Cheap fossils and banknotes

so hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors today is the day that I got you some new items so I have another one
here can’t show you my dress then you’ll come and take everything for me let’s
see there’s a nice beautiful stamps and I’ve got another package there’s some
more beautiful stamps this one has native strain animals there’s a what
they call Blue Tongue lizard but it’s actually a skink and you ever go ah we
have lots of glass where I live they’re just everywhere and really a nice bird
actually look better than that in person you can see the lizard has a blue tone
what a skin because of blue tongue so the first items that I’ve got yesterday
these Dutch banknotes so I’ve got one issued in the
Netherlands by itself the aim for May 1945 and the thing is is that white an
indolence didn’t actually having whole high amounts of inflation after the
Second World War because the Germans actually printed a
lot of banknotes was that they introduced new banknotes pretty much a
few weeks after liberation and they only allowed a certain amount to be exchanged
and whatever was not exchanged was made non linkle tender because there was war
profiteering as well and it’s just Iranian hyperinflation so that’s why
today you before they introduce you euros about 1.3 golden equals 1 strained
or so that is why see this banknote at that time would have had equivalent
value now I have no idea but it’s exchange rates were threat to Australian
dollars and then I have some banknotes from in Dutch East Indies or Indonesia
and these were issued after the Second World War as well and you know printed
the bank American bacon that company in the
United States so damn nice issues so let’s see what else I have I’ll make
another video on these banknotes later but I’m trying to get more I need the
two and a half M finger goes up to five hundred golden coins mmm stamps really nice Oh
keep day steps let’s see if you collect coins and banknotes a lot of people
actually also clicks thanks I really I do have some but doesn’t really did you
collect them I might but fossils have you seen my video on fossils so here you
go this is a good one they see me marked coin folder so here we have a same eat
my corn folder of actually might not video on it so this one’s you can still
get for about fifteen dollars this is quite a nice coin this is one of my this
is probably my favorite two dollar coin actually cuz it’s nice and bloom red it’s to fascinating issue and where’s
the semen mark it is update see me max s so just an awesome
coin that one I like to actually keep if I’ve got extra police so maybe give away these ones are really nicely packed so
that’s how you need to pack stuff here oh I just got this last week so fossil
fish for this would be coins I something new so this is no no idea so this is a
Green River Formation these are the cheapest fish you actually get
and one of these is going to a friend in Hong Kong
oh so fossils awesome anyway you should also pack fossils like that but um yeah
let me know down below if you actually collect fossils because fossils are
awesome these are all pretty much the same this one’s a got Ruby dioxide Eric
and it would have been eroded a bit let’s try and get closer maybe I’ll turn
a light on maybe that will make it a lot better
oh yeah that’s better you see this one’s upside down so this would have been the
vertebrae this would have been the abdomen and if you look on the side you
see all these colorations that’s organic manner so that’s how I get this one okay
can I focus yeah okay if you split these you’ll probably find more fossils in
here see that’s probably a fossil day but
Green River fossils are quite common because they it was a large lake or a
series of free lakes and I put them on there because and they never bit was
it’s a 50 million years yet he’s seen you beside the Eocene or my seen
anything here’s another one beautiful you can see that’s been
probably in a rotational position for a while you can see this is the eye that’s
the mouth vertebrae there you have the coral vinte there’s a tail beautiful you
look on the back see had a discoloration this is a been has erosion happened to
us sewed it came up with changes in it I set him in tight and it’s flaking off as
well so that continues to flake off you can probably uncover more fossils and
these usually you get two sides as well because you’re essentially ripping the
fishing half so as fossils so bank notes coins that cement bank notes coins and
fossils data free Kings I collect this one’s probably my actual favorite
passion because I just love evolutionary biology it’s just awesome
you know I say thank you very much for watching my video and please
I will also collected on people thank you bye bye

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