Covercy – currency crossing borders

As your business grows, financial transactions increase. But cross-border currency transfers are costly and complex, usually taking days. Conversions, spreads, swift numbers. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! Now there’s a smarter way to make international payments – Covercy. Fully regulated by the UK’s FCA, it lets you send money quickly and easily. Covercy’s simple dashboard allows you to make payments in just a few clicks. You and your beneficiary get access to view the status of your transaction in real time. Any time. And instead of half a week, major currency transfers take less than 24 hours. Above all, Covercy understands small and medium businesses and is designed especially to make life easier for them. View all past payments in a single glance and schedule future ones automatically. Whether you’re an importer paying suppliers, a real-estate agent investor purchasing foreign property, or any other kind of business manager. Covercy is the solution. Covercy. Currency crossing borders.

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