Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Tutorial – Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

hi guys Rachel esli here and in this
video I’m going to be teaching you about
affiliate marketing for beginners but
first I wanted to do the free litecoin
YouTube giveaway especially since I
wanted to do what a couple days ago but
I’ve been home sick so in this video I
announced that in each video I’ll be
doing a giveaway giving away ten dollars
worth of litecoin to whoever I pick and
to enter you have to like the video
subscribe to the channel and leave a
good comment and I get to choose what is
a good comment and I like Justin’s
comment he said I love your channel I
have a really good question you might
wish to answer with a new video why did
you switch into the cryptocurrency world
and to answer that I’m not like
switching into the cryptocurrency world
my channel is still gonna be about
affiliate marketing but I think crypto
is very relevant and it’s cooler than
just giving away ten dollars and in
PayPal for a giveaway the other thing is
you can integrate cryptocurrency with
affiliate marketing so coin base is an
app / exchange / wallet you get one of
these wallet codes like a lot of the
people post it in here and they have an
affiliate link for coin base so I put my
affiliate link up in the description if
you don’t have one of these wallets and
if you when you trade they buy or sell
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light coin to your wallet and then let’s
do the same thing for this next video
you guys can leave a comment subscribe
and like the video and I’ll choose the
winner in the next video and in the next
video I’m gonna talk more about how to
make affiliate commissions with your
coin base affiliate link hey guys it’s
Rachel just chilling here in my
apartment on the weekends and too much
partying the week before for New Year’s
so like chill out and
in some work and make some Martian money
so I wanted to make this video about
getting started as a clickfunnels
affiliate because I meet a lot of
newbies basically like on YouTube and in
the clickfunnels affiliate group on
Facebook or you guys will email me or DM
me on Instagram and people will want to
know like how to get started they can’t
get there first
sign up for click funnels as a click
funnels affiliate and the thing is when
you decide that you want to promote
click funnels as an affiliate you got to
start hustling quick because your $97 a
month payment is gonna happen every
every month so you want to make sure
that you are making enough to cover that
cost which would mean you either need
one affiliate that’s a member someone
that signed up that decides to get the
pro version the 297 version because
you’ll get 118 dollars in commission so
that will pay for your software or
you’re gonna need to get like three
people to get the $97 version because
you’ll get 38 bucks a month so it’s like
time is of the essence especially that
first month to make sure that you get
your software paid for so you get past
the break-even point and into the profit
zone once you got like you know 2 3 4
affiliates you’re in the profit zone but
the truth about it is you’re gonna still
be paying for some other things you’re
still gonna need an email software
unless you have the pro version you can
use the built in one but I like to use
convertkit because it’s $27 or $29 a
month if you have under a thousand
subscribers and in the beginning you’ll
have under a thousand subscribers some
people want to start with MailChimp but
MailChimp pretty much cost the same
amount as convertkit once you get going
and convertkit is just like really easy
plus they got an affiliate program so
you can make commissions off of that too
you’ll also be probably paying for a
custom domain if you want to do that
what about paying for traffic you might
be paying for Facebook ads or solo ads
or someone to help you with your YouTube
SEO or doing
the organic route in promote organically
your affiliate funnels and offers on
Instagram or Facebook or YouTube so the
questions fear that a lot of people have
right away when they’re first getting
started is am I gonna get that 1 2 3
signups in the first months what can I
do to to get that and okay so there’s
like the click funnels affiliate
bootcamp training it’s like hundred a
training tons of videos and you can
learn a lot and if you got the time like
study that that’s gonna give you like a
whole college MBA or like master’s
degree or like psychology cuz it’s
really good intense stuff but / and if
you just want to start making the money
right away like as soon as possible
long you kind of learn like psychology
and sales a little bad and learn how to
do Facebook ads there’s like another way
to do it so I really like this viral
share funnel that I have it’s a funnel
made on click funnels so you just click
them I’ll put the share link the
download link in the description below
just put that in your browser and that
will import this ready to go share
funnel affiliate funnel into your
account or it’ll prompt you to create a
free trial account if you don’t have
click funnels yet and what you do with
that farlow it’s about seven steps so
you like watch the training videos it
tells you how to implement it tells you
how to switch out my affiliate links
with your affiliate links unless you
want to drive traffic to it and I get
the cut for it but you can all enjoy how
to set up your affiliate links to switch
it out it shows you how to collect the
email addresses it gives you the email
I don’t sometimes I like writing emails
I like writing emails to you guys go to
airplane coming by Burbank Airport I’m
here in North Hollywood it’s so loud so
I don’t really like writing email
sequences just cuz
kind of lazy so this one comes with
emails already written you can customize
it a bit and then you get it all set up
ready to go ready to collect emails
ready to get Commission’s and then you
got a drive traffic
you got a drive traffic and learning
Facebook Ads you can get like free
Facebook guide training from that
affiliate boot camp but like gosh you
know to learn Facebook guys just like it
takes a while so you can also do solo
ads so in this funnel it teaches you how
to get solo ads what solo ads are is
they are hot clicks you just pay for
clips so earlier today I paid $21 to get
50 clicks of people up someone else’s
list so when Alice had a list of people
interested in affiliate marketing and
making money online I send them my email
that’s pre-written in the funnel to the
solo ad vendor on the solo ad
marketplace which is you’ll see in that
funnel and they send out make sure 50
clicks go out they actually make sure
like 55 clicks go out and then I’m gonna
see from that how many people are opting
so actually well I’m going to show you
guys too much behind the scenes but I
got my computer there and I was checking
because the guy just started sending off
the the clicks and my clicks are coming
in I’m almost at 50 and I’m trying to
see okay well how many opt-ins am I
gonna get to my list then how many days
is it gonna take for some of those
people to sign it for click funnels and
be my affiliate or sign up for all the
other like little software’s I have in
that funnel and you set up the right
tracking which is a little more fair so
you can at least start sending traffic
and getting it started and making your
money and then kind of like worry about
the exact tracking afterwards once you
get more comfortable with the funnel
alright I found it to be like easy I
just realized like things don’t have to
be so hard like the most creative thing
I do in this business with affiliate
marketing is like making these fun
videos or like posting things to
Facebook or like like little Instagram
model pics and like posting it
Instagram like that’s kind of creative
as I can get it I don’t really I don’t
know I don’t come up with like really
super good ideas I kind of see like
other people’s really good ideas and see
like okay am I allowed to model that am
I allowed to copy that okay I’ll do that
you know so that’s what I want to do
with you guys or offer to you guys um no
link below the free share funnel
download it look at this stuff take some
time to implement it take like a week to
study it and get started you could do it
in less than a week and let me tell you
for sure you can do it in more than a
way you can be freaking lazy like I was
and sometimes everyday I’m lazy and I
like get so much more work done and
drive so much more traffic to this and
get so much more commissions it’s like
the more effort time yes time but then
you get faster and faster so like the
more effort input you put into growing
your affiliate marketing the higher
you’re gonna see your traffic stats the
higher you’re gonna see your email list
grow in the higher you’re gonna see your
commissions growing the bigger freaking
PayPal cheques you’re gonna get every
week from click funnels and other
software’s so I’d like to know in the
comments below if you actually watch
this video and you’re gonna take action
let me know and subscribe and I’ll talk
to you guys soon bye

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