1. Exactly, don't meddle in Honduras election, please people watch Honduras situation right now, an illegitimate president supported by USA. People go to streets, hundreds die and the USA don't care.

  2. Yes…please Mr. Putin don't do it… Okay? 😨 😨 😨😂😂😂😭😭😭❤️🇷🇺❤️ Ha ha ha

  3. Why doesn't Trump order Google not to meddle in US elections? or in European elections? or in Russian elections? Has Soros been ordered not to meddle in US elections?

  4. It not fair at all, he loves Kim ,but he is jokefully treatining Putin,the Bible says love ur enemy,I think they are friends.

  5. Both nations are business rivals, war is a business, i do not really see these two nations face each other in a all out war.

    War has changed.

    It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines.

    War–and it's consumption of life–has become a well-oiled machine.

    War has changed.

    ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.

    Genetic control, information control, emotion control, battlefield control…everything is monitored and kept under control.

    War…has changed.

    The age of deterrence has become the age of control, all in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction, and he who controls the battlefield, controls history.

    War…has changed.

    When the battlefield is under total control, war becomes routine.

  6. Putin is cool.Big zio orange ape is a joke.But since he is controlled by the Tribe, he Is very dangerous and could plunge the world into war at any time.Paid off western Pressitues wont ask Trumpet why Israelie runs the US lock, stock, and barrel. For sure his platform Is MIGA. And no pro US movement around to overthrow dual citizen and their puppet traitors such as millions of Apostate Christian zionists who worship Israelie Not Jesus Christ! So pathetic how degenerate the US and West has become. Every perversion known is worshipped in the west.

  7. Hey Trump.Why doncha go up to Fukishima and visit that reactor that has been dumping radiation None Stop since 2011 or so? Reactor built by GE . The Best keep secret in the world.We wont have to worry about a nuclear war if we just wait ten years or so to see the Pacific Ocean destroyed along with most of humanity with it.Nothing like saving money by putting reactor right at sea level instead of on high ground safe from tidal wave.Oh Vey.

  8. Shame on you Nazi US it's your Facebook that created evil. US president.

    Quit accusing Russia and put down Nazo CIA capability?

  9. Ido not believe that Putin intervening in the USA Putin says how USA allowed Russia enter in USA computers then a child can enter in the elections computers.

  10. Fu_ck USA and it's whole people.

    (But I see trump as a victim of the established deep state/military-industrial complex, forced against his will on doing bad things…. in short : trump is being RAAAAAAPED!)

  11. USA meddled in 1996 russian elections in support of boris yeltsin. They did it again in 2012 against president putin.

  12. Why so much towards the Jews? Every video don't matter the video or topic the Jews are always blame. Instead of blaming the Jews for everything as a scapegoat why don't you look at your politicians maybe they're not as innocent as you hope to believe. Israel has a higher GDP than Russia, has a more advance military, strong allies and produce some of the world brightest minds.

  13. Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, I tell you to stop meddling & you just nod back, yes, all smiles for the camera,

    (CIA, NSA, MI6, mossad all meddling in other countries elections but for the purpose of this media exercise we'll blame Russia, yes?)

  14. It's sad because they're laughing at the people who actually believe it, not the lie itself 😎
    God bless Putin & Trump, the world's last 2 Patriots 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 👍

  15. Really??? U UNGRATEFUL BASTARD….HILLARY CLINTON would have been POTUSA had he not meddled…not u…u TANGERINE TYRANT…Namaste!!!

  16. What a pathetic piece of shit we have for president! Enjoy it while you can comrade bone spurs, the end is near! LMAO RIP GOP TRUMPTARD

  17. I love seeing all the foreigners try & insult the greatest country on the planet & the greatest POTUS we've had in quite some time. Just remember jokers, you never see American refugees or American immigrants.

  18. Ne dedikodusu salak benimle aylardır uğraşıyorlar neden sorun yoksa neden bu caba sıra sana gelecek götü kolla

  19. Very cool to see both leaders sharing causal humour says alot for the potential of world growth and world peace…..

  20. It's not the USA, but the #FuckingHappyKikes and Jew NeoCons running, owning,and ruining American education, banks, companies, law/courts, media/#FakeNews, society, morality, and politics who are in control of the USA. U.S. citizens are waking up to this fact that, literally, every nation of the World has been afflicted by: the #ChildrenOfTheAntiChrist are cursed by God to roam the world without a homeland. As such and being the worse of the worst , #HisBloodBeUponUsAndOurChildren, once the citizens of a host country realize who is destroying their country, they have been expelled throughout the centuries.
    Hence, that's why the Jew-owned and controlled US media and politicians vilify everything/anything Russian Federation and/or Putin; Putin either kicked out or imprisoned the Jewish oligarchs who were raping Russia and corrupting its people, and, being of "an eye for an eye" Jewish morality, American Jews will never forgive/forget this until Russia/Putin are dead!

  21. Oh he was rather chill about it in tone in the English language even said please. The emphasized “orders” is such clickbait. This wasn’t that big a deal I wouldn’t say.

  22. Real hypocrites would be offended by anyone calling the US hypocrites over this. They would not want to be tainted by the association. Since the CIA meddles in elections daily, it is way beyond hypocrisy for the US to criticize anyone else for doing it.

  23. Rusi ,Kremljska Kamarila, Novi Kremeljski Car, NASTOPAČ,NARCIS, V.Putin DIKTATOR,ZLOČINEC,Največji MILITANT, ljubitelj Orožja,Paradiranja Njegove MEGALOMANSKE Vojaške Mšinerije,ki Likvidira svoje Nasprotnike,kot Nemcova,Okupator Krima,Vshodne Ukrajine,Morije BRATOV Ukrajincev ,Preganjanja Tatarov,je POTENCIALNA GROŽNJA Zahodni Demokraciji in Vsemu SVOBODLJUBNEMU Svetu.!!!

  24. Trump didn't order anything, is this Chanel trying to do as the American Democrats are do, by false bullshit to start problems, !!!!

  25. Reporter is supposed to ask questions not advice the president. It almost looks like president's crew had something to do with it

  26. I like how this man literally makes a joke and brushes it aside to move on and everyone here gets triggered. Lmao.

  27. All the babies in the comment section whining about sanctimonious electoral interference clearly can’t see that it’s a joke and Putin is laughing along with Trump at it. The two of them even agreed openly, in front of hot mics, that the press sucks.

  28. what trump means is the left in their last desperate death rattle rolled out Bernie and AOC and let them lose on the public. the job is done. Please Mr Putin, don't fuck it up.

  29. I feel as though him and putin know it's a massive joke between the two of them. I didn't see any animosity.

  30. Presidents Trump and Putin love poking fun at the fraudulent clownish news reporters. This was priceless, and loved it! Both these world leaders seem to have a mutual respect for one another which is good to see. I sincerely hope the Americans and Russians become closer with time, even close allies someday. Americans very much likes the Russian people.

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