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Closed Captions were added by Q1Q2 team ♪ Laughing at me infatuated, don’t laugh at me insane ♪ If you slighted the moonlight, please don’t slight the vast sky ♪ It’s the springtime, and the flowers are deep red
[Starring: Hao Wenting, Gao Haicheng, Wu Hongyan] ♪ When I just drink a pot of liquor, It has gone with the wind ♪ Falling in love like an arbor, I talk insincerely ♪ Only a Song of Everlasting Regret in my life, like a dream ♪ Day and night, I remember my Golden Millet Dream ♪ Even blusher on face, it can’t cover my half morose looking ♪ If I was a startling beauty, I wouldn’t have to read day and night ♪ If I chose an isolated city, it would be worse than wasting my life ♪ If you say I don’t enjoy the girl’s best time. Why I always remember that night? ♪ If I have to leave my boudoir, I will fight on horse together with my lover ♪ If I was a startling beauty, I wouldn’t have to read day and night ♪ If I chose an isolated city, it would be worse than wasting my life ♪ If you say I don’t enjoy the girl’s best time. Why I always remember that night? ♪ If I have to leave my boudoir, I will fight on horse together with my lover
[Written by: Li Xiangguo] Directed by: Li Xiangguo The Ugly Queen Episode 09 Only for this? She left and quit without delay? My king, it’s not a small thing. Of course, I know it’s not a small thing. Xia Yingchun, the Northern Palace Concubine is too gossipy Also the Queen If she has something, just tell me. Am I so untrustworthy to her? Please say it, My King. Which one you did is trustworthy to the Queen? Any one? How did you promise it at the beginning? How? In that day, you promised you would pick up My Queen. As a result, you didn’t. All her neighbors of the village, waited for you the whole day, standing there Okay… I disliked her for her ugliness at that time. And also, we were not familiar. If I knew that she was so excellent, I would marry her earlier. My King, in my view. Since the Queen entered the Palace, She has done many good things for Qi. My King should prepare a formal wedding to compensate her. It’s also a good chance for you to get back That’s easy If the Queen is not angry with me, and she wants to stay in our Qi to be my Queen I will go to the Putting Horse Ridge, Cang Mountain and pick up the Queen tomorrow Wise my King! Daddy and Mom, I come back. My girl, haven’t you been the Queen? Why do you come back? Yeah Are you dethroned? and evicted by the King? Mom! What are you talking about? I come back, as I want to come back. This time, The King must marry me with a formal wedding. Relax! My girl, is it real? The King will come to our Zhongli Village by himself. Did I ever lie to you? The people all over the world know that I defeated 100,000 Chu’s troops in the battlefield. 100,000 Yan’s troops And some small states’ So he must marry me once again, formally. If not, I won’t go back. Wuyan. Well done All our villagers know you are so excellent. They come here to hear your stories every day. They say I am a lucky mother who brought a good daughter. Sister, we miss you so much. Alas! Now we can’t call her sister. We should call her the Queen sister. Or My Queen You two are so hopeless Our Wuyan goes to anywhere in a sedan. That is with eunuchs and maids . We can’t treat you badly You two serve your sister to take a rest. Yes… Daddy, what are you talking about! I am not an affected person. I lived here from young without a servant or maid A person can’t forget where did he or she come from. Let’s hurry in Ok, ok, ok. Go. Go. My King. Hum. What’s it? This is a jade send by 5th eunuch, which was from west, and made of north materiel, by south skill. Oh, It… It is accepted by me. Minister Yan Which one is presented by you? Hey… My King. Take a guess It must be the cheapest one Ha… Minister Yan, you always like playing jokes. Presenting treasures? I have never heard that thing. As I undertood. Just a normal one. That’s enough. What are you talking about, Ministers? Ministers, as you know When My Queen entered the palace, Her contributions were obvious. and also indelible to our Qi Maybe Qi can has not me But Qi must has My Queen. I feel sorrow to My Queen. I own her a formal marriage ceremony. So I decide to depart today. to Putting Horse Ridge, Cang Mountain and pick up the Queen, Wuyan. So I asked you to contribute your treasures. When I have these treasures. I will pick up the Queen again Prince Donglu You pack these treasures well later. We will go immediately Yes, My Father King Congratulations My King. My girl There is a notice from Palace that the King has departed. Mom also prepare a bracelet for you as your dowry! My girl, daddy is going to the market now to buy some silk for you. and make some new clothes. also a new quilt. Ha Just go Mom, look at my daddy. He regards me as a girl whom nobody want to marry Everything is prepared in Palace. I need nothing. In other words, when the King comes. He will bring us many marriage gifts. Just wear the bracelet on your wrist Be careful and don’t break it Mom, I can’t wear this bracelet. as I fight in the battlefield everyday. It will be broken easily So you just pack it. I will take it as a souvenir. Okay, don’t break it. Alright Mommy is loath to part with you. Mom. Uh. Mr. Yan What a place where horses and carriages can’t pass Where is the Queen? Just go through this corner, My King. Eunuch Zhou and General Xue, they all went there with the marriage gifts Hurry up! Don’t make the Queen angry again. Ah. Is it here? My fellow villagers. Here is the King of our Qi . Long Live My King! Stand up please. That’s enough. My fellow villagers! Today, My King will marry Zhongli Wuyan of our village, as the Queen. We will had out the wedding candies to you later, okay? OK. Hurry, my girl. Here comes the King. My Queen, I am Yan Ying My King comes here to marry you as the Queen by himself. My girl, you see, they all are here My Queen, the King comes here by himsel to marry you Please come out. Huh. Godmother, you leave us without a notice. Kun comes here. Kun and My King are here to pick up you back to Palace. My King, are you sincere to pick up me. Yes, My Queen. I come here with my sincerity. I traveled over land and water cross mountains and river And also I brought you two trunks of treasures. You should promise me 10 rules, then I will go back with you. Or I won’t I promise. Whatever you want, just speak out. No. 1, you must consummate with me tonight. No. 2, All marriage gifts should be given to my parents and brothers. for their fostering Agreed No.3, You should give everyone of our village one gift They have greeted you twice. They are my relatives. It is so easy No. 4, you can’t marry a concubine personally. You need get my permission Uh. No.5, If there are somebodies who send you beauties. You also need my permission No.6, Killing or beating someone also needs my permission. No. 7, Expanding the territory, I have the final words Uh, My Queen. I give you the throne of the King You shut up, I haven’t finished. No. 8, Which states should be invaded and occupied, I decide. No.9, Which states should be fought for justice, I decide too. No 10, Something important in Palace, need I agree You can’t decide personally Alright… I promise you all. Open the door! See My King! Huh, My Queen. Long Live My King Ah, father in law. Stand up, please. I should respect you. My King My girl can marry you That’s her luck. You are modest, you have a great daughter Qi can’t lose you, My Queen. My Queen, please go back together with me! I prepare a sedan with 8 horses for you. Are you satisfied? Yes, I’m satisfied. Thanks, My King. Where are those gifts? Move them in, to give my parents. Oh, Ah. Move marriage gifts in. Hurry up! Yes My girl, Too many treasures! Mom and dad have no chance to use them. just leave me one or two. You take the rest back Indeed, my girl. Mom and Dad. We have all in the Palace. Nothing lack. If I want something, My King will give me. Right, My King? Yes. Yes. Yes. Dad and Mom. You are toilsome to bring me up. Two brothers will marry wives. They also need money. You just spend it If you use it up, you can find me. I raised a daughter now she will leave. Mum is loath to part with you My girl, me too. You are our part of hearts. Yes. Dad and Mom. If you are free, just go to see me in Palace. Uh. You can enjoy some days there. Your daughter is leaving now. Prarents, don’t worry. I’ll pick up you to Palace after the wedding and treat you as my own parents . Please don’t worry Trust me and give me your daughter. Mom and dad, I am leaving. OK. My Queen, let’s go! The bride comes out! Huh. Congratulations, My King. My fellow villagers. I will go back. My King promised he would give you a gift. Ok, My King is so good. Go back Palace now. Congratulations My King! Congratulations My Queen! Wish good marriage and a lovely baby soon. Long Live My King General Wu, how are you? Are you good with the life in our Qi Only except that I eat noodles every day, the simple diet. Others were excellent and exceeded my imagination. So, tell me specifically. Honestly Before coming to Qi, I felt unconvinced to the failure in the battle. During these months in Qi. I knew more truth . Wu is a little state. The king of Wu is unambitious. Don’t attempt to make progress, and be a coward. But he still be greedy. Wu suffered the failure It owns Wu King. Qi can defeat the five states. It relies on Qi’s people more, besides good timing and geographical convenience. My Queen is brave and wise. My King is smart. Don’t just talk about the five states, Even the whole world will belong to Qi, sooner or later Ha ha ha, you are the guy. who is good at praising others. I heard you were also a Kung Fu master. Here we just need a Zhandian General. This position is for you. Thanks, My King. Prime Minister Yan. The reason why my Godmother saved him that day. is that she cherish his talents. But today I think my Godmother is wrong. That guy is much better at flattering than fighting. This person can flex himself easily. And he can treat people naturally in enemy’s states. He is not a simple one . Minister Yan, I go to kill him. Oh, You can’t do that. General Xue. That day, the Queen didn’t kill him If we kill him with no reason, it will impact the Queen’s reputation. Just wait! Ah. The ambassador of Song comes to present a beauty. Waiting for your call outside. The state of Song? My king, The King of Song was killed by us. There are necessarily some traps for this visit. It should not be. Just a small state, it’s not worth talking. And else, I have the Queen now. I am not afraid of them. They want to send a beaty, so just take a look firstly. Call them Yes. The King’s order: Song’s ambassador come in Zheng Guochen and the family visit My King Long Live My King Rise You, the small states, are so funny. No fight, No tribute. Now that you are going to send the beauty. I want to ask you. for what? Our King was killed at war. Now, the new King succeeds to the throne He dare not to offend Qi. So he ordered me to send present the beauty. Today, I bring my sons Zheng Wen, Zheng Wu and my daughter, Zheng Chanyu here. I don’t know would you like to see my daughter, Chanyu? What rubbish You are here to send the beauty, So where is it? You call her and let me take a look. Let the beauty come in Yes. The King’s order: Song’s beauty, Zheng Chanyu, come in I, Zheng Chanyu, pay respect to My King. Long Live My King Uh, rise up your head. Oh my god. You look like a fairy. It is said that My Queen is a fair. But I guess her face reached the land firstly. How old are you? I’m eighteen years old Wow, so young. You are younger than My Queen Ah. Stand up! Don’t be down with knees. Thank you, My King. My King. Do you like my daughter, Zheng Chanyu? Yes, of course But I am really afraid. Uh, My King. Please take care of my new king’s sincerity! He really want to make peace with you. Otherwise, my sons and I also my daughter has no face to come back We can only commit suicide for my state. Hey… You are so funny. You threaten me with your lives. As is known to all, I am a humane person. How can I let you die? But I can’t decide by myself. Especially something relevant to the beauty. It will depend on My Queen’s opinion. If she agreed, It’s done If she didn’t agree I can’t help you How about that, Eunuch Zhou? Yes. You bring the beauty to Zhaoyang Palace. Let My Queen take a look first Yes. Follow me. Yes. Miss Zheng. I can just lead you here. When you see the Queen. You must look at her behavior, then talk or act. The Queen ask, you answer. Don’t talk much If the Queen is happy, The King will be happy. If the Queen is unhappy, Huh. You need to worry about your life. Thanks for your notice. Chanyu got it. Just wait here. I’m busy there. Thank you, eunuch. Eh. Who is there? What are you doing? I, Zheng Chanyu, pay respect to My Queen. Oh, you are the beauty presented by the King of Song. You are really pretty. Stand up. Thank you, My Queen. I ask you. What were you doing just now? I heard that you were vomiting in room. And I smelt the musk here. My Queen, do you have a poor appetite recently? feeling lazy and revolting? How do you know that? My Queen, you may not notice that you are probably pregnant. Preg… Uh. I just consummated with My King recently. Why does the baby come so soon? What should I do? My Queen, I… I also never married someone before. I just have many sisters at home. I saw many pregnant women. How about to call a imperial doctor to confirm? Then tell the King. And else. You can’t touch the musk again. It’s bad to the baby. You’re an interesting sister. My Queen, I… Still call me My Queen? Call me your elder sister. My Queen hears unfamiliar. I agree you to be my sister. But My Queen. Sister, I… I don’t worth it. This time, my father comes here. Actually, he wants… Ah. What does the King of Song want And what does your father want It’s irrelevant with you. Your sister, me, is invincible. It’s nothing for me to deal with these small traps. You just stay in Qi calmly. I can protect you. Thank you, my sister. Stand up! Huh. Uh. Uh. That’s good. Very good. Since My Queen agreed You can stay I have a Queen, Northern Concubine in Palace. I bestow on you the title of the Western Concubine. Get the decree and thank My King now. Thanks, My King. But I need to inform you firstly. Three former Western Concubines were killered. So in the Western Palace, There are ghosts gathering. If you are not fearful, you can go there. Thank you, My King. Uh, huh. You are brave one. Eh, that’s okay. Now your daughter is my concubine. You are the imperial tutor now. They two are the Prince’s Maternal Uncles Yan You arrange them well in a minute, and things about their residence in Qi. I get the decree. If you have nothing else I will go to see My Queen. Thanks, My King. Long Live My King Dismiss My Queen… My King. My Queen, I heard that you were pregnant. Eh. I just heard it from my sister. Which one? I regard Zheng Chanyu as my sister. So in this way. I’ll be a father. I’ll be a father. Uh. Huh-Huh-uh. Thanks God, It is Qi’s luck. A gift from the God. Uh, huh uh. My King, do you want a prince or a princess? It is said that boy likes mom and girl likes dad. So I want a princess She can inherit my handsome appearance. Oh, a son also also be good He can inherit your intelligence. My King, you are so funny It’s better that our baby have a pretty appearance Huh uh, thanks for God. Hey, My King. I talk something with you. I decided to keep Zheng Chanyu in Palace. But you must be cautious about her father and brothers. They pretended to send you the beauty. In fact, they want to do harm to you Uh, My Queen. You are so funny. I just worried that you would get angry. So I let you make the decision carefully. Now I have settled them . You say they want to do harm to me. What’s your secret? You listen my words completely. They come here for peace noninally If you expel them Then, those small states won’t sue for peace any more So you just let them settle down and pay more attention. Their trick will be revealed later. At that time, we solve them with the evidences. It is the Great State’s style. Is it necessary to nurture a tiger to become a threat? I arrange them now. Let them go back Song. My King. Uh. Are you willing to part with Zheng Beauty? It’s you who keep her I keep her because of her kindness. Her brothers and father are evil. But she is kind. She also saved my baby’s life. Uh. I worry that she will be killed So, I let her stay Good to stay… Huh. My King. I have to tell you. Zheng Chanyu is my good sister. Uh, you… What do you mean? Huh uh. It means that she can only be watched but not touched. You do know much. Huh uh. Oh, My Queen. Are you okay? Eh. You go there and take a rest. Have a rest. Hey, hey. Wow Huh uh Minister Yan. I am here. I just bestowed on Zheng Guochen the title of Imperial Tutor. Do you think whether he can join the state affairs. My King, My Queen must have told you. He is not a good man . And he has no good intention to our Qi. Now My King keep him. Just to see when he will grow his tail. How long will we wait? If he don’t grow his tail. I just wait for them long time in vain. How about this way ? I want let him join us to discuss state affairs. Let them talk about the policies related Song. Let’s observe his reaction. What’s your view, Yan? Wise My King. Eunuch, Call Zheng Guochen. Yes. The Imperial Tutor, Zheng Guochen, and his sons listen to the degree. I get the decree. My King’s words. Order the imperial Tutor Zheng Guochen. And the prince’s maternal uncles, to go to court now ! Join the discussion about state affairs Thanks, My King. Huh uh, stand up! The imperial tutor, two princes’ maternal uncles. Go to the Palace in a hurry. If you delay King’s things, Eh huh. Nobody can stand it. Don’t worry, eunuch! We will arrive very soon Huh-uh. See you Thanks, eunuch. Huh. See you Wen and Wu. Today, Qi King announced the decree suddenly. Asking us to join the discussion of state affairs. It must be a test to us. No matter what the King talk about Song. We must be normal in performance. Even if he put forward the idea of fighting Song. Remember: A little impatience spoils great plans I remember it. The King’s order: the imperial tutor and his sons come in. We pay respects to My King. Rise. I call you today . to disuses about the state affairs together. I hope you can give me some suggestions. My King, you invite us to join the discussion. I’m thankful My King, please list the topics, and we will join it very actively . Uh. Uh, Mr. Yan. You speak. Yes, My King. Mr. Zheng, so let’s talk about together about the relationship between Song and Qi. Our Qi now is stronger and stronger And Song is a small state. Song should pay tribute to Qi and surrender every year. The meaning of My King’s idea is, Song needs to send us the letter of credence and surrendering chart. Otherwise, Our Qi’s military will fight Song. It’s not a problem. According to Qi’s ability, It’s easy to make these small states surrendered Also it is their fate. Imperial tutor, what’s your opinion? My King, in my opinion. Qi is very strong and powerful. Those small states should have tribute to Qi every year. I have no opinion. What about two prince’s maternal uncles? I have no opinion. Okay. Mr. Yan, I’ll go to the Back Palace. You accompany with me together. If nothing, end the court The Court Is Over Long Live My King Hey. Are you the famous General Wu Qi , Wu’s son of law? Yes, it’s me. Dad, you are wrong. We have heard that in the way. Wu’s son of law is very brave. and loyal. Wu’s princess knew her husband was captured And she already prepared for the funeral, for her loyal husband. This one is Qi’s general. How can it be Wu’s son of law? A wise man submits to fate. Now Qi is very strong. And a powerful Queen charges the military. It can be understood that someone surrendered to them as a coward. You. I have no contradiction with you three before. Why do you satirize me? Besides, you three are in a same position with me . You all are surrendered. Why do you humiliate me so that? General Wu, calm down. My two son is not good at talking. Eh, but one thing is necessary to speak clearly. We come here for presenting the beauty. Not the one defeated and given in as a coward. Huh. Mr. Zheng. You tribute the beauty just because your state will be in a ruin. And else. The western concubine is very beautiful. That means you have other purposes in your heart. Huh, General Wu is so heartless and give up your wife. Family Zheng can’t reach it. I wish we had never known each other See you later. ♪ One side is the country and people
♪ Another side is personal romantic love ♪ Sometime in the morning ♪ Sometime at night ♪ One voice is “Don’t ask the Heaven answers”
♪ One voice is “Just fight and enjoy on the battlefield” ♪ Sometimes don’t think too much
♪ Something never to forget ♪ My beloved seems to be on the other side of the river
♪ Seems to be at the center of water ♪ Broken Bridge is too narrow, Ancient road is too long. Whom I play a Zither with? ♪ The hungry horse don’t ask the evil spirits ahead ♪ Nowhere to say farewell ♪ Only in heart ♪ Here are cold walls
♪ There are full granaries ♪ Formerly I was a beautiful fairy
♪ Now I am an ugly girl ♪ One voice is “Don’t ask the Heaven answers”
♪ One voice is “Just fight and enjoy on the battlefield” ♪ Sometimes don’t think too much
♪ Something never to forget ♪ I have got used to the white hairs on both temples ♪ Only a sense of loss in the heart ♪ Maybe it’s not a suitable match, just dabbling ♪ My beloved seems to be on the other side of the river
♪ Seems to be at the center of water ♪ Broken Bridge is too narrow, Ancient road is too long. Whom I play a Zither with? ♪ The hungry horse don’t ask the evil spirits ahead ♪ Nowhere to say farewell ♪ Only in heart

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