BTC SOLD OUT ON GENESIS |Upgrade 15 TH Ethereum ! Plus de contrats BTC chez genesis-mining !

Hi guys, hope u doin well
we are back for an other video to upgrade witn Lancani’s code
had a little suprise so changing my upgrade
cause some hours ago or minutes,
Genesis sold out all BTC contracts (not surprised with price rising!)
So we gonna be fast on Ethereum cause price rising to the moon,
i’m gonna upgrade ETH with his code
I’m gonna take 15 MH/s
Still paying with bitcoins
His code.
3% valid !
If u want to take part of mining, dont loose to much time, cause those contracts will maybe….. sold out too !
Here we are, upgrade done !
See u guys on an other video
I’m gonna ask them if and when they
plan to put back those BTC contracts,
because they are so profitable and
many people buy them, including me !
See u guys ! PEACE OUT !!!

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