Charles on how Cardano will be implemented in the Developing World

Charles on how Cardano will be implemented in the Developing World

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel so this video is going to be about
Charles hoskinson’s reply to the video I made to asking some questions about how Cardano will be implemented in the
Developing countries so if you haven’t seen that video then this video might not making a real sense to you
But then that video is in that link and you can click on that link to have a look at questions
I had about Cardano’s implementation in the developing world
So let’s get straight into this
So I wasn’t surprised at all that I got loads of backlash off loads of people
but did surprise me was a lot of things I said
Were misconstrued and taken in a different light to what I was asking or even what I meant
Like I’m not in any way trying to undermine Cardano
I mean, I don’t think you guys understand, but I’m Cardano’s biggest fan
And I really want him to succeed so I take back saying
that I think using the developing countries is a marketing tactic like some of you said Who am I yes That’s right
I mean nobody and definitely too small to spread FUD. I mean FUDDERS have like
100,000 200,000 followers
So that should have made quite obvious the spreading FUD wasnt my objective
at all, all i was doing was asking questions that I thought deserve a response, and I’m happy that
Charles was able to respond to my questions, and I’m hoping that after you guys hear Charles responds to my questions
Your respect for Cardano will skyrocket because my respect for Cardano after what Charles said to me as
Literally just gone up a million percent
No jokes
But then if backlashling me made you feel better, or it makes you feel any better, then that’s fine
But it doesn’t affect me in any way and least we have some answers now, so let’s crack on
So Charles response was via chat on telegram so what I’m gonna do is i’m gonna read the whole lot to you guys verbatim
It’s as far too early to commercialise tech in a developing world. I’m not even concerned with it
we have foundations and relationships to lay, but it is absurd and ridiculous to demand a comprehensive strategy and
infrastructure when we’re still turning on primary functionality
Yet, it’s demanded
What bothers me about this whole affair is the utter lack of respect of time this isn’t a simple question
We’re talking about a global scale problem
we’re talking about something that is involving more than 100 countries and cultures each with unique needs and
Considerations, and it is been assumed that apparently unless we have a proper strategy. Whatever the hell that means
that we have no idea what we’re doing
Since you’ve taken time to make a video. I will respond directly to you here
Let me be extraordinary Clear that I take umbrage to this entire affair, and you have been profoundly disrespectful
First with all respect to crypto currencies non are capable of serving the needs of even people in the developed world
None a capable of acting as a payment system or a proper means of exchange
none a capable of acting as a primary property ledger or
Identification system none are capable of scaling to even modest daily use for a small country
Nor any of these systems mobile friendly
Its absurd and counterproductive to attempt any form of developing world
Proliferation when systems don’t even work amongst the rich
That’s the initial focus of our development efforts to correct these remedial problems prior to attempting adoption
We have been extraordinary Clear about our methodology
We have also partnered with
Many different organizations in group that have a clear understanding of how to iterate to a reasonable solution
Second let us discuss how we will get adoption within the developing world
IOHK, was just here in Barbados first you cannot achieve mainstream adoption as a foreign entity
it’s patronising and completely misunderstands the dynamics of these countries
along that thought there are basic assumptions about capabilities and infrastructure
They need to be true prior to any adoption you need a value stable token you need low cost cash in cash out
You need participation from small business owners
Who are willing to host cash in and cash out points
You need ability to permit offline chain payments you need a secondary Network such as a mesh network
Or satellite uplink to act as a transaction relay system where the primary Internet is not stable
These are not simple problems, and they require different solutions based upon the actual countries we’re talking about
So what are we doing first?
We have to establish local representation within a collection of pilot countries that we would actually like to innovate on
This is done via education as the entry point and we have begun pilots in this program in Barbados in
countries like Trinidad and Tobago
It’s hard to get USD even ADA is value stable
Simply having a means of exchange will make it acceptable or at least if volatility isn’t hyperactive on a minute-by-minute basis
It simply means it coexist with Fiat which has many characteristics that you would expect to see in places like Africa
from a large unbanked population to a heavy reliance on remittances
I have people actually there right now working with the University of West Indies and local business leaders
Training people from the company who will become permanent employees of our organisation
Establishing a permanent presence requires a minimum six to twelve months doing this
through a university and education for setting this permits far better goodwill and government relationships I
Personally met with the next prime minister and the finance minister as well as the Education Minister
That’s the next leader of the country you get this kind of access when you embrace education and job
Creation and we did this in a matter of months with local partners
The same can be done
And it’s currently been done in Ethiopia
Once you have a stable base of operations and local personnel the next step is to establish a collection of pilot programmes
to familiarise the government with the underlying technology
this includes things like property registration on four
Certifications like diplomas the advantage is that all this type of contracts can be done with the local labor using our technology
Concurrently you can continue education programs training hundreds of developers to be smart contract developers using our technology
This is extremely easy to do because we have noticed that every single place we have attempted
We have had an overwhelming level of applications
Barbados was several hundreds for just a dozen slots and only two months of notice we expect even larger numbers in
Now assuming we have a value stable currency to work with
the next stage is ATM proliferation
You create an open-source ATM design that can run mostly off-grid and includes trusted Hardware
The manufacturing cost needs to be below
Assuming you can acquire this set up you can distribute about a thousand for under half a million dollars
Which is sufficient to cover an entire country
it’s actually cheap enough to rent satellite spectrum for a few hundred thousand dollars a year to
cover all of these devices in a country
Which means you can now have a cash in cash out point that can be owned by an independent business operator
This is now offline from the main internet, but capable of sending transactions anywhere in the world
You can use this point as a credential hub and a micro lending system
From there you can explore micro lending schemes such as those done by Muhammad Yunus by the Grameen Bank
You can also have discussions about distribution of foreign aid through these points via pilot programs
We have had hundreds of conversations throughout the years with people ranging from the World Bank to the United Nations
There is a desire, but just simply a lack of infrastructure to run these low cost pilots
But my point here
Is that the cost to provide infrastructure for an entire country with these schemes is in the millions
The cost to Train of thousands of people necessary to run these things is in the 100’s
Thousands we have already began executing on that model
This somehow escapes you
I am literally flying out to Barbados to check up on this very process it consumes a
Considerable amount of my time, but you seem to be more obsessed with the time I spend on Twitter
As a final point things that take years and are done in extremely difficult stages
Will not be explained via one paragraph or interview. I have spent years of my life on this task
I traveled to now nearly 40 countries in the last three years
And if I have to go to a hundred before it’s all done
I will but the entire point of this technology is that the work is done by the people on ground who actually live there? I
Cannot by definition
Solve the financial problems of people in Africa the Caribbean or South America
They have to solve their own problems
I can give them access to the best infrastructure
Knowledge and technology the world has available and I can fly out my best people to work with them
Ultimately adoption and integration has to be done by local hands
Yet, if m-pesa the internet and cellphone adoption are any indication
There is ample evidence, but this endeavor will be successful
So I’m going to spend the next half decade of my life giving it a shot
So yeah, and then he listed a few countries that he was going to you and said are some of these strategies
are not politically correct and
Therefore cannot be publicly stated, so I’ll post the link to his response on my Steemit
because I didn’t have a website or anywhere else to post it
So if you guys want to have another read of what he said on the plans for implementation
are you can have a look on my steem it so thanks for watching guys, and I will see you on my next video. Bye


  1. Quite frankly, I think you're inquisitive which is why I subscribed to your channel. Nothing wrong with questioning projects.

  2. I'm happy you asked the tough questions, especially when you're putting in your hard earned. If Cardano is the real deal, they'll have good answers to those questions.

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  4. I actually don't like his tone in the beginning, he needs to clarify what he means by being disrespectful. There have been plenty of men who questioned his efforts/projects and he has never told them they were being disrespectful. Whether it's being a woman or/an especially woman of color and yes I said it, I'm a business owner and no business owner should speak in that manner if they were just critiqued. He needs to apologies for his reference and attitude, this response makes me lose a ton more respect. You must express your discontent of critique with thicker skin and it sounds to me he has taken a greater offense.

  5. I wanted to unsubscribe from your channel from that video about Cardano. I felt it was quite drastic just because you didn’t get a direct answer. Your title of the video was total click bait and uncalled for for a team that is working so hard. I decided to just give you the benefit of the doubt as I hope you do with Cardano.

  6. I'm glad he answered your question. He seemed a bit insulted about your questions but I guess I can understand the feeling. The important part is that he answered the question. I think it sounds like a pretty good plan. It's going to take a while but I really hope they accomplish their goal. I understand why some people believe in him now. He's pretty passionate about his work.

  7. Charles is a joke – he sits on millions of dollars of ADA without a clear explanation of what he is going to do to make it a profit – income stream for me and others – who bought the ADA coin. He is a idiot – that talks to himself about bullshit that has no reality. You did will be asking him simple questions.

  8. You had every right to ask these questions. Charles cannot expect questions to be asked when it suits him or Cardano's progress. His tone at the start is very unprofessional, way out of line. Great work Cryptrogirl you got a subscribe from me straight after I watched the the related video. Dont let anyone Bully you down!!

  9. Thank you for the tough questions.
    The answers given was a huge puzzle piece put into place.
    Cardano (ADA) Official Community Group

  10. Digi Girl you raise some very valid questions and concerns. Not quite sure why a few people are upset with you raising them but as an investor I think you should wanna know. Before I became a crypto investor I was very interested in investing in other countries, particularly Caribbean ones. But upon doing some homework,I found out that one of THE main issues was corrupt government. Glad that i came across this video. I may purchase a little more but will proceed with more caution. Have you done a deep dive in Seele yet? Supposedly 4th generation and has not come out yet. Thanks.

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    Keep up the great work!! Definitely subscribing!!

  19. Charles has an awesome vision and the drive to make it a reality!
    Changing the world will be no easy feat, but it will happen in time thanks to people like him.

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    thanks again. Ill keep my eye on your channel

  26. I love your insights/questions. Much of the 'how' you question applies not just to Cardano, but to all crypto. I especially think a critical nerve is touched in his answer. When it comes to boots on the ground promoting, getting buy-in from local stores, contractors, people selling burner phones, and importantly, business development corps, none of this is cheap labor. After all, if traditional banking is not going to lend development money, then the means needed by a community to lift itself by its own bootstraps, will be found in the collective funding of the community itself. This is an area where crypto can be a useful way to make local kickstarter projects come alive. But everyone has to be onboard, and someone has to drive that. I think that someone is you. I hereby nominate you to be elevated from cryptogirl to cryptoprincess. Cryptoqueen will have to wait 🙂

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  36. Its hard to fathom how big and complex the issues crypto aims to solve truly are. Most of us on the outside looking in cant truly appreciate the exhaustive effort people like Charles put into their work. I'm rather amazed at the way in which Charles and thus Cardano go about their business. Head down, grinding, learning, networking, building a business the right way. They don't promise the world or claim to have all the answers, they wont sell you on mass adoption being just around the corner and their valuation going to the moon like so many others preach. I believe they do have a plan and execute the right way. If you haven't seen this recent video, it is all about exactly how Cardano is trying to solve these issues in the developing world. I learn something new every time I listen to his talks and this one I found particularly interesting. Perhaps he had you in mind when he gave this speech:

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  39. Great initial observation and questioning and once he got past the initial emotion, it was a good response. Working in software development and testing for all my professional life, I would say this sort of response is not unusual. It usually means that the developers are not used to challenge and exposure. You are like the little boy (or girl) in the story of 'The Emperor's New Clothes', voicing the question that everyone else has but doesn't dare to ask. I would hire you and I think IOHK should think about it.

  40. Change takes time sometimes change in countries takes change to make change first time does always work the way you think it will you have to adapt if you're diligent it's called Plan B maybe plan C but you keep working at it somebody's trying to help work with them nothing wrong with asking questions but be on board with the project give it time and above all work with it give it a chance give it some time see how it goes evaluated adjust

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