Bitcoin News: BitPay Song Crashes Bitcoin Market 2018

Bitcoin News: BitPay Song Crashes Bitcoin Market 2018

Crypto Finally – Crypto Finally – Crypto Finally
– 26 Year Old Woman from New York – Crypto
Finally -a 26 year old New York woman – Crypto
Breaking news tonight, we are just getting
in the new information that the cryptocurrency
market has crashed-
Bitcoin is dead-
Bitcoin dead!-
Crypto Finally kills Bitcoin-
A 26 year old New York woman who goes by the
name Crypto Finally on YouTube has single
handedly destroyed the cryptocurrency market

“BitPay – Black Friday Bitcoin Song” and
the markets have tanked-
Investors out millions, Crypto Finally Bitcoin
song to blame-
It’s BitPay, BitPay, gotta get with my Bitpay-
Bitcoin down 15% the day of Crypto Finally’s
YouTube users commenting “Huge sell signal”,
“Congratulations you single handedly crashed
the cryptocurrency market”, “this video
is so much cringe that it triggered the sell
So what inspired you to post the devastating
video online?
I don’t know – one day I just thought to
myself, what’s the best way to destroy Bitcoin?
And I was like oh my god, I know – a music
video, duh.
I always have the best ideas
A Twitterstorm took place within hours of
the videos release, “I blame BitPay marketing
department for the crash”, “I think this
song is what caused the bear market”, “ear
Major cryptocurrency influencers added their
thoughts about the apocalyptic video, Bitcoin
Sessions tweeting “Figured out why the markets
have been dumping – it’s solely because
this video exists.”
What do you think about the reaction the video
has been getting?
I mean, it worked – like, Bitcoins dead – right?
Multiple news sources chimed in, The Next
Web “This Bitcoin Themed Cover of Rebecca
Black’s Friday is Somehow Worse Than The
Original” – Ebaums World stating “Bitpay’s
parody ad of Rebecca Black’s Friday is an
Insult to all Things Holy and I Can Only Hope
That an Astroid Kills us All”
Do you think the crypto market will survive
I mean –
It’s BitPay
Gotta get with my BitPay
Everyone’s adoption Bitcoin don’t be a


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