Cyber Monday! My FAVORITE Tech and Camera Products

Cyber Monday! My FAVORITE Tech and Camera Products

– Hey there. A few months ago, I put out a video where I said, hey, I’ve got a new sponsor and here’s a commercial, my
first commercial sponsor. And I rolled this video about
this lens protection device. Let’s have a look at that video. – [Robotic Voice] Seconds to go live. (epic orchestral music) – Okay, all kidding aside, actually now I do have a
sponsor for the channel and it has really helped out financially to grow this channel, so I’d like to show you a
short message from the sponsor. ♪ Never gonna give you up ♪ ♪ Never gonna let you down ♪ Okay, sorry, I couldn’t resist. Roll intro. (upbeat music) Hi, everyone, and welcome to Pal2Tech. Today’s gonna be the
start of a new tradition. From now on, each year,
I’m gonna release a video between Black Friday and Cyber Monday that has my favorite items in it. Okay, they’re gonna be
items that are focused on the working photographer, especially the Fujifilm
mirrorless camera user. But I think that these things
are actually so awesome that most of them could be
used by anyone at anytime. (horn beeping) Now, a couple of things before
I get into the list here. These are the requirements
that they have to have to be in this Pal2Tech video each year. First of all, number one, I have to be using them every single day. Not once in awhile, but every single day, constantly using them. Number two, no company, no outside company can sponsor a product ever on this annual Pal2Tech
favorite tech items video. These are things that
I’m gonna sponsor, okay, I’m just gonna say the things that I love. And number three, they must save me time or make my life a bit easier. And that’s what awesome tech is all about. Okay, here we go. First item on the list is
also one of the cheapest. This is the VKO soft metal release buttons for the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-T3. When you purchase an X-T2 or
X-T3 right out of the gate, it looks like this. This is the shutter release
button, okay, which is fine. The thing that I find is when I’m quickly grabbing the camera and I wanna grab a shot,
sometimes my finger, the button doesn’t quite
feel like a button. What I do is I get these little
VKO buttons, they’re tiny, and you screw it on, you buy one. Now there’s two kinds, there’s
concave and convex, is that? The one where it’s bowed and the ones where it’s kind of round. You get two in a pack. When you’re screwing these things on, you need to be careful. Because if you tighten them
too tight, it’s not good. But they just make it so
nice to press the button. It’s one more thing that just,
it’s a little bit easier. I love these things, you
just have it on the camera and if you have more than one camera, let’s say you have two black X-T2s and one of them you have set up for video, the other one you have set up for stills, you can color coordinate
them and immediately see which camera to use. So these are awesome, I use
them on every camera I own. Can’t recommend them enough. Okay, for the next item,
let’s talk lens caps. A little while ago, I lost the lens cap to my 16-55 Fujinon lens and
I needed to get another one. And I was gonna get a Fuji brand lens cap, plop it right on and be good to go. And I thought, “Well wait a minute, “maybe there’s a third party solution “that makes a good lens cap.” Not some cheapo thing that falls off and doesn’t attach properly and doesn’t seem like it fits right, but something that actually feels like it was made by Fuji
and works really well. And I found that. The lens cap that I found is
from Breakthrough Photography. It’s about seven bucks, they
have all different sizes. This is the 77 millimeter and,
man, it goes right on there. You know, it’s spring loaded,
and it’s thick. (growls) It’s thick and solid and
it just goes right on there and this sucker’s not coming off. I mean this is great. It fits it like a glove,
these are great lens caps. I use them everyday, they’re inexpensive. So if you’re in the market
and you need more lens caps or just something as a backup,
definitely wanna check out those lens caps from
Breakthrough Photography. Okay, so the next item on my list actually has to do with
computers and laptops. And it is a hard drive. Particularly a portable hard drive. You know, I have been using hard drives since there weren’t hard drives. (laughs) I actually, no kidding, I used to have a TRS-80
model one computer in 1979 that I programmed on and
it stored all of the data and the programs on actual
audio cassette tape. I mean, that was so ahead
of its time back then. So when hard drives came
out, oh, they were awesome. And, I mean, I gotta tell you, this is the single best portable
drive I think you can get. This is the Samsung T5 portable SSD. SSD standing for solid state drive, meaning that it has no moving parts. You can bop it around,
throw it in your bag, it’s light as a feather. They make these little guys in 500 gigs, one terabyte,
and two terabyte versions. I have a few of the one terabyte
and two terabyte versions and I edit on them. One thing I would recommend
getting is a case for it and I’ll have a link below to that. So I have this little case and it’s great, you know, the drive
kinda sits right in here and then you put the cord right in there. You know, you can zip it
up and you’re good to go. Solid, great solution for a portable SSD. Okay, so my next item is
also computer laptop related and it’s something that has really boosted my
productivity since I got it and it has to do with the
single most important thing to a photographer there is. Light. Even more important than
making beautiful photos, light is so wonderful
for you to be productive. Having good light, it wakes you up, it makes you feel more awake,
you can just get things done. It makes you work faster. This is the BenQ ScreenBar Plus, okay. And what it does, you know what? Let me just go show you right now. (snaps) Okay, so here we are. I have the light on
the monitor right here. And it is on there pretty solid but it’s also really easy to take off. Boom, comes right off like this. It’s got sort of this
counterweight on the back and so it can fit on
pretty much any monitor, depending upon how wide it is. So you just, boom, put
it on just like that, there it is. And what’s great is, there’s
two different versions of this. One has the on off switch and
the controller right up here. The other one, the
better one that I think, if you’re gonna get one you should get, it has a little controller that sorta sits on your desk right here. Off, on, just like that, really cool. Do you see the glare
in the monitor, right? Is that distracting? No, it’s not, because
it’s angled perfectly. The way that they did
that, the light comes down just like this and it’s perfect. It just lights up the area. So, you know, if you have paperwork and you’ve gotta, you know,
kinda get some bills done, it just helps so much
to have that extra light with your computer in front of you. And here’s the thing, check it out. Does it work on a laptop? Yes it does. So if you have your laptop with you, say, you just throw it on here, right. Boom, there it is, right? And now you have a light solution, a mobile light solution
that you can take with you. I think it works better,
though, on a desktop monitor. But in terms of just, it sits there and you’re done and awesome. Now, it’s got this really
cool little controller and what you can do,
obviously, you can change how bright it is by
turning the knob, simple. The other thing that you can do is change the color
temperature, so here we go. You know, you get like coffee shop and then you get, you know,
daylight color temperature. So that’s great. And then there’s one other feature, I don’t use it a whole lot, but it has it. And it’s got a sensor right here and you press this right
here and what happens is this sensor senses the room lighting and it will adjust this light
to match your room lighting so that everything is in balance. And there’s something to be said for having light for your productivity. It boots your productivity. This is not the cheapest
light you can get for sure. So I love it, wanted
to recommend it to you, that’s the, I don’t even
know what it’s called, the light that hangs on the monitor thing. Anyway, I’ll have a link
below, back to the studio. Number five on my list is
one of my favorites also. Look, look at this. Okay, I like to be organized. Getting a bit more organized really does help the creative process, because you feel more
in control of things. And so I like to label things but I also like to keep my cords, my wires and stuff like that, organized. And I have found an
awesome, awesome little tool to help with that. Think Tank Photo Red Whips. These are, they’re kind
of a splurge, all right. They’re a little bit of a splurge. You take a cord and you kinda, you know, it just keeps things organized. Okay, so it has this thing,
you little press down like that and it’s just nice and solid, you go whoosh and it’s just organized. Boom, done, in your bag. You can put a few cords together, you can wrap a cord next to a power brick, like wrap it around there and then put the whole
thing around a red whip. Love these things, love these things. One of my biggest pet peeves
is when tripod makers, you know, the thing that attaches
the camera to the tripod, that they don’t have a way to just unscrew it with your fingers. You know that little thing that flips out and then you can unscrew
it and take it off? There are some tripod
mounts that don’t have that and they expect everybody
to just, you know, walk around with a coin in their pocket, which I always lose. Or a screwdriver, a big, long screwdriver, which can break the screw sometimes, so. For example. So I have this Ronin, this DJI SC Gimble and it attaches to the camera with not one, but two of these things. So you have, you know,
two screws right here and then you’ve got this
thing that it screws into in the back and then this
whole contraption goes to the bottom of this camera, which then it goes on the gimble and blah blah blah blah blah. By the way, if you wanna see a video about using the Fujifilm
X-T3 with the Ronin, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to show you. Anyway, so you have this thing
and what is happened is like when I go to screw it
on, I grab a screwdriver, because I’ve lost my coin,
my penny or whatever. I grab a screwdriver and I go to do it and either the screwdriver head is too fat and it doesn’t fit in the thing, right? Or it’s too kinda thin and I’m turning it and I start to bend
and screw up the screw. This little awesome thing right here is called a SMALLRIG tool
kit, tool screwdriver set. I don’t know the exact name,
I’ll have a link below. Anyway it’s got a little set
of all of those little tools that photographers and videographers need when they’re putting, you
know, camera cages on, gimbles, tripod stuff. And speaking of which,
it’s got a screwdriver. Check this out, it’s nice and thin and it just feels great
when you’re doing it. And it’s got every possible thing, Phillips-head, Allen
wrench, all kinds of stuff just in a nice, little thing. Goes right in the bag, you’re set. No more losing pennies, no more, you know, trying to find a screwdriver that fits. It’s awesome. So the next item I use
to really save me time, let me just show you. So it’s this thing right here. It is a little remote
control light controller, little light controller that you can use to turn on and off lights. Watch this, like this on, and turn them off. Now, I love this thing and
I’ll tell you why I love it. I know there’s a lot of remote control, turn on and off lights. You know, there’s even the clap on. You know, that thing, The Clapper. It’s fast to set up. You take it out of the
box, you plug it in. You don’t have any of that monkey business trying to get Bluetooth, this. I hate that stuff, it’s
such a pain in the butt. It gives me a headache. Instead of having one button, you know, where you have to like
hold it long to turn it off and hold it, I hate all that. I can’t stand that. I like stuff that’s simple to use and you have a set of
buttons to turn it on and you have a set of
buttons to turn it off and they’re labeled one, two, and three. I don’t have to think, it’s simple. Okay, so I have to mention
the final item on this list, which is a lens. This is the VILTROX 85 millimeter. I am going to be doing a
full review on this lens. I’m working on it right now. I’m in the middle of shooting
test shots, the whole bit. And I’m about ready to launch that video. However, I’ve noticed some
really good deals on this lens between today and Cyber Monday. So I wanted to mention it for those of you that might be thinking about the VILTROX. You might have been on the
fence about getting this thing. Well be on the fence no more. I love this lens. There, you don’t even need
to see the review. (laughs) No, watch the review, it’ll be good. Well, I got through it. I hope you liked that. That’s my list for 2019. I hope you enjoyed it. And they are some really
awesome products I think and I use them every single day. So I hope they can help you out as well. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you’re not yet a subscriber, I would love to have you as one. You know, it’s funny. I’ve been noticing like
some people that subscribe, I will click over to their channel and I’ll look and oh my god, they’ve got like a billion videos, thousands and thousands of
subscribers and I’m like, “Why are they subscribing to me?” I’m just like, “What, really?” Thank you so much for subscribing. It means a lot to me. It’s kind of like a little way of saying, “You’re on the right
track, keep doing better. “Keep doing better.” Anyway, thanks again, and I will see you in a video real soon. Take care, have a great weekend. So long. Oh man. (sigh) Man. Okay, all right. Since you stuck around, I
gotta ask a favor of you, okay. I’m watching the raw footage that I shot of myself going through
that computer light that I was demoing. And I’ve gained some weight. I’ve gained a few pounds. Check this out, look at this. You see this? You see this? (laughing) You gotta tell me these things. You gotta tell me these things. So I gotta go on, like I gotta eat better. I gotta change my diet a little bit. I want you to hold me to that. If you’re not seeing me
start to kind of lose that double chin thing,
you call me out on it. You tell me in the comments. I’m serious. I need to get this under control. I’m embarrassed by this. I’m so embarrassed I was thinking about not even putting this in the video, in the final version. But, you know, okay, I gotta own it. Sometimes you get busy in
life, you’re not thinking, you don’t have time to
workout and you’re, anyway. Excuses, excuses. So I’m just telling
you that I noticed that and please, please call me out on it if you see me start to
balloon up like that. I don’t like that, I
don’t like that at all. So anyway, I gotta work on that. It’s tough, it’s hard. It’s hard. Speaking of working, and
that’s another thing. Speaking of working. If you’re a subscriber and if
you’re following this channel and if you’re giving me
the gift of your time, then if I’m not working hard enough, if you find that these
videos are, you know, I’m kinda cutting corners and
I’m not putting 100% into, you let me know, okay? You tell me if I’m not
working harder, you tell me and I will work harder. You just say, hey, Chris, you know what? You’re kinda slipping lately. You’re not working hard
enough, you gotta work harder and I will work harder on it, okay? That’s my promise to you. I do lose these red whips though. All right, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. I’m gonna go spend the
weekend with my family, maybe decorate for the holidays. Yeah, all right. Thank you, mean it. Seriously. See you soon. (upbeat music)


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