Bitcoin Vs. Banks –

The world is ever-changing. Technological
innovation is ever-growing. The internet has
allowed people to communicate much more effectively;
revolutionizing nearly every industry and
improving the average person’s standard
of living. But there is one industry that
is lagging behind. What steps have banking
institutions taken to improve the quality
of their services? Paypal has made it convenient
to send money to other people. The problems
with paypal however, are that they charge
high fees, require a bank account or credit
card to setup, your finances are being tracked
and paypal is just not available to everyone
in the world due to many different governments’ regulations.
When examining traditional banks, hardly any
recent innovations come to mind. One of them
would be the ability to deposit checks using
a smartphone camera. But it’s only a little
more convenient. It still takes one full business
day or longer for funds to show up in your
account, and you’re supposed to keep the
check for two whole weeks in case of problems;
problems with a task so simple as getting
money that was paid to you.
Something must be possible that is better,
faster and more trustworthy in this day of
instant communication.
As much expressed during Occupy Wall Street
and Tea Party protests; banking institutions,
and bailouts to them, are highly unpopular;
obviously because they do not help the average
A 2012 poll showed 84% of Americans oppose
future bank bailouts like the one seen in
2008 that loaned billions of tax dollars to
Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo
and AIG.
The banking system as it stands is ripe for
disruption and competition-driven improvements. disrupted the inefficient retail
book market to the point of Borders, once
worth $2 billion, going bankrupt, and Barnes
& Noble now operating at a loss. In the same
way the internet changed the retail sector,
it should be able to facilitate a revolution
in banking and currency. New types of services
securing a chunk of market demand would send
shockwaves to the mega-banks, affecting their
bottom lines.
In case you haven’t heard, the reset has
already begun. Digital currency is gaining
traction and being accepted by major companies
like Dish,, Tiger Direct, OKCupid
and Expedia. Adoption is increasing fast which
will soon force banks to either adapt, or
they will fail.
Big changes are coming to the very notion
of money and the way it is used. You can be
part of the movement; join us at
We have three steps for you to reset the current
banking system;
1. Close your accounts with large national
banks. If you need a bank account, use a local
bank or credit union.
2. If you can live without borrowing on credit,
get rid of loans and debt. Credit cards are
tied to large banks. Supporting the system
that makes money out of thin air is hurting
everyone; but it hurts the poor the most.
3. Learn what bitcoin and cryptocurrency are
and how to use them. We have a detailed guide
available for free on our site, along with
tutorials for basic services, news, and information
on trusted companies in this sector.
The reset is now. Be the change you want to
Our project is funded through contributions
from supporters like you. If you appreciate
our work you can donate with bitcoin below;
or visit our website for more options.
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