Crypto Market Today 10/08/18 | SVK Crypto ‘Gone’ in 60 seconds

Here are 3 things you should know
about the crypto markets today! Number 1, WeChat to incorporate blockchain
into their app. Number 2, World Bank issues first digital bond on the
blockchain and number 3 IBM partners with Maersk for new shipping
supply chain. Technology giant Tencent is about to announce that it’s going to be
incorporating blockchain technology into his popular app WeChat. This is huge!
WeChat currently has 890 million active users this is a real use case and this is real
recognition for the technology as well Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the
largest bank in Australia, has just been mandated by the World Bank to issue a
bond exclusively on the blockchain. This is big big big news and the first reason
why is because this is the first time this has ever been done by such a large
institution. This is not only positive for blocking technology but it’s also
incredibly positive for the banking system as we know. IBM and Danish
shipping giant Maersk have just announced a partnership to hell with supply and
chain issues. This is a big story not only is it a real use case for prompting
technology but this is the start of something big because this is the first
time we’re really seeing the technology being put into a real working business
and helping with real life issues. Now that you’re up to speed
let’s get back to business and if you haven’t already check out the 200th SVK
Crypto podcast that we delivered here in Shoreditch last night and remember if
you haven’t already to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of all
daily content. Let’s go

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