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from the lovely Adelaide Internet so let’s start it off by saying but by
talking about all-time highs okay when we have an all-time high
it sets it’s like it’s just a psychological tone for that having
period okay for the having period that follows it all right leading up to the
next having basically so let’s that’s right this year 19 still
you know you’ve got all these price for you Fiat breaks me up all these price
flip fluctuations going on it reminds me of 2015 I’ve lived through this before
and that’s why my hand is so strong that’s why I’m like I don’t even like I
wake up in the morning like oh that’s what the price is I really haven’t been
checking the price very very often and it’s just I think through this before
we’re getting closer and closer they’re having but I’ve been through 2015 before
this is 2015 again and you know let’s let’s protect moment in 2013 there was
an all-time high of he was around 1,100 so let’s put it in perspective here
that’s in 2013 we had a all time high price in late 2013 of around $1,100 okay
and then from then on until about 20 the beginning of 2015 it was dropping there
was turbulence in the beginning of 2015 it hit the low it was you know around 15
let’s say it’s a point January of 2015 that was 15% of that previous all-time
high okay and then until a little bit before that have in 2016 it jumped it
played around from the price was in terms of dollars was between 15 percent
and 40 percent of the previous all-time high and we are going through that again
the worst in December just this past December which was around 15 percent of
the previous again in December the price hit about 15 percent I did I
this might sound repetitive because the connection keeps going out but it does
of you watching this on tape you you won’t even notice but in December of
this this past December for me 18 the price of Bitcoin was about 15 percent of
the previous all-time high and that was that was the low and and since then we
have jumped around around 30 percent of the all-time high forty percent of all
time nine and really really we’ve been constant around forty percent of the
whole time – forget about the 30 percent thing so this and we even got up to
about 60 percent of the all-time high in the previous period in 2015 it never did
anything like that so this what we’ve been living through now going from
twelve thousand eight thousand seven thousand blah blah blah it’s better on
your heart if you care about the the Fiat price it’s better it’s less
stressful than 2015 2015 we never got back to sixty percent of the all-time
high it took it took until two months before the halving of 2016 to even get
out of them to say goodbye to the $400 rep okay to get you 50% of to even get
close to 50% of the all-time high so look at it from that perspective people
in terms of the percentage of the the previous all-time high because then it
really sets a tone psychologically people freaked out they’re like oh it’s
only it’s worse selling this and that people say to you oh you were so stupid
you but you paid up the last time around you paid $800 for it and now it’s only
30% of that of the all-time high of 11 you paid 80% of the all-time high and
the thing to remember is it always returns to that all-time high eventually
you just gotta be patient but this look in terms of percentage of the previous
all-time high this this period this year is better than 2015 but it is in his
quest it is quite similar and people they
don’t see the comparison because it was only it was jumping between 200 300 400
it doesn’t seem psychologically again when we’re talking about fourteen
thousand seven thousand the numbers are scarier okay
but only the only really big difference is that we got up to that we got over
50% of the all-time high during this this year quite a quite a bit and that
did not happen during 2015 it never I believe it never got over 50% of the
previous all-time high all right now that like button I didn’t even look at
my notes during that at all because I’m just looking rum and cue says during all
the previous cycles during previous highs previous times before having’s the
price of one Bitcoin was would be 20 every previous time yes – Bigfoot
exactly strong hand so pleasant gotta be Fiat freaks about it oh man
okay another question bit next ready oh dude oh dude you’re a trader
be careful I don’t encourage that strong Hannah can this commodity take many
years to recover USD all-time high yeah not Meg what’s many years dude I’m
betting woman I’m betting on the cyclical thing again how so let’s talk
about last cycle again in 2015 it hits low then we had the halving of 2016 and
then in the beginning of 2017 it recovered the all-time high from 2013
okay so forth for your difference so if we follow that
cycle again we’ll have it’s having in 2020 and we will recover that all-time
high in the beginning of 2021 it’s at some point okay so is that is
that many years to you that’s not many years to me so I I’m not
a person and I’ve heard something well it won’t get up effect to its all-time
high until 2025 so far here like hey you know I lived through this before kids
back in 2015 people were saying oh it’ll if he told someone to 2015 that Bitcoin
would be $1,100 again at the beginning of 2017 they would say no they would say
no that’s highly unlikely so you’re living through that again
someone like me telling you it’ll be at its Fiat freak all-time high at the
beginning of 2021 you there are a lot of doubters out there but I’m going to win
the two hundred ten thousand block theory until proven uh until proven
otherwise for me it’s again I I died in my mouth a
Bitcoin it is my savings account and not dumping my savings account
who the heck does that I don’t need to get into my savings and hopefully you
were in that situation too and JC says cherish this bear market and I’m reading
that because JC is an awesome dude in South Africa but also because to remind
you that it really is it’s still it’s still a bear market mean it’s not it the
price is stiff in terms of Fiat you know it’s just bouncing I’m gonna cut a bear
market it just meet the mini yogur market of twenty of 2015 it’s just it’s
it’s not it’s not going it’s slowly going up over the long run you should
see okay over the long run I mean we we already hit the fourteen thousand to
twelve that whatever was thirty doesn’t but uh you know touring we live like one
day at a time we lived like one week at a time so it’s it’s we see it go down we
live through the downs and just just remember over the lauds
yeah you you shall just this we’re building up it just that’s
looking a bit coin it goes in spurts okay and there’s SuperDuper happy days
they’re just great when it goes up by so much they don’t happen all the time
though but they happen again because the order get to the all-time high you have
to have days when he goes up so they’re coming again but get just just just this
exercise that we’ve been discussing here percentage of the previous all-time high
keep that in line okay let us continue what we got here
all right oh I just closed a screen we want to make sure all right so I had all
these notes here I’ve got all B’s I’ve got I have all these notes here for that
that whole Fiat Freak all timeline thing keep in mind yeah I covered everything I
hadn’t memorized it well and I just wrote it like two seconds ago all right
I’ll be in San Francisco by the way this is something I can keep forgetting to
mention they have the big bitcoin event at end of March in San Francisco I
forgot what the heck it’s called I will be there in San Francisco come to the
event I’ll hang out with you if your or maybe they’ll be parties after or before
the event what’s that event even called Bitcoin mm I’m sorry I can’t remember
its name but it’s the big one at the end of March I already know that there I
know I would be in San Francisco for those two days where I will be between
January 14th and then I do not know so give me some shout outs peeper people
I’m gonna be in Tucson most of December and was that after December and all and
January I’m getting everything confused but where should I go after Tucson but
before San Francisco tell Matt like button okay now we got it here this reminded me of the Mike Hearn
ragequit type of fun this is Mike her ragequit type of fight visit when you’re
living through these times of turbulence you had days where the via price goes
down by quite a bit based on some rumor and that was a famous one the Mike the
my currency and and I break and I bring up the mic on thing to remind people
that that are like freaked out oh I wanted to go to ten thousand and
whatever the heck it’s gone too is that you do my curve thing back in 2016
again it’s all cyclical it went down a hundred dollars in one day there’s a
huge percentage we have huge percentage drops but this the blood crypto put this
rumor out here in spite of other outlets uncritically reporting finances official
lying on the matter the block stands by our sources and reporting the finances
Shanghai offices Shanghai office was shut down okay so you you save something
like that the Shanghai offices a buying it’s a huge actually that this work this
reminds me more of thee a little bit of the BitFenix hack we had a big big
Phenix hacked back in 2016 people just react to it man Excel but
this is probably not even true or it’s sort of true but it wasn’t really nice
huge raider and so all the all coins are also down today so you can probably
attributed that to this rumor but it’s something people should be accustomed to
by now we have big news semi-think news rage quick they bring the price down
percentage-wise it’s happened before it will happen again
and still I wanted to bring that one up is it true there was a massive raid
there and they had moved everything the Singapore apparently it’s been out in
the public for quite some time in some of them earnest Singapore
I don’t really care but when you have a headline like that if people go with
that people certain people go into the pan I panic and this is where the big
boys play some speculators want to start selling on fake news that’s their that’s
their business baby and you know what pound that frickin like button oh yeah
let’s see do we then Heather we got a ramen q What did he say here it is hard
to see all this stuff yeah bitcoins blocked I just hit o and just just learn
big coin comm check out his site he said just got one of his cousin’s into
Bitcoin and thus he’s no longer the crazy cousin because hey you got another
cousin into it good now on to what’s the next thing here oh
the scammer mistake my currently talk about it mostly probably what the heck
is my current thing yeah I wasn’t around 2016 it’s better he went around in 2016
well it’s actually not better than you weren’t into if you’re around at 2016
you would have been buying a Bitcoin for like $400 anyway ancient when the my
current thing happened it dropped from four hundred three hundred and people
were like oh yeah we’re so stupid to buy at four hundred people are always
comparing for the all-time high of 11 during a little never get back to 1100
it got back baby now plus token that’s what I want to talk about this guy ergo
BTC this guy I mean I’m sure taxed organizations all around the world love
to hire this guy was and he can trap this guy’s got a thread and he should
have wrote a blog post instead it’s a tremendous Twitter thread where he
tracks the Bitcoin that the plus tokens scammers acquired there was a scan Asia
where I guess they sold some plus token which was some big thing and they
he’s got scammers got a lot of Bitcoin an herbed Oh BTC decided to figure out
how much Bitcoin make and how they tried to mix it and how much they have dumped
and he said this guy’s just thread it it’s a very good thread it is long
though it’s linked to below this got me thinking could be selling by plus tone
and scammers have had an abnormal effect on this market cycle very interesting
theory dude so after all these I read all the tweets and here’s here’s the big
one you do the money shot as they say in the biz you don’t wanna be in that pit
assuming all assuming all of the mix coins 129,000 accounted for so far had
been sold over a period from early August through today it will give you an
average of around 1300 bitcoins sold per day still some left to be done so these
dudes they had a hundred and twenty nine thousand Bitcoin of court the rumor was
two hundred thousand and it might have been that high and they’ve already done
one hundred twenty nine thousand since with what month did he stay here was it
August or September August or early August through now November so that is
this incredible amount day 109 twenty thirteen hundred Bitcoin today being
dumped that day that can make a difference that somebody taking
consideration but this is where the big boys place but they’re scams all the
time where people to dump large amount this this is a lot though this is a lot
very interesting topic for all the pain he brought it up because people were
spraying this bud that there’s there’s miners or fouling and miners are dumping
their Bitcoin but here you have a real example of something dumping big point
there is some of the Bitcoin that you see sold every day is this this scam
operation just getting rid of it on average yesterday during the show the
when I was talking about the petrol in the news from Venezuela the insider
information that Mauricio gay something got cut off but I linked to it
I’m gonna I’m gonna talk about it real quick because it was from Bitcoin a calm
Maduro plans to give in israel a pensioners Petro as Christmas bonus and
this was part of a larger announcement which I covered yesterday Bitcoin not
only covered that part but he got chopped off on my show it’s just part of
a gimmick he’s giving he’s giving away the petrol to the pensioners in help in
hopes to spread the word about his petrol and extend life of his petrol
it’s interesting let him do his gimmick over there it’s an interesting study and
again I will conclude Michael saying what Mauricio says about the whole
situation in my view most certainly that this is for confusion confusion
confusion he says that if that Venezuela that the top technology in the world is
in Venezuela Venezuela is all encrypted he’s tried it just it’s a big publicity
stunt what Maduro is doing a distracting confusion just trying to keep the regime
in power any way he can alright we got something for invention here hang on
what does Vincent’s say and you can just look it up it was in 2016 if I remember
right I seem to remember a crashing from 500 down 199 that’s different and it
didn’t crash for 500 191 days it was a slow burn and that was in 2014 it got to
190 it got to 190 that the in January of 2015
so what you’re remembering is yet it was 500 in 2014 and it went down and and by
the big name 2015 it was like 190 or something Mike Hearn did a rage quick in
20 in January 2016 when Bitcoin had made its way up to 400 again and then he
wrote this article that was affected New York Times and it went down on the 300
which is a tremendous truck a 400 to 300 big percentage rises huge and so yeah
that that was it was 2016 January 2016 yeah okay but invention
realized that okay coolness but hey there’s some history who lived through
the cool thing is mentioned could just he could be he could have a big smile on
his face that he’s gained all sorts of years confused and you know why because
he never was stopped his big well you had one little bit he had the best he
saw doesn’t record at one point but did that that was an unrelated thing that
was 26 later on but he knows that he was acquiring during that whole time and
there were so many other people acquiring and not freaking out because
of my current rage quit and back to my note section anybody else have any
questions by the way because this show is almost almost done Tel Aviv
this is for my buddies in Tel Aviv here is an interesting vantage point in to
defy decentralized Bank financed by means of tokenization was first proposed
on Bitcoin in 2012 by a mini Rosenfeld and he called it colored coins white
paper attached tokenization financial instruments has a
history I I know many many is awesome he is in Tel Aviv he is such a smoothie
Bitcoin MC I was when I was he’s a soft-spoken modest man
you would never know this is the dude who created colors I knew he had
something to do with it and now we have all these people
and again it’s linked to below you can read about his original color point idea
2012 it decentralized financed on the theory of beef by people have taken it
to a whole new level this dude came up with it in twenty freakin twelve so Tel
Aviv Israel they produce some of the best of the best over there and quite
quite a flashback quite a modest man you should go to Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy
hang out with many every freaking studied Sunday and Unni is their most
freakin Sundays and so other people maybe Sarah’s vimla showed she’s hardly
ever there on Sunday but she should be there more on
something but speaking of Tel Aviv if you’re there go to the Bitcoin embassy
this Sunday booty says join me and Jess chessick at the bitcoin embassy for our
first Bitcoin Socratic seminar starting at 8:00 at 6:00 p.m. that’s linked to
below so if any place in tel-aviv go there this Sunday 6 and you’ll be with
OD and many and they’re having this Socratic thing of a jig where you get
the you’re gonna talk about all sorts of high thinking Bitcoin ideas and yet they
are hardcore Bitcoin now by the way I got questions question for all the
people in the chat maybe someone will know about this but I surely do not
understand all these people can keep getting three super chats from YouTube
just to distribute them what is up with that I thank the guys who have given me
these I keep hearing people say YouTube gave me $5 for a super chatting I’m
giving it to you Adam well thank you but but what is going on with that does
anybody know about that all right Dinah’s didn’t hey we we didn’t go dude
did I just send you a DM earlier today we dinga was that you that was having a
little bit of an issue I’ll check my Twitter in two seconds
all right yeah oh here venters’s yeah I got some of those free super chats about
six months back so it what I’m wondering is and I just weren’t clearly some of
people thank you for giving them to me some people have chat I’ve typed in
before like that if you get them you can’t give them to yourself
Kenny I mean I haven’t got I would just try to give to my still first like
thanks for the free money YouTube but I assume that you have to give them a
little it gets cashed out like I get it I get a deposit in my bank account every
month from Google because I am a creator a YouTube content creator and they
include the super chat in that with the advertisement money because you
get better at you know you guys see this stuff yeah YouTube that’s people asking
where does some of your you get no money no I get paid every month some of its
super money someone is the money from the advertisements and everything like
that alright thanks for all the support dudes in tomorrow regular guy who got
who has got two good jobs in in the Bitcoin space so he was in motion you
could be in motion to be in motion watch this show best freakin guest in the
space this tomorrow is this weekend big coin
next Friday I’ll be back for Thanksgiving in Baltimore and it’ll
probably be a live this weekend Bitcoin hopefully with three guest fingers
fingers crossed i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
Satoshi Nakamoto get strikes like this below bang that bell but clincal no
squares bomb you don’t Witter a tech ball enjoy tomorrow’s show it’s already
Friday in freaking Australia of course

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