BK & Cole Crypto PepTalk 👍💯BTC $9K | Bitcoin Crash Prediction 2018 | Best Altcoin Trading Tutorial

BK & Cole Crypto PepTalk 👍💯BTC $9K | Bitcoin Crash Prediction 2018 | Best Altcoin Trading Tutorial

February 2nd February, 2nd and for those of you
You know who are paying attention to the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin is under $9,000. Oh scary scary
It’s really not that scary because of what I was just telling Brandon and what we were just talking about
You know we listen to other youtubers, and we listen to other people talk about
The best stuff that we have a to like of you
We both talk about we both like to listen to other youtubers, and we both like to
Hear what everyone else is talking about in this and this Fielding you should you know you should educate yourself
And you should listen to as many people
You know be discerning of course, but anyway
So a lot of people are
Giving in to the fear
Mentality and they’re so afraid because bitcoin is down
They’re so afraid and so they’re pulling their money out and people are getting on their YouTube channels, and they’re saying oh
It’s mob mentality oh
you know
That you know people aren’t Buffett said it was a bubble right?
Warren Buffett said it was about that mother is in business to make you rich right Warren Buffett has all his money in
Other things he doesn’t want Bitcoin to go up. So that’s just a point right there
Why I rely on all of that and what I was just telling Brandon is like
We just talking on the go. We gotta like you know I I have I fully trust Bitcoin I
Am fully invested in the fact that this is a currency of the future and so therefore when I put my money in I’m not
Going to pull it out. I don’t care. How low it goes as a matter of fact the lower it goes the more
I’m like okay
Let me go buy some more because it’s gonna go right back up like that’s just the way the market works
This guy knows he watches it he looks at the charts every single day note many times a day he understands
How how how it goes this isn’t a bubble? This is not a bubble
This is just the way the ebb and flow of of how
Bitcoin is I feel like I’m gonna
compare it to like I compared to you know a
Hundred years ago 80 years ago
Put it this way when that when that bubble here that that’s in office right now when he was coming of age
You know when his daddy was coming of age. You could go downtown and buy acre of land in New York for say
$10,000 right, that’s what they did they bought land, and they held on to it and now they have an empire
So this is the same way right now you can buy one Bitcoin for?
$9,000 is that cheap is that expensive?
It’s all relative to your position, but I guarantee you ten years from now
Just the same as if I go downtown
Manhattan and say hey sell me an acre of land it ain’t no more acres to be sold
They’re all sold out and now you just bought chops
and you doesn’t chopped it down to non pieces to where now you can’t even buy a
one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for million dollars let alone a full acre of land
Save for 10 grand right and that’s what bitcoin is bitcoin is an acre of land in downtown
Manhattan and right now you can buy it for 9 grand right and
And and I mean there’s so much opportunity right now like I don’t know why panic why panic at all?
There’s the tremendous opportunity to make more money because it’s it’s gonna go up. It has to go up like the dollar is dead like
you know like
Fiat currency is is gone. Just like back in the day
Gold was replaced by paper notes by paper banknotes
Which are just IOUs actually have no value. They mean nothing and right now that paper banknote is being replaced by an alternative currency
Versus Bitcoin, and now we’ve got like hundreds of others you think that Walmart or Walton
I believe it’s Walmart is all where it wasn’t you think that you think those guys are gonna pull their money out
They’re gonna be like oh Bitcoin went down to nine thousand. Uh looks like we got to just destroy go buy some more stocks
Buy somebody’s thirty-year notes on on the US dollar right they everyone has
The value is there the values there the people on our
People understand what it what its gonna be and the potential that it hasn’t because everything is digital now
This is the next logical step, so you know
Don’t panic guys. Don’t panic come on. You gotta fight about it like is
It’s all about asset classes
But bitcoin is an asset cash for the extent of the market is an asset
It goes down in value about five to ten percent a year
That’s why they want you to keep spending it to keep this?
You know Ponzi scheme of an economy we have going
But it’s classified as an asset real estate
asset machinery asset
Bitcoin is an asset, right
Stocks are NSA bonds are an asset right you could go to the stock market right now and go buy that instead
But it’s at an all-time high twenty-five thousand op
$25,000 25,000 it’s never ever been there before so how likely is it that it goes up to fifty thousand?
So you double your money right? It’s not very likely right?
Same thing with cash. You’ve got the dollar yield index
You’ve got all these different index that the dollar is weak right now you it’s not even stronger than
Canadian money than Australia money than euro money right all of this all these currencies they Evan flow that it’s a currency
It’s a current
Current come on a bank is what on both sides of a river a river has a what a current. I mean come on
It’s all semantics. It’s all. This is but this is what it is. It’s all energy
It’s all energy it all flows so we gotta chill out everybody chill out
Y’all know, who you are if you freaking out chill out. It’s only numbers. I’m fine just by the lower
It goes put more put more trust into it bottom out around
7,500 anything under 75 is free money, right
Like come on like we wanted to go over buy more right give me a mo
Anyway, okay? We’re gonna go to dinner


  1. If non of us spend any crypto and just hold, them who will be there to build the economy of Cryptocurrency. For bitcoin and alt coins to become an economy of the future we need to build this economy. spend and replenish. Otherwise we will be left with bags of coins than nobody can use.

  2. this is a deal on bitcoin i been trading for over 5 years since it was 7.50. But it a deal now for current price I do agree. Will not see it here again after boom again. floor be around 15000

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