What’s going on, man, why did Bitcoin fall
headlong? China suddenly changed its mind and started
a war on Bitcoin? Go to the bottom? In this section, we will talk about Bitcoin
and altcoins through Bitcoin. With the sharp fall of Bitcoin, China’s latest
statement is that we will analyze it and try to see the way forward in this dark environment. And there is also an interesting detail that
all this happens while Bitcoin records a completely different issue. A Forbes writer, in his own way, explains
the reason for Bitcoin’s fall, which makes sense to me. The environment is very hot and tense. Sit on your seats, we’re going on a trip together. Send them. We’ve reached the last level in the Ledger
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to my channel and tap the bell next to it, I like my videos and write at least one comment. If you paid attention to the flow of money
to the crypto currencies in the last weeks, the interest of the countries, there was China’s
yuan just below the US dollar, but no more. I think, folks, if we tell at first that we’re
going to tell you at the end without defrauding, there’s no money from China right now. We’ll even talk soon, the money came out. Therefore, these sharp decreases in bitcoins
and subcoins are highly probable, but there is much more. Let’s continue immediately after this brief
update, folks. News from China, which has recently been cited
as the source of Bitcoin’s harsh uptrend, seems to have waged war against Bitcoin and
other crypto currencies. For example, the Bank of China says that after
that there is no old comfort. He says that we, as the state, as the government,
will take very strict measures against crypto currency transactions and we will control
them more than before. For example, Coindesk’s advisor, and his advisor,
Dovey Wan, tweeted and drew attention to how this eventualized China will now suppress
crypto currency. In the meantime, let me give you a very important
tip. Write it in mind. 1-China 2-America 3-Russia. such moves will do all kinds of good and bad
in this country crypto money will be direct example to countries such as Turkey, it will
be the model. He said that we are taking out our Chinese
crypto money, then a similar move came from our Central Bank if you remember last summer. Therefore, the attitudes of China, America
and Russia are extra important for us. That is why this news to be a role model to
Turkey he also got to look at. But should I tell you something about all
this? Look, first of all, it’s not China’s first
occurrence. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t continue
or if it takes a few months to back down for this tight audit. Secondly, all crypto currency investors believe
that it is so suitable to react to new news all over the world. It turns out, for example, that the Chinese
president says that Blockchain is important. The Hoop suddenly starts to rise Bitcoin. As a Chinese man, we officially know Bitcoin,
he doesn’t say we’re going to do business with Bitcoin anymore. Therefore, the impact of such news is temporary. Don’t look at the news, though, as this effect
is temporary and raises the market at a time. Thanks to them you can really know the business
and analyze the news and what news can raise Bitcoin in the long term, which will give
you a short rise. As a result, I think if you say that China
has opened a war against Bitcoin, it is not ICO, IEO, but they will probably follow and
prevent all kinds of events that may cause money out of China. We can call them war. Because this is one of the most important
issues of China, maybe the most attention. Is money coming out of China or not? If there is a problem, but if it does not,
even if it somehow provides money entry, then what? I would also like to talk with you about the
reason for the decline of Bitcoin given by the Forbes writer. This Forbes magazine author, Oliver Renick
says, says no, Bitcoin is not sourced from China, but falls because you don’t need it. Yeah, that makes sense, and it turns out. Bitcoin didn’t go down the street, not the
ring. We’re waiting for him. For this, yes, Bitcoin unfortunately needs
to be heard and recognized. Apart from that, my friends, we will also
look at the technical analysis of Bitcoin, but I said very briefly at the beginning or
today we will talk about a record. Here is the volume record that Bakkt broke. Look, I always say that Bakkt will shake Bitcoin,
which opens physical futures at Bitcoin, and it will bring extra volume. You know, this pence If you look at the cause,
it is really a coincidence that you see that Bitcoin falls at the same time see Bakkt Bitcoin
breaks records in futures. I think Bakkt has something to do with this. If Bakkt has a finger, Trump, who started
the futures in 2017 by personally giving approval and dropping Bitcoin, probably has a finger. Though there is news on the Bakkt side, folks. I’il share her. Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt, wants to represent
Georgia in the US Senate. But Trump doesn’t want that, and there might
be new developments on that side. Now those who follow me very well know that
I have explained the points where Bitcoin took power and rose and fell. In fact, look, we are going in a descending
triangle formation, we talked about the next stage of this movement is usually a decrease. Of course, I do not make such harsh statements
as it will certainly be in the videos. The biggest reason for this is that nobody
knows 100% of the job and the second reason is that I don’t worry about misleading you
in the slightest way. Anyway, when Bitcoin was around $ 8500 last
week, if we were going to rise again in a video, we would have to exceed $ 9000, support
for 7750-7500 should be broken for the hard fall, and 6200-5800 could come if it breaks. If we analyze the point we have reached now,
of course, if we cannot say that it will certainly be 100%, Bitcoin may fall to the $ 6200 zone
where it was last touched on 9 May, because we remained clearly below the 7500 we had
supported. It’s like we’re swinging in a hole like this
right now. No investment advice, of course, for example,
I would expect the 7500 for a short-term long position. Let’s see if we can handle Bitcoin around
7750-7500? Which we have already dropped to around 6500-7000
dollars. Maybe if it rises from here to the 7500s,
to the 7750s, and if I buy it like that, I might have less profit, but at least I might
have reduced the risk of bitcoin rolling down and flipping my money. If you look at this table, though, despite
this sharp decline, if we look at the business from a good point, but I think there are two
signs that can show the rise in Bitcoin. First, see RSI in technical analysis. I want to pull the RSI. Of course, although the RSI is not always
the right indicator, I think it’s nice that it’s under 30 in the 25s. 30 and 70 are two
limits, you know, in the RSI. If there is excessive sales pressure at Bitcoin,
the RSI may fall to 30 and below, and in case of excessive purchases, it may increase to
70 and above. Which, in my previous videos, I have put forward
a theory about RSI. I said that in the last 3-4 months, when every
bit of RSI was below 30, Bitcoin showed a medium or high hardness increase. Now it looks like we’re going in a similar
scenario. The second sign, I think, is that Bitcoin
falls far enough down from the descending triangle. Yes, the bottom of the bottom, the summit
has the summit, but unless Bitcoin falls to around $ 6200, I do not expect $ 3000-4000
at Bitcoin. Ha 6200-5800 If we fall, 5800, yes, the $ 3000
door could open again, but right now I think there is no such event. As I said, in order to make short-term money
from the rise of Bitcoin, I see if Bitcoin could rise to the 7500 or even 7750 area. Don’t forget that, folks. Sometimes not making or selling at all is
to make money. To protect your money. Am I right, brother? When you save your money, you can get Bitcoin
again whenever you want. Oh, I wish I had it now, and it’s easy to
take. Now, folks, if we analyzed Bitcoin in detail,
I would like to talk to you about a crypto money exchange, Icrypex, sponsored by Icrypex,
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lower. When you normally do this transaction in another
stock exchange, depending on the size of the transaction, for example, 20 pounds 30 pounds
50 pounds or 100 pounds you pay the commission or say that they do not pay this commission
in vain, even stop paying back this commission. It makes sense when you look at it, even nowadays,
if you have a possible loss while Bitcoin is falling, at least you may want to consider
getting this commission back, but as in every business, there is a detail in this business. That is, an investor can earn a maximum of
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seemed a bit ambitious to me, but in the end, technology is also developing and changing. And, folks, if you click on the chain database
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took place in Bitcoin in the explorer. To top it up, my friends, of course, I do
not give investment advice, I do not go to run an account, but I do not say that the
pollution of information in this market, the arm of this market 7/24 to call a person who
can get free support and I think it is a nice event again. Especially if you are just starting an event
that will not make
you feel lonely, but the work is still over. Remember that too. For example, if you learn the support resistance
point and say that the bitcoin will increase from 7000 dollars to a certain rise, you can
make an incredible increase in the probability of making a mistake if you invest your intensity
in that process. So it is best to enter this business with
figures that you won’t worry even if you lose at first. Because if you lose money, at least 50 pounds,
100 pounds, for example, 5000 pounds, 10,000 pounds rather than lose. Folks, I wanted to talk to you about Bitcoin
and Icrypex. Do you know what to do now, let’s go to today’s
bonus information with jet speed. Today, I will show you, in a single sentence,
how unfair the distribution of income in the world is, folks. Do you know that the wealth of
the 3 richest families in the world is more than the wealth of the 48 poorest countries in
the world? There are 3 families on the left side of
a scales, 48 countries on the right side, but unfortunately, the left side outweighs. The world is such a place, unfortunately. Now, let’s
look at the friends in our previous video, which questions from you in our section, which comments have come to
them, let’s look at them briefly, and in this section, I’m sure you’re waiting for
comments let’s go on.


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