet for iPhone.
    Any ideas???????

  5. How long does it take to sink . Mines been stuck at 5% then resets back to zero for hours and I sent over 3’ to it. I’m screwed right now. Hhhhhelp

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