Cryptocurrencies Clobbered! Perfect Entry Point for Sophisticated Investors! with Lior Gantz

Crytpocurrencies Clobbered! Perfect Entry Point for Sophisticated Investors! with Lior Gantz // david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell my very special guest today is mr. Lee or Gantz and he is from
wealth Research Group calm and we have a number of topics that we’re going to
cover today everything from possible correction in
the markets to crypto currencies to the political situation and you’re gonna
want to watch this whole video because we’re gonna give you so much information
and discussion so mr. Lee are Gant’s welcome back to looking at the markets
thank you thanks for inviting me yeah it’s great to have you so first of all
I’d like to talk about a possible correction in the markets in the US
markets do you think that there’s a correction in the works right now well
in in a few days we’ll know much more the the GDP numbers will be very
determining of what will happen next in other words we already everyone knows
this is the late innings of this bull market cycle there’s no argument about
that and everybody knows that the stock market is trading at all-time highs in
terms of their valuations so the K the Cape and the RSI so anything from
fundamental to to technical analysis it’s all pointing that valuations are
the highest in history but valuations don’t matter when you want to think
about when a market tops by your valuations manner in the long run and in
the short term what matters is a trend so if there’s a trend in place right now
then the markets will keep adding higher and the trend is definitely in place for
the markets to keep heading higher so the top is definitely not here yet it’s
probably gonna come but between now and two years from now so certainly a lot of
momentum still left for the stock market yeah it’s it’s obviously been pushed up
higher by the the Federal Reserve’s policies of
zero interest rate since definitely been been pushed up by the fact that there
are no other alternatives for for yield but that is changing David and that’s
the real point right now and that’s why I think a correction is definitely in
order and I think we might see the sp500 ending 2018 give or take
where it started 2018 so I think it will have a correction and then rally up
there again and we’ll see another push up and 2019 now how do you how do you
see when the correction is coming and will update this Thurl and walter
research upon the free newsletter but the idea is this you want to measure the
the spread between the two-year five-year and 10-year bonds and the
sp500 dividend yield to see which is higher if the ten-year bond ever reaches
a point where it’s higher yield than the S&P 500 that’s it the marketable top for
now the two-year and the five-year are topping the sp500 dividend yield so we
are reaching a point where if there are negative news flows just as briggs that
did it in 2016 if there are negative news lows there was gonna be a sell-off
but different from what we’ve seen of the sell offs from 2012 until today
you’re not gonna see people buying the dip you’re gonna see major institutions
pension funds and all the people are that are chasing yields you’re gonna see
them say hey I’m not gonna go back to the stock market I’m just gonna buy
bonds from here on and this cycle so we are gonna see the Treasury yield going
higher as compared to the SMP 500 as long as the Fed Funds rate which the Fed
Committee controls thoroughly or completely and as long as they keep
pushing rates up because they fear inflation it’s coming we’re gonna see
this pressure on stock prices but because you know still the trend is so
much in place investor sentiment is so high right now
consumer sentiment is so high and small business sentiment is very high you will
see the stock market keep on rallying but I think we’re gonna see a correction
soon and then the rallying back what I think will be very different
and I know many of your viewers are following this is how commodities real
assets gold silver etc behave in such an environment for gold spot price we all
know it bottomed out two years ago and it’s it’s up like 33 percent since then
I think 2018 will be a fantastic year for it and therefore it’s not gonna be
the best year to accumulate it because obviously you want to accumulate as much
gold as you can for the lowest price possible because it’s insurance
basically so on that front I think the spot price is gonna perform
very well and I think throughout 2018 it’s probably gonna push the fifteen
hundred and ten dollars per ounce I don’t know if it’s gonna end the year
that way it might peak you know midway through the year August except September
etc but it won’t push that personally I’m not gonna buy any gold ounces
because I have five percent of my portfolio already waited in gold but
when I’m very underweighted in is the the mining stocks or the mining shares
was I’ve avoided for a long time and even shorted except for a few specific
ones that I’ve that I wanted to accumulate on the way down but I think
2018 will be a fantastic here for those because they’re gonna release a lot of
data which is called the preliminary economic assessment or basically they’re
gonna release data a lot of mining companies release data that shows that
their projects are economical with the price of the underlying commodity as we
speak and therefore a lot of companies are going to see their projects being
advanced and probably merged and bought out by a major company I’ll give you an
example David three weeks ago like New Year’s I
made a resolution to open in a brokerage account in my daughter’s name she’s
fifteen months old and so my wife told me you know what if you were gonna do
that I want you to find an investment vehicle that
you can put a principal in there I would say 20 grand put 20 grand in there and
then I want to sell the only the profits I want to take only the profits out
every two to three years and leave that principal in there leave that 20 grand
in there and just pay off a lot of the you know the living expenses they have
to do with the baby through the profits so basically what she was looking for is
like a hybrid of two portfolios that are usually you can’t mix them up so a lot
of people you know if they have short term obligations what they do is they do
a private loan for like 8% and then they know you know the percival is safe
because they make a loan for let’s say six to eight months and they know in six
to eight months they have the principal and interest
well what my life suggested is that we merged these two events predictable time
of getting your principal and profits with the resource sector because it’s so
cheap so what I was looking for for three weeks until today is a company
that has a two to three year timeline with milestones along the way in a
trajectory to be sold in three years so that way I know for sure or with a high
degree of certainty in three years I will be able to bank profits because
they sell at a premium because today their very own their value it took me
three weeks to find such a company and we we can discuss it if you want because
I made a special report for listeners of the show at wolf research group com4
slash merger em er ger and you can just hit that you know hit there and download
the Thor report the company is called colonics minds and one of the world’s
best investors in terms of resource sector a 40-year veteran is a sizable
shareholder in fact he’s in the Guinness Book of Records because one of his
previous companies hit the world’s deepest rig or deepest drill hole in
natural gas in the previous year so he’s a very successful person and he’s a big
backer of this company as well and we can talk about some of the key factors
for it later on the show I don’t want to take too much time on this but you know
suffice to say I’m I’m gonna that is gonna be my daughter’s first
talk ever so I’m very excited about that very good sir so the website for that
and I’ll put that link in the description below this video wealth
research group comm forward slash merger people need to click on that
check out that free report all the reports that are on wealth research
group comm are free they do not charge for this information all this research
they do I think people should click on that for sure want to talk about
cryptocurrencies Hot Topic now there was a correction a rather massive one in
crypto currencies recently and then something of a fast recovery what does
this all mean for the crypto currency markets well three things and I told
this on Russia TV on RT the news channel you obviously are aware of Russia today
they they line me up for an interview last week during this huge slaughter
Massacre for the cryptocurrencies and they asked my opinion I’ll give you the
same opinion that I gave them when an entire sector goes down in a matter of
hours by 50% it shows you that it’s in very early stages a saturated market or
a mature market cannot go down that much it means that there’s a lot of
volatility a lot of speculation and a lot of malinvestment money in there and
that’s why it happens with cryptocurrency so if anything this is a
very bullish sign because people would say hey that the cryptocurrencies are
are up so much over the past two years it’s insane etc what can happen from
here on out and this just shows you it’s very early stage in fact to my partners
just came back from the North American Bitcoin conference in Miami 5,000 people
attended and it was an unbelievable event there’s so much brain power and so
much human resources that are going into this sector and I want to say I want to
say this David the word cryptocurrencies is gave this industry a false name most
of these projects that are based on blockchain or similar technologies are
not aiming to become cryptic are not aiming to become
currencies at all they’re not aiming to compete with our fiat currencies there’s
only a few of them that are designed programmed and you know their
development teams and community are aiming to become just a viable currency
the rest of these projects and there are thousands of them and and thousands more
will come aim to solve problems in the financial sector whereas you know
whether it’s the remittances or wire transfer or fees for sending money or
making a production chain more transparent like the diamond supply
chain or the food chain or your health care and keeping records voting etc so
there are so many projects that have nothing to do with currencies the best
way to think about cryptocurrencies is to call them digital companies in
start-up tech face and view them as such and when they correct 50 percent all of
them take that as an opportunity to go in and purchase or use or own the ones
that you feel most confident about and there’s gonna be a lot of things going
on right now you know in 2017 we covered a lot of the the ones that are in the
top ten that ended up in the top ten and wealth researcher and and you know our
biggest winners were a third him that went from $12 when we covered it to over
a thousand 100 – that went from 30 to over a thousand 100 and you know just a
one month ago in December we covered Ripper all 27 cents it went up to about
three dollars and I just recently like beginning of January I released our top
5 alt coins for 2018 at wealth research of com4 / top 5 top and the number 5 but
there were only four cryptos in there and the fifth one we’re gonna release
this Thursday so the 25th we’re gonna raise that in the in the newsletter
obviously – only the subscriber so I’m gonna give it up in the air right now
but I I believe that this particular coin has the
potential to rival the top three or their ad right now so it has a huge
upside of about a ten to one scenario where it can go up in the next year or
two a thousand percent or higher now obviously a lot of alt coins are gonna
do a thousand percent or higher in next two years but safely when you want to
make a safer return or a more high potential return and not dabble and in
you know tens of the tens of them this in my opinion will be the top one to be
involved with and so you know if you’re not involved with cryptocurrencies first
of all I suggest you get educated real quick about them because in you know in
any way you look at it even if you’re an investor and even if you’re just a
person who lives in the Western world you will get disturbed and you know
disrupted by this change by this revolution so you need to know about it
the same way that you know basics about electricity about the internet about you
know everyday life blockchain technology and everything that has to do with it
will be part of your life and you need to get educated on it so it’s it’s one
of those goals that you must set for 2018 no matter you know what’s your
technological knowledge is you don’t have to be a developer or a programmer
to get involved in this just like I’m not a tech savvy person and I don’t know
how the internet works but I know how I can utilize it and I know how to judge
and analyze value in businesses that can create shareholder wealth because I can
see where demand is going so I think this is something that’s very important
for for anyone listening no matter what your age or you know profession
absolutely and I am looking forward to the release of the top number one
cryptocurrency on wealth research group com
but for now you can still go to wealth research group com forward slash top
five get the get at least four out of the five and soon to be all five of the
top cryptocurrencies recommended on wealth research group combat link in the
description this video so now I wanted to move on to
a little bit of politics what’s going on right now with the political situation
in Iran and North Korea possible war to occur what do you think I think no I
think the possibility of war is extremely low and I think their that
they’re playing a political game that is basically propaganda negotiations out in
the public side so they want to create a sense of fear they want to create a
sense of a situation where new solutions can come in especially the North Korean
ruler because the idea for him is he wants to live the good life like you
like he’s living right now he has you know control over a country and that’s
something that not many people have and that is very intoxicating in terms of
the wealth and the lifestyle that he has he doesn’t want to give that up and he
doesn’t want obviously to get bombarded by the US government what he does want
is freedom wants more autonomy and therefore he’s playing this game of of
chess with President Trump and with other leaders on the table obviously to
make sure that his government in his country stays clear of any and all US
you know sanctions etc while he stays on top so but in the meantime it does
create a lot of friction in the world’s financial system and in the world’s
political system but I think the more important thing to to view what’s in
terms of what’s going on is how China and Russia will be reacting to the
weakening US dollar in 2018 so the US dollars as first year in 2017 and
they’re getting very frustrated with how the tax cuts are basically signaling to
the market hey we’re not gonna have sufficient sufficient taxes going
forward the United States government if we want to fund our infrastructure or
anything else or any of the deficit spending we need to issue more more
currency when you and we need to issue more bonds so
basically Trump is told the market that hey we have the reserve currency of the
world you need to keep buying it because you already own three trillions of it
and obviously you’re not gonna start dumping it because it’s gonna be
counterproductive to everyone so he’s basically telling them you’re locked in
the same boat as I am we’re all in the same boat until there’s a better
solution the US dollar will stay the reserve currency in the world and we’re
gonna keep parting with debt and so this is something that’s very important for
American listeners in particular the US dollar is going to go through another
year of a bear market and I think for the next two to three years you will see
higher inflation levels and lower lower use dollar and compares to other
currencies and that’s gonna push up commodity prices and gonna make your
life a little less easier even if you’ve been suffering through this eight-year
period of wealth disparity between the middle class and the wealthy already
this is gonna be even worse so unless wages pick up in the next year or so the
middle class is gonna get more frustrated and and this is personally
why I think that Trump will need to roll out an infrastructure plan which will be
the only way for companies and corporations to raise wages because
they’re gonna get all this disposable income from the tax cuts and they will
have a place to deploy it which will be in real infrastructure programs for the
United States government so if if what I think will happen will happen the u.s.
dollar will weaken commodities will prices will head even higher you see
Zink already up ninety percent in two years see copper prices up iron ore
prices up Silver’s gonna probably rally soon and oil prices you know they’re
they’ve doubled since their bottom at $30 so this is definitely the trend and
if the market keeps anticipating more inflation it’s gonna start spending more
you already see the US economy is working on a three percent savings rate
so that’s extremely low now they got a tax cuts so people have about 1,200 to
1,500 dollars of cash equivalent from this tax cuts
they’re gonna want to spend that again and you multiply that to an entire
nation like the United States of 300 million people or basically 200 million
working people that’s a lot of money that’s gonna go into the economy again
in 2018 so that’s why I don’t see that the stock market peaking that’s why I
see commodities joining the bull market party and that’s why I see inflation
handing higher bond yields heading higher and Russia and China becoming
more of a you know more buyers of gold because they just cannot handle what’s
going on in the US you know it’s it’s a it’s a you can’t with you can’t live
with them and you can’t live without it the US dollar at this point because
they’ve accumulated so much debt and they depend on the u.s. in a you know 20
percent of cars in China are sold from US manufacturers there’s so much
codependency you cannot stop this game of moving chairs right now so if you’re
an investor you cannot rebel against the system you must adapt to it and the way
you do that is by controlling where you allocate your funds and knowing that if
you are an employee there’s a great time to start initiating ideas in your
workplace and become a more valuable employee because we’re reaching peak
unemployment so in other words for companies to stay as profitable as they
are with the fat margins that they are now getting because this is the end of
the cycle and their corporations are getting nice profits right now they will
need to lay off people to keep those margins up so you need to make sure that
your job or whatever you do is something that’s indispensable that you’re just
you’re working and toiling away in order to not get sacked when six to 12 months
rochette a recession hits again in the US and obviously in Europe and elsewhere
yeah I did want to talk more about that topic jobs employment I know that 40%
40% of jobs in North America will be lost by 2030 that’s pretty scary I know
I have a lot of younger of and listeners here on looking at the
markets what should Millennials do about this scary job situation well so
obviously 40 percent by 2030 is a as an estimate but definitely you’re gonna see
about about 20 million jobs for sure getting wiped out and being meaning
wiped out being either outsourced or autonomous so replaced by robots or any
other artificial intelligence etc a lot of jobs basically all trucking jobs cabs
etc anything that has to do with drivers is moved is getting moved into this
realm of driverless car or you know cars without a driver you will see a lot of
other manufacturing jobs getting replaced with robots you’re gonna see a
lot of jobs on Wall Street for trading getting replaced by algorithms and
robots because they don’t have emotions and they trade better most of the time
so you’re gonna see that happening and occurring and for Millennials what’s
very important to understand is this is a time of one of the largest shake ups
and the employment industry that the world has seen since the Industrial
Revolution so if you remember the Industrial Revolution started in England
they discovered that they have a lot of coal reserves and that helps steam their
boats and they were able to become the global reserve currency in the global
leader because they controlled the seas and they started colonial izing other
nations because they had so much unemployment within their nation they
had to colonial eyes and start you know getting millions of people moving to
other countries and working over there and on behalf of the United Kingdom
that’s something that we will see going forward in the US you will see a lot of
a lot of cities in the US that will be left without any competitive advantage
they’re gonna have ight axes and with compares to low taxes or zero taxes with
other states so what one particular state will see
migration into another state will see positive migration Texas will be a kind
of a state that a lot of Millennials will flock to they will flock to all the
states that have zero income tax like Florida North Dakota Wyoming and because
their homes and have a home-based business it’s not gonna be as important
to go to your office so with 1020 years much more spread-out
economy where a lot of states that people did not want to live it before
just because they didn’t have you know any any computing to regular downtown
jobs people are gonna move there because they have the quality of life more
nature for less than weather and you’re gonna have your job working from your
home it can be for a big corporation it can be for a small business but you will
have the ability to be a freelancer for a lot of these major corporations that
are starting to move into smaller units so keep in mind on behind keep an eye on
this and also David China’s is starting to become more mature economy your build
class is getting much richer and therefore their cost production is
getting much more expensive so there are 45 countries right now that produce
goods cheaper than China so China’s gonna become a consumer economy much
like the u.s. is right now that’s gonna create a lot of new jobs for excuse my
voice I was probably yelling too much when
kryptos tanked so my place in the u.s. you’re gonna see a lot more jobs to
cater to the growing middle class in China so you’re gonna see a lot of
businesses in the US that are designed to cater to the needs of an Tunisians
and Singaporeans in Chinese and a lot of the younger demographics in India that
are getting richer and want to participate in the stock market in you
know in in in the real estate business etc
u.s. citizens and you know lenio yet cetera won’t be part of this growth so
you will see a moon from east to west but I do see a lot of people in America
that have you know a lot of entrepreneurs ship Spirit working in
toiling wait to be part of this growth so definitely because we’re becoming a
global world you know your your specific location doesn’t matter as much as what
you can contribute to your customer excuse me got it now I know off the air
you told me there would be a huge change in retirement moving from Millennials to
retirees you basically told me that retirement is over what does that mean
exactly well c-44 since 1934 when the United
States government started all these social security plans and the 401k star
in 70s cetera it’s all based on lifespans how much people can have to
live and so people have lived until they’re 65 or you know a rough roughly
65 for four decades now but now it’s starting to grow so people who live
until 75 85 95 people are living a hundred years old and older there are
about 500,000 people in the u.s. right now that are over a hundred years old
and so you’re gonna see this I’m sorry there’s a yeah there’s a hundred
thousand people that are over a hundred years old and by 2030 is gonna be half
of half a million that five hundred thousand of them this is a fast growing
segment of the of the population and you cannot pay a person 45 years of or 35
years of entitlements that’s just not possible
so what Kentucky just did is they basically pass a law where you need to
keep working if you want to get your Medicaid so you need to see it you need
to show them a stamp a lot of other states will follow suit I think the age
of retirement will start getting postponed by other politicians to 67 69
71 etc we might see it go all the way up as 72 73 I think this process will also
happen in your and I think that Millennials cannot
count on the current social system where you funnel money to Social Security and
expect to get it out when they reach retirement age all Millennials and
people that are in peak earning years right now should think about how they
create their own their own nest egg and their own ability to have cash flow from
from assets from cash flowing assets and not depend on government subsidies when
they get older the United States government is getting to a point where
they need to make tough decisions and you know they’ve been able to avoid this
because they can print money it can print currency units and keep it more or
less stable obviously in a hundred years to lose ninety seven percent of the
purchasing power is insane but for most used citizens they feel throughout their
lifetimes a twenty to twenty five percent inflation and not or thirty
percent at most and they didn’t feel this entire 97% inflation so this is not
like in other countries where they experience huge problems with recur see
most Americans are trusting of their currency and that is a huge paradigm
that’s gonna be shifted once the US starts losing its reserve role so if you
have thirty through twenty fifteen years to retirement start thinking about how
you’re diversifying going into assets cash flowing assets and if you if you
don’t have enough money to create an asset class that will sustain a
retirement think of how you can increase your paycheck at your work or how you
can get into secondary and third income streams using you know side businesses
and in part-time businesses either online home-based or just another way to
consult and whatever you do if you’re an expert what you do just consult
freelance wise that is something this is going to be very very popular going
forward you’re gonna see a lot of people having their main career and then
another second and third options that they’re doing for part-time
work I like the idea of also diversifying one’s investments as
another stream of income I’m a big fan of the commodities space but speaking of
that right now on the political scene China’s there’s China’s massive push to
stop local miners driving up commodities prices so what are the implications of
that well you know there pollution levels are getting to a point where
there are mortality levels and health related issues are costing the health
care system more than the benefit they get from having a vibrant mining economy
so they’re starting to import a lot of the commodities whereas until now they
were exporting commodities so if you’re looking at what this means to the world
then China is gonna be the biggest consumer of commodities going forward
and if they consume so much industrial metals but they’re not they’re clamoring
down in terms of regulations and you know how much pollution you can you can
do an environmental cost mining companies are gonna choose not to go in
to China and they’re going to choose money friendly regions with that said
there’s a lot of problems finding high quality and high grade ores and so
commodities have been put away for seven years
in a very rough bear market and that bear market is like a snowball effect so
not only have commodity prices been down exploration budgets have been down so so
companies have not found a lot of commodities and now you see all three
major economies Europe US and China moving together upwards there gonna be a
lot of demand for raw materials especially you know if you’re talking
about China their core industry is already the largest in the world but
it’s gonna get a lot wider a lot larger because of their middle class all these
things need iron and the end they need copper and they need a lot of zinc for
the coating and zinc for example you’ve not found any significant ore bodies in
25 years and so the London Metal Exchange has one
of stockpiles left no wonder men on earth is in such an acute shortage
that’s why calyx mines the company that I mentioned before in the interview they
have they have a resource they have a mineral mineral acid and they’re looking
to create a mine out of it in the next 2-3 years and that’s why I am going in
on and making a purchase on that company because their asset the Nash Creek is
right close to the Hudson Bay mine and smelter which is going to be depleted
fully in three years and so hot Bay or Hudson Bay is gonna want potentially to
by Callanetics because they’re already have the smelter right there and conics
has the Horton the the the zinc to keep Hudson producing and obviously with the
price up 90 percent it’s a great time to to be involved in the zinc sector so
again just to make sure because people a lot of times they email me after the
interview hey we didn’t get that link or whatever well research group com4 slash
merger em ER ger and that’s just the a thorough review of the entire operation
for cowl-necks mines I just got off the phone with mr. Connor savelii who’s
their chairman of the advisory board and and he believes that the company will
potentially be bought out for about five to seven times the current market cap in
about two three years and of course he’s a he’s a 40-year veteran and he’s in the
world Guinness Book for for previous achievements in the natural gas industry
and the CEO max Warfield about my age 35 he’s gonna be one of the people you want
to follow for the next 20 30 years this person is one of the most contrarian
investors in the sector and I have nothing but perspective for the
management team over there and obviously off the air I told you this David but
they’re their chief geologist Mike is 80 years old on the most accomplished
geologists in the world twelve discoveries that Canada became a mine
that can be said about less than five geologists on this
planet so you got one of a Hall of Fame a Hall of Famer in Canada and in the
mining industry and you know this company is trading right now for about
20 million Canadian and it’s a it’s quite a remarkable opportunity in my
opinion absolutely and again for people who want to get the research on this
they should check the link click on that link below the description of this video
which is wealth Research Group dot-com forward slash merger if you want to
learn more about all that information all that research you’ve done in that
niche as well as about Callan X mines and by the way if they want to invest
and you know we’re not telling people what to buy or what to sell they have to
do their own research but course if they are interested as an investor in Callan
X mines on the stock exchange in Canada that’s ticker symbol see n X and in the
United States that is ticker symbol see ll XF and that information will be right
on your screen right now as well as in the description of the video also wealth
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there that people can invest in if they choose
to but pretty soon I know that what in a few days right you’ll be revealing the
number one cryptocurrency is that correct
yeah on the 25th and that was top 4 e ah cos was was up 80% since January 5th
when we release it until the day that that the crypto is smashed and this is
something that you know if I if I might just for for two seconds give people
another way to look at cryptocurrencies I have two portfolios in
cryptocurrencies one is a long term and one is short term training for the short
term trading I get into positions where it’s it’s a few days or a week or two if
I see a lot of volatility on the way down then I get into the ones that I
think are the strongest and if I see that
a lot of bloggers online are talking about developments and within a specific
cryptocurrency that is a sign that there’s gonna be a lot of speculative
money in there and you want to get ahead of this so you’d want to have I
personally have another person looking at all the YouTube bloggers then that
have a lot of a push and that’s how I I get into positions early with the start
with the short-term one with the long-term one we look at ways to get
involved with with projects that will have a meaningful change within the next
three four or five months that’s how I divert these two portfolios
absolutely and once again all of the research all of the reports on wealth
research group comm are free they do not charge for this information and they do
plenty of due diligence plenty of research and you can benefit from that
so head on over there and that link is in the description of the video below
the video as well as on your screen right now mr. Lee or Gant’s I always
learned so much from these discussions we have did I miss anything or were
there any topics that I missed today no there is thank you very much for for
give me a platform and and inviting me over this is my passion what I love to
do and you know I just love getting a lot of emails from people that that have
benefited from for my investment research for I’ve been investing for
what’s like 18 years now and for the most part of my career I held on to my
chips like close to my heart and two years ago I decided to change the way
that I that I research and start to publish information wealth wealth
research whooping I’m very excited you know that so many people have emailed us
about spectacular gains that they made in cannabis in the cannabis sector and
in cryptocurrencies sector in the resource sector but also in high-yield
stocks for retirement that we feature on wealth research of calm or you know the
dividend raisers that I talk about line just in general stuff that I’ve learned
over the years experience that I’ve had and I
I traveled to about 12 13 countries a year I see a lot of things and I just
love sharing this with people excellent and by the way if people do want to
learn more about cowl-necks mines they also have a website that’s kaolin ex-man
dot ca ca llin exc eh I’ll put that in the description of the video as well and
once again they’re checker symbols in Canada are CNX in the United States
Clell XF for any potential investors in that check out all the research reports
on wealth research group comm wealth research group comm forward slash merger
is what I’m looking at right now and you should be looking at to mr. Lee organza
I hope you’ll continue to be a frequent guest here on looking at the markets
thank you for joining me today I really appreciate it thank you

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