Como ganar Litecoin 100% Gratis con tu Celular!!!!

Como ganar Litecoin 100% Gratis con tu Celular!!!!

Good evening everyone here we bring you a video of how to easily win Litecoins, pay attention

very easily we will leave you in the
description what is the link the link of
this platform for you to
you can get it without any problem
download the only thing that you
we are going to ask and in that way that
loads with this link and so you will be able to
get get a bonus you will get
a bonus of 5,000 and ptosis 5000 and ptosis
which are extremely important and so will
have much easier to reach
the goal your goal another goal to go
earning this is a very simple pay
really pay we have already done five
charges five charges over d
200,000 doses every day every week
sorry we are going to explain this
way how do you do these are done
retreats very well first
will it coins is called
easy to find we will leave you the
link so that it will redirect you
easily here as you see the
payments are made automatically all
tuesday every tuesday these no payments
automatic is done next Tuesday
first of October the payment is made where
those payments the payment is made directly
which is where you put the
direction which of tulay with the wind
waker wherever you want be bodies
in combis wherever you want there that goes
to get all the discs on which
register that you get ok and a way
very very simple that easy
which what is the minimum amount the amount
minimum to be able to breathe in the abdomen
and moonlight with or in 20 minutes and it’s very
easy to get really very very
simple in one day you can
build if you want to do the 7 days of
the week you can easily make some
140,000 and ptosis then easily
Well, look what we already have
we carry 100 thousand cars in
these moments and you can get
many more if you feel like everything
moment between nothing else how does it work or
that works works the wind way
we’re going to go here in control panel van
let’s see what email is
that you are going to place the address
in this case it is in my address and as
says here next pay the first
October so far then the
first october they are going to throw my wallet
from like com
to throw 114 thousand 166 lay layman ok
very easily people is the way very
easy you know in the inscription I am going
to leave what is
link so they can download it
from your cell phone easily
very important it is not a virus do not you
steal information or anything like that
and today really pay is paying has
also what is git in what is that of
free beat with cash that likewise
pays from 20,000 bit with cars that
pick up this is extremely easy and
extremely follow how the
next brings two options well is that
the endorsement speak today clegg endorsement speak
for every hour we will give the first
at one hour that what appears what
appears are these options where are they going to
leave these the maximums that you can
earn four thousand one hundred thousand 20 thousand or three
thousand then follow a second option one
second chain where are these
2000 thousand 300 thousand thousand 103 options
thousand 50 thousand 500 thousand 300 lay these
colored bed bugs that you see are passes
at the moment it falls
it will automatically give you a pass and you see
all these options that are a great
on this bottom is this all
are you these awards that you see here
automatically and it’s just that you can
paste you can paste more if you can paste
more as it goes on let’s play it for
that you see how it works is how
you easily win the icons and so
can get more crypto coins and
later with a good time they can
exchange them for real money people are
getting real money without spending without
use money a very easy way to
get and that really from your
cell phone can do it when
once a once every hour once
now I send nothing every hour and observe no
it’s going to take five minutes and
quickly people are going to get a
good amount imagine that you
do 18 times a day and have 18 times a
day take a thousand are 18 thousand like com only
In this minimum option 18 thousand are based 18
times multiply that by 7
multiply that by 7 are 140
the week multiply it per month
and they are for four we are talking about 600
thousand like with a quantity consider
like with what if you see it at the end
of accounts that amount is an amount
considerable money close to the dollar
2,223 dollars that this one no longer much but
people is an option where you for
do nothing because they really aren’t
spending time that they are generating
income imagine everything you can
do and if they run into the luck of hitting
one of the top prizes the 100
thousand imagine in 20 thousand easily
they can do that no more programs in
the video and let’s what interests us
see how this game works are going to
give them where it says spin place
automatically what will happen is
this to run to be able to
run and there he says we won 155 him
we give again
we win 302 so what’s up
automatically when this happens we are
just the shots you will say nothing I know
the shots ran out don’t you love him
ping and automatically eye is what to
pass is going to put an ad that
it will last 30 seconds and after that
you already have three more shots so far
to do is stop recording so that
you don’t waste time watching that
we can’t stop them let’s leave them
as I told you before to appear
an announcement you will wait as
come is there is running time are
a few seconds that you are going to
be waiting only and after
that will appear more options more
free options where you nothing
more as you see 321 finished the ad and
as you saw the end of
announcement and we return again to the
platform where you are going to appear
three spin three newest shots what
they touch again
we got 212 touch it again
we almost hit it almost we are not going to
iphone tip
nothing happened to us we give it again and
automatically we will go another ad
is the advantage between has its duration
It has its short duration than in the end
of accounts you can go
earning and generating options getting
the options we have we expect a
moment we give it here says complete and
required to receive the award you
we give that ok nothing else we will wait
a moment 321 is over and Christ
the ad ended and we have three
more options let’s read sprint
and ready I play and it automatically goes to
the top as you see it there and
we automatically paste 1,103 that we are going
to give it again just to finish
these shots to see if we hit one more
of these otherwise we are going to
withdraw so that they are not done so
long the video that as you saw this as well
sticks what they are going to do now to
claim you will say which one you claim
the one of 700 of 500 of 300 250 or the one of 1000
hit the 1000 and automatically I
says that if this is really the prize
guarantee talk for an hour
spinning found more time usual word
ok what does that mean what is it to you
saying is that this is the prize that
you can get during this hour
if you want to play more
can you do it or can you work for
get more after an hour can if
you give that you can’t automatically
keep spinning to continue
trying to win a bigger prize
then good in this case for being a
informative video we will give yes
and automatically it’s how you see the
amount of crime espn and above
automatically joined and we are going
winning we have to wait 54
minutes to have a new pti no
there are different ones well if you are
this other bonds where we for
to be able to give each one of us we will have to
watch a video of about 15 20 seconds and
then we will win one of these
amounts there are different awards for
this type of option where can we go
winning people are gradually winning
this has up to six awards and
then it ends because then between
you now for now can win
from 2000 from 2000 to 22 thousand 2000
touch me for now that means that
you do it 18 times a day
multiply in 2002 18 by 2 are 181
36,000 and taxis per day x 7 there you go to
say a lot of crimes and
people this is a simple easy option
in which you can win crypto
coins without any problem you already know
we will return to that touch
nothing else
fritz coins is called the platform here
he has it and you know how you can
win more blood options from
inscription i’m going to leave you the video
the link so you can download it and
so they can start operating and get
crypto coins for free either
in one more video of costa rica forex
subscribe to the channel if you have not
subscribed and if they are already subscribed please
remember to detail the bell for
that everyone’s notification arrives
our videos and if they already have the
bell in like and share the videos
so that people can realize
of all this without more than bye bye
we will soon see a video more of coast
rich forex

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  1. Hola tengo una semana de usar la app gracias a tu video. Logre 0.00087036 en la semana y este martes pasado la app mando el pago a mi billetera de coinpot ya q lo hace de manera automatica pero en coinpot no se ha reflejado nada. Reviso en coinpot y dice que para depositar se requiere un minimo de 0.01 y que montos menores no seran acreditados a la cuenta. Que pasa entonces con lo que logre? De que sirve usar la app si no vas a lograr hacer ese minimo de 0.01 ya q esta manda el deposito automatico. Sabes de alguna otra manera de deposito lo q gano de esta app a otra billetera electronica mientras se acumula y se logra el minimo q ocupa coinpot? Espero puedas ayudarme ya q al fin y al cabo voy referido en tu cuenta. La app me parece practica pero de nada sirve si no se puede depositar. Saludos

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