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  2. I think the halvening will only create a little bit of volatility this time, but I don't think it will create a huge pump this time. Because if everyone expects it then who will buy their bags up?

    But I could be totally wrong of course 🙂

  3. Bitcoincash….BTCH is the real bitcoin….satoshis vision……why we should call it b – cash ??????……. green is Bitcoin…..

  4. Oh, man, thanks for sharing your platypus joy. Armadillos are cool too. Notably the nine-banded one. When South and North America became connected by a land bridge, most animals species withdrew into their original continent. Not the nine-banded armadillo, oh no. It did the opposite. A survivor! It is armoured, a very good swimmer and has only quadruplets. (So I named my first business after it. Before I knew it, of course, I was also advising even zoos on what to do with armadillos before I'd ever even seen one.)

  5. I learned that people supporting other cryptos likt BCash are trying to damage bitcoin reputation but in fact they are damaging all the environment with these false information.

  6. I learned that Ivan is a BTC maximalist. The idea that BTC needs to succeed for crypto to succeed is ridiculous at this point.

  7. Fantastic episode…love the analogies used in order to draw and compare to human game changing historical technology.

  8. Today I learned how traditional financial business is losing joung brilliant brains, because the new generation naturally wants to be part of new and revolutionary projects.

  9. BCH is like a drag queen. From a distance and drunk might look hot.
    BSV is like a Scientology cult selling "free energy" generators.

  10. Ivan, your understanding about cash is because u have Swedish goggles. Sweden is the most extreme country when it comes to not using cash. And removing cash altogether is dangerous. If there is a poweroutage u can't swipe ur card or pay with ur phone. Don't underestimate this.

  11. either you die a dissident or you live long enough to become an oppressor – ̶H̶a̶r̶v̶e̶y̶ ̶D̶e̶n̶t̶ Ivan on Tech

  12. You should read this Ivan https://news.bitcoin.com/an-appeal-for-zero-conf/?r unless you think Erik Voorhees is also a scammer.

  13. I have learned that people tend to judge something they see only based on their limited experience as we did before with Platypus. Bitcoin is just like Platypus that we cannot even utilize the old financial knowledge to judge it, but should rather create a new category for it and make it a new narrative of financial knowledge. Merry Chrismas Ivan.

  14. i learned about replacing a transaction by fee. what an incredible feature i did not know about. You are the best Crypto show. Thanks Ivan. Please make me the winner.

  15. After I started trading on Tom welling platform, I quit my 9-5 day job cos there wasn't any need for it. I make as much as more than an average worker make in a month. I make an accumulated average of $10000 in a month and that's thanks to Tom. You just gotta try him

  16. Ivan, I think you are wrong. BTC can be double spent. Go search for "$200 bitcoin fraud calgary". They did doublespends to pull of the attacks.

  17. Agree 100% brother, psychological hurdle right now, think of all the changes in society in the last 100 years, our financial structure is unchanged with exception of basing everything on credit, its time to change….

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