it is 2019 how does that happen it’s the
year of Blade Runner welcome everyone to
our very first show of the year we’re
going to continue the trend that we had
last week where we look back on 2018 and
explore what people think is gonna
happen this year in the year of crypto
we first speak to our meet Chris Coney
and he gives us a bit of insight on the
year combine the year ahead but it goes
from pillar tell us about the lead up to
their wallet launch Bix Weir gives us
his thoughts on what’s been going on and
what could be happening in the year
ahead we went to the launch of Debitum
last year so we’re checking back in with
those guys
the ‘Debitum Danc’e and we also haven’t
spoken to Abi from WandX for a
while so we had a chat with him about
what’s been going on over there but in
the meantime we’re gonna do the news
first up from News BTC Bitcoin Bulls are
ready to run why crypto is about to take
off again over the past 12 months
Bitcoin has continued to fall dragging
the entire crypto market down with it
the daddy of all digital currencies hit
a 16 month low in mid-december when it
fell below 3,200 dollars things could be
on the verge of a reversal soon though
according to analysts a positive start
to 2019 a new technical analysis
suggests that trends are about to turn
for Bitcoin and its brethren an
indicator used to detect trend reversal
shows that Bitcoin is in its longest
buying streak for six months according
to Forbes in stark contrast to this and
ironically from news bTW see also on the
same day a prominent BTC analyst says
the bottom is not in and we should
expect the full tech somewhere between
1800 and 2400 dollars
Bitcoin hasn’t bought in just yet says
Murad Mamedov a leading cryptocurrency
analysts and economists Mamedov claimed
that BTC is still in the process of
finding a long-term foothold explaining
that the world’s first crypto currency
is most likely to bottom somewhere
between the 1800 to 2000 $400 range for
some perspective a two thousand dollar
price level would require a further drop
of an additional 50 percent from current
prices not the end of the world but a
dismal move nonetheless he also hinted
at his intent to launch a crypto centric
hedge fund in the near future and noted
that a number of old coins like ether
eels XRP among others are still
drastically overvalued especially
considering they’re often misconstrued
value propositions from CCN aetherium
continues its impressive run and its up
35 percent in one week within seven days
the etherium prices increased from 117
dollars to 159 dollars by over 35
percent against the US dollar making it
one of the best performing crypto assets
throughout the past two months analysts
have attributed the positive price
movement of aetherium to its upcoming
Constantinople hard fork the fork is set
to decrease the block reward of
aetherium from three to two reducing the
potential circulating sub
atheria min the long-term major
cryptocurrency exchanges have announced
support for the hard fork which is
expected to occur between January 14th
to 18th from coin Telegraph crypto needs
rules says new Gemini ad campaign the
Gemini crypto currency exchange founded
by the Winklevoss twins in 2014 is
calling for better regulation of the
crypto space in a new ad campaign The
Wall Street Journal reports On January
the 4th placards on taxis and in the New
York subway contains slogans like crypto
needs rules while simultaneously
suggesting that gemini already provides
a regulatory compliant exchange for
investors other slogans include money
has a future and crypto without chaos
chris rowan head of marketing at gemini
told The Wall Street Journal
we believe that investors come into
cryptocurrency deserve the exact same
protections as investors in more
traditional markets adhering to the same
standards practices regulations and
compliance protocols some in the crypto
space have criticized the ads saying the
introduction of anti money laundering
and know your customer and other
security measures is antithetical to the
founding principles of crypto currencies
so our extended blockchain banter this
week hears from a number of friends that
we’ve been talking to and working quite
closely with over the last year first up
is our very good friend Chris Carney who
I’m very jealous of his intellect a lot
of the time from the Crypt a verse about
his thoughts on 2018 and what to look
forward to this year
so continuing our kind of look at the
year that’s been and maybe a look into
the crystal war for the year ahead we
have our friend Chris Kony with us hey
I’m here ash nice to be back again so
tell us first of all kind of give me
your kind of 2018 round up it was a
pretty tough old year for we felt like
we’ve been in the trenches but what
would their kind of standout moments for
you so what I did I just went back
through my entire video catalog for 2018
and picked out that major highlight so
we started the year
$14,000 Bitcoin we remember 20 cable
that was actually December so we started
generate fares to $14,000 pit coin and
we ended friending the year below 4,000
so year-long bare market the key moment
really this year in terms of price was
the 14th of November when we broke down
below $6,000 Bitcoin that was the first
time that had happened in 12 months it
was around about the 14th of November to
late 2017 when we broke up of 6k for the
first time so I thought that was kind of
interesting it’s almost exactly 12
months from 6k up to 20 and back to 6
again say a cyclical kind of moved there
but yeah it was I think that obviously
this year there’s been lots of the kind
of naysayers have been out going yeah we
told you so with this and lots of people
also saying we’ve been through this
cycle loads and loads of times before
do you just view this as it’s another
part of the Bitcoin cycle of volatility
I do however this was the first full
year that we’ve had a Bitcoin futures
markets operating because that launched
on the 17th of December 2017 which
coincided with the all-time high and
there was speculation as to what that
was going to do was going to push it
even further or was it going to allow
people to push it down and maybe the
futures market has something to do with
the bear market this year but the first
year we’ve had futures operating fully
so we’ll see in future years and what I
mean what do you think’s the the likely
trends gonna be for 2019
I mean it’s so difficult looking back at
all these videos of everybody making
predictions from last year the one thing
you could rely on pretty much is that
everybody was wrong is there run do you
feel optimistic or do you feel that
we’ve still got some more capitulation
they’re pretty optimistic one of the one
of the things that the bear market is
tall of ico is about treasury management
so a lot of that craziness is I don’t
think that’s going to happen again
because I think it almost learnt their
lesson and also there’s lots of staple
coins they’ve launched this year which
makes it cognitively easier for people
to like deposit money with an exchange
or something and then get the stable
coin equivalent whether it’s circle
dollars or whatever and measuring
everything in dollars I think he’s gonna
make it a lot easy for people to sort of
get the head around it then 2019 oh
there’s so many is like 60 or 70 stable
coins now which will make it easier for
people to to get in and out of so I
think that’s a good development in it
for the time being I know when we
chatted a while ago you made a very good
point that sort of 2018 was about a lot
of building of infrastructure and you
know there was all this kind of money
coming in 2017 and a lot of those roads
and super highways have been built and
the rest of it that will hopefully allow
people to transact easier do you still
feel the same way
absolutely absolutely good good
transition there
so I think we’re almost at the point now
where our attention is going to move
away from the infrastructure because the
rate of which like new block chains are
going to be launched I think that’s
going to start to die down now I think
what we’ve got now is probably 80% of
the platforms that we’re gonna have
going forward it’s then they’re going to
be a question of all this new fancy app
which platform is it gonna choose and
it’ll be one of like ten you know the
Neos the EOS is the theorems and that’s
where the discussion will be around not
other than another blockchain or another
this I think we’ve pretty much got a big
enough toolkit now to say right this
this law can pretty much do anything
these ten blob chains now it’s a case of
horses for courses and which app will be
fairly I’ll be the app they’ll get the
attention and then what they’re building
on so the attention will go away from
like the Internet infrastructure and
more to the actual web apps they’re
being built for the blockchain
equivalents well I just wanted to say
one of my favorite things from this year
was when we were hurtling around Las
Vegas and a bright yellow Lamborghini I
think when I look back at the year
that will be one of the fondest memories
it was a fun day that we spent together
on your birthday I believe it wasn’t it
it wasn’t my birthday yeah the D Meetup
you happen to be in the u.s. so you came
down for that as well that was that was
pretty of all the best days of the year
next up is a clip from pillar about
their highlights from the last year and
what they’re looking forward to with the
year ahead 2018 started very promising
with with our first annual general
meeting in a demo of the pillow warning
from there we had pillow races recording
a video saying why Peter is so important
why we’re doing what we’re doing here
and then we invited you to be part of it
we also had many articles including one
where David explains why bitcoin is not
a bubble then pillar went to Vilnius
Lithuania to establish a partnership
with the blockchain center over there
which is very important following up on
that they’ve recorded an open letter to
regulators asking them not to suppress
the innovations that our sector is
bringing to the table and that was only
one of the many many talks that pillar
had with lawmakers and regulators and
then of course we had our amazing
unconference in July with so many
interesting people and so much
enlightening content that made it
nothing short of a smashing success in
at the end conference we had many years
testing new which received praise on its
overall design and user experience right
after that we kicked off our beta
program with hundreds of users testing
it weekly and giving us feedback
allowing us to improve the app each and
every step of the way the year they
accumulated in our launch on both
Android and iOS and with over 5,000
users our community is continually
growing leading into the pillar vision
of giving you back control over your
personal data through the pillar
platform we here feel are very thankful
that you’ve stayed with us so far and we
are very thrilled about what 2019 will
bring me 2019 be the best year for all
of us
last year I’m sure everyone will
remember we went out to Vilnius and had
an amazing time at the debited Network
launch so we decided to catch up with
Martens from Devon to see how their year
has been and what they’re up to great
great yeah Ashleigh 2018 was really
great for us we managed to build the
first version in around six months we
launched in September from day one there
were all the registered users on our
platform they were supporting funds they
were investing in business loans so it
has been really great beginning for us
we also managed to grow steadily so we
grew up our user base our asset base so
we have more than 1300 users more than
300 of them are active investors we have
already found that the more than half a
million I think it’s it’s quite nice in
terms of of what we just started so it’s
a really awesome year for us and in 2019
we plan building on top of that so we’re
building new features like also
investment in funds like other languages
like German language and Spain Spanish
language and we’re building new markets
joining your markets very operate and
where we fund businesses and growing
growing the business so continuing our
Year in Review and looking forward to
2019 we are chatting to bits we’re from
Rotorua are you there Vic’s yes I am
it’s good to talk to you
obviously 2018 was very different from
2017 and hopefully 2019 is going to be
very different from 2018 what was your
kind of year review for last year in
your hopes for next year well this year
sorry well I think the last year we got
a glimpse of just how powerful the old
banking system is that for example
rigging markets up rigging markets down
controlling the system lots of great
news for crypto currencies ahead of the
scenes but the price just wouldn’t do it
and then people started figuring out oh
my god these these are rigged exchanges
and the Tres mayor came out with a great
get your keys in your own possession so
I have lots of Oh lots of tour 2019 if
we really understand just how powerful
these market riggers are and do you
think is basically is that by taking
control back from the market rigors that
we hopefully you know move forward in a
more conducive way to this market
growing I think it’s taking control back
but also just exposing what they’re
getting people knowledgeable that if
these crypto exchanges are trading you
know 21 million bitcoins every 10 days
there’s something wrong and I think
that’s when people recognize that we can
remove ourselves from those exchanges
and only take exchanges that deal in one
for one where they actually hold your
coin when you when you put money in and
I think that’s a great thing if people
can wake up to that yeah I know when I
was chatting to Chris Kony he was saying
that a lot of it he feels is since the
futures market came in last December
that’s obviously when a lot of you know
kind of craziness has started to happen
and could have had a major effect on the
bear market well I think the futures is
one thing that’s obviously derivatives
but the exchanges are derivatives as
well they don’t deal in real crypto
currencies they it those are not on
blockchain events so they they just run
on how they ever want to run them none
of these trades are really
Bitcoin trades these are derivative
trades so there’s a lot of clean up that
needs to be done because the old system
wants to get their rigging power into
our crypto system we don’t want them in
here what are you excited about for the
year ahead what’s what’s kind of got you
excited and feeling good about
everything my most exciting thought
about the things to come is that when
the old banking system fails which is
looking like it’s on the brink of doing
we’re gonna have an option we’re gonna
have an option to choose something else
and in 2008 we didn’t have an option but
10 years worth of work hard work in the
crypto community now we have an option
to go somewhere else with our financial
future and I guess whatever happens you
also got sort of career as a
singer-songwriter now that you can
concentrate on if all else goes tell
them what a little bit about that
well I used to want to be a singer
songwriter back you know 30 years ago
before I got into banking and then into
gold and silver and then kryptos and
there’s been a resurgence in in my
desire to do that so I’m writing crypto
songs writing songs about the trials and
tribulations of living in the
cryptocurrency world and the
manipulation and and it’s an amazing
tool to expose some of the criminality
within the banking system so check out
some of my songs and if you like him
give me a thumbs up so it’s been awhile
since we’ve spoken to a be from one
decks so we thought we’d have a little
chat with him and he can tell us what’s
been going down over there are any 18
has been a great year prices have gone
up and down but in the overall crypto
market but what we have built is our
custom basket protocol that allows
people to trade in baskets or groups of
tokens we have built this on the
ethereum blockchain we have built a text
on the ethereum blockchain we have built
similar poured on the if neo eon and one
chain block sheets we pivoted from being
a web application to a desktop
application hence enabling people to
store and trade tokens peer-to-peer
without any central party much easier
and make the user experience more smooth
what is coming up in 2019 is more
looking into cross blockchain and Inter
blockchain operability by enabling not
only say aetherium to Annie or 12 I on
kind of swap but also enabling from ERC
20 or ESC two to three to an a on base
token that is the 80s or a on token
standard kind of swap how that layer can
be structured and how we can enable that
on our desktop application we hope to
grow user base and grow as a company and
build a brand for them so are you
worried in any way that aetherium simply
isn’t capable of scaling to meet your
requirements so it helium I think
they’re coming up with the
Constantinople update on Jan 15 or 16th
after that I think you know scaling
probably is going to take time because
to keep it be centralized and to have it
achieve high scale with the certain
level of finality I think
take about two three years but after
that I do see a theorem growing mainly
because of the soap of the number of
developers the number of document amount
of documentation the entire kind of
ecosystem is quite well built all the
tools required for a newbie to enter
blockchain somebody is going to enter
using a theorem right now a new
developer a Java developer is going to
enter it here iam enter blocked in using
a theorem so that’s why that’s why I see
about two three years it’s going to
scale and hopefully we see many more
tabs on it here IAM
so we’re back with everyone’s favorite
blockchain hound it’s buddies blockchain
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but that’s really all we’ve got for you
this week
next week we have got an eos themed show
like it or loathe it it’s not going away
so we thought we’d speak to everybody
who knows from the inside about what’s
been going on but I guess until then
remember you’ve been blood chain

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