Bitcoin fiat freak 5 digit realm fun! 80%er nightmare, China, Bcash issue, Libra, Chile, Cashapp!

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October the 27th 2019 straw hand bitcoin is the next big point five digit round
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friends oh what a weekend it was for the Fiat freaks and where are you about the
up rate was Shabbat dudes that’s where I was okay so we’re gonna talk about that
in a second hold on you Fiat freaks that you people who didn’t think we were in
the five-digit realm well just it’s worse that you know $7000 it didn’t
that’s not the five digit round knew the five digit realm is something we entered
a while ago you’re just gonna have to get used to it and some people you know
it goes into the four digit it goes gets four digits sometimes who cares the five
digit is where we’re at okay that is the new normal so yeah it slips into the for
whatever but there are some people that are like oh they literally return it’ll
never okay never say never again dudes and no at the when we’re taping this
show why is it nine thousand some bucks who freaking cares we’re in that five
digit round mindset because we’re one day closer to an all-time high the
future is not about the four different the past we think about we’re long-term
thinkers we don’t care about the day-to-day price we know in the year
2021 the year 2020 what its gonna look like baby we’re in it for the long run
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lot over at Twitter okay so let’s start I’m gonna leave you in slowly to this
five digit realm whatever the heck happened on Saturday or whatever Friday
night I don’t know let’s talk about something not related first because
there’s all sorts of news out there many lingham retweeted the following and some
people attack statements like this but I love the innovation and the optimism in
it okay I’m not saying to buy this stuff I’m saying to you but you should get
Bitcoin but there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the space and the world is
changing this is from Bruce Benton he says stable coins are superior to
classic Fiat rails tokenized securities are superior to existing models for
stocks and other securities the whole world is about the change
stay tuned now some people are no no oh how can you say good things about stable
coins the Fiats better and stable coins really really you know stable coins you
can keep track of at least okay with via you fiat they could just print as much
of it you don’t know what the policy is you don’t know what’s going on security
or regular securities buying stocks the old-fashioned way is better than some
kind of ICO hybrid that the the current tech not that that people are working on
I don’t like to use these terms they got out their busy some of these terms are
very catchphrase II okay and what’s the word I’m looking for and so they’re buzz
some of them are buzzwords but look beyond the buzzword aspects of stable
coins and and the tokenized securities in the word token itself this new way
which again it’s not Bitcoin the staple coins and token it’s better than the old
system and the world is about to change stay tuned he is correct about that I
like that attitude I like that attitude and I know that this 20 20 20 s the
Golden Age of innovation we are entering it so you can hate you can hate on that
as much as you want it let those people do what they’re gonna do they’re not
earning us and yeah I’d rather invest in companies through ICO type innovations
which are getting better then the the old way going through a trade or you
know calling the broker like my dad used to do found that like button okay I’m
all for taking with technological innovations bitcoin is the base of all
this okay and I’m good I’m not saying to play around with stable coins but it
makes life easier for some people so be cash has had some issues this weekend
this started on Saturday from from what I can tell on Twitter and I was notified
by the for Satoshi crew that III don’t know who exactly made the tweet was it
Daniel who made it I don’t know was it rocky who made it who knows here I’m
looking in I’m also looking in the chat as I’m saying get shirts like this it’s
all linked to below and I’m just seeing no one else no one have any questions so
far good that’s good son I’m sure you will soon people spread the word where
is Eddie so it says oh that’s a very interesting
where is Eddie he was laughing for not selling at the dump a few days ago yeah
and he was bragging about being uh again I think he got tether or USD cooling or
something because of a death cross town that like
I feel better than you we will talk we’ll talk about that in the set I’ll
talk about that but let’s talk about Abby cash because no one is talking
about this that is B has just so such an unimportant off coin net what I’m about
to say is is you know the media isn’t covering it the traditional crypto media
like coin desk and all the others they take the weekends off okay this is this
is Bitcoin dude there are no days off there so this isn’t the bank world I’m a
little it’s a little odd that so you’re not I’m just reading about this be
casting from Rocky and the crew and Andreas retweeted what zero nonsense
tweeted if you follow zero nonsense he is listed below he is covering this
story very well what the heck is this there appears to be some problems with
be cash mining perhaps related to the difficulty retargeting algorithm it also
appears one entity is now an effective control of mining I’m curious to learn
what is going on here said Andreas anyone know more so the zero nonsense
dude does follow him the four satoshis do I gotta say rocky has been very
interested in the be cashed shenanigans for a while and they were mining blocks
very text okay suddenly this weekend this is weird
there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it something seems to be broken ah
and here here’s a quote and just now they might what this is from nine hours
ago this is still going on and then because the story started Saturday and
it wasn’t getting much play and just now nine hours ago they’ve mined 21 blocks
in the past hour they should only in illness should be every ten minutes of
six blocks but no in 21 blocks their network hash braid hasn’t changed much
looks like their EDA is out of control but another reason to bring this up
besides the media not covering this at all the price has not been affected the
be cash people because they because coin desk has have written an article and the
80 percenters haven’t woken up to the fact that something might be seriously
broken over there you shouldn’t be see if you’ve got beat – don’t be sending it
around right now but who knows what can happen there was there was a warning out
there and another another reason to bring this up is that if it’s maybe some
of the miners will switch over the big point now though the few that are left
to be cash if this is just weirded out over there at the same time that it
shows that the technical that people just they don’t do a lot of research I
mean I would be selling big cash right now if I was a be cash bag holder and
will want a person or one of these traders a traitor of the if you’re one
of these traders who you know go sells the story you’re buys nonsense is trying
to manipulate it playing on people’s fears though they’re they don’t even
know this is going on apparently but even though because she’s got some
unsound aspects to it no doubt about it if you know King and the troubles want
to somehow convince the president G to make an announcement with B cash it
would pump it would plus so all coins a lot of illogical aspects of the market
and that believes in the big coin – yeah people start to go crazy because the
leader of China mentions frickin Bitcoin is that really a good reason to go crazy
about it we know it’s not but we’ll talk about that in a second um so maybe some
miners will switch over to Bitcoin now from be cash will they even make a
difference if they think the be cash game is rigged
I don’t know I think it is uh the cash is a top-tier Hawk coin like it or not
this should be something more people are talking about and it does deal with
Bitcoin alright can you bring back king of the trolls on
the show to discuss the B caches no I can’t I don’t get again he uses all
shows as uh as infomercials I gave him his shot maybe I’ll do some clips of his
old when he was on the show previously and again for those of you that don’t
know king of the trolls upbeat cash has been
on the show before in 2017 and I gave him his shot he used it as an
infomercial people fall for his thing all the time just because he repeats the
same talking point over again very confident and just 10% of the population
just blindly drools alone his ROI is right he’s saying stuff has nothing to
do with cryptocurrency wait he says the same thing out reddit reddit censoring
it’s one of his video big lines has nothing to do with Bitcoin of recache or
anything but people are like ah p1 he’s correct that’s amazing all right so oh
speaking of 80 percenters there I linked to below someone sent me a guy in a
shower talking about how it’s alt coin season and it’s it’s its own Twitter and
people believe a guy like this he’s like it must be all coin sees and he’s in the
shower this is this is the 80% are sources of information this is how they
make their decisions if you’re an 80% of you should watch this and good luck good
luck again you can watch dudes in the shower saying it’s all cooling season or
you can just take the boring way of life and just hold on to your Bitcoin and
don’t gamble on dudes and showers telling you what to do people fall for
it though it’s a fancy sets a graphic oh that’s different the guys in the shower
is saying the bio of coins must should do it yeah ah alright now we’re talking
about traditionally are people not thinking and people just buying into
mindless statements like it’s all corn season or reddit is censoring us so
should by be cash well there a lot of people are tweeting about what’s going
on in Chile right now it’s a there’s tremendous protests in the streets now
how does this tie in the Bitcoin I’m going to tie in the Bitcoin and it so
you know this is a be on Bitcoin show subject matter I don’t what I should you
didn’t talk about yesterday didn’t know if I mentioned it briefly yesterday but
there are some bitcoiners out there that are like yes look at the protests in
Chile this is good for Bitcoin you know the people are taking on the unfair
situation revamping the inequality these are Bitcoin people saying this what’s
going on in Chile is insane all right a million envious people are in the street
okay I spent quite a bit of time in in Chile a year ago it is the most sound
country in South America people that the police don’t bother people people are
free are so free there to make money okay
the pic there aren’t people living there aren’t like super duper poor people like
you see in Los Angeles it’s a in Santiago sure you’ll see poor
people but there are they defecating in the streets are they doing drugs all
over the place you see people speeding around and
Lamborghinis like you do in Los Angeles and and again I am I have no problem
with inequality and stuff okay it’s envy its total envy but Santiago great place
to live great situation and now these people were angry because their subway
fares were too much and all the young people who are communist and what I did
see there is on the university there were always communist signs that they
would put there and stuff socialist stuff and now these envious everyone
wants to gut the gut and the government’s giving in they’re having so
Shola they’re worried about social justice
issues all of a sudden so big water saying that Chile is going in the good
direction you think the Argentine Argentinian
zation a bit of chilli is the good thing you think Chile going toward the
Argentine side of things is good but this is what it looks like is going on
that the people want to go to Argentina direction yes they want to do that be my
freaking guest but look what’s going on in Argentina so they’re bringing
themselves to a situation we’re dead you’re going to need Bitcoin to get your
wealth out of there so I am this situation is ridiculous that people are
getting all the van and say yeah go go protesters go protesters they’re envious
children envious children of the situation I mean they’re bringing down
the country they’re bringing down the system there this is this is not a
Bitcoin thing this is putting them into a situation where they’re gonna have to
get some Bitcoin to get average so god forbid that it becomes next Argentina
all right because that’s that’s not usually what happens over there in Chile
it’s it’s sound it was a sign I was a very sound financial system it’s very
entrepreneurial and people are envious is it it’s not good enough for them it’s
not good enough they want the government to intervene and get and redistribute
the wealth and it’s unfair that there’s people that are richer than the I mean I
can’t look bad them for this they should travel around the world and see the
horrible situations that are in other cuz I got it great over there
Greg clearly is the the best financial situation in all of in all of South
America and they want to bring it down so if you’re a Bitcoin or you’re just
blindly jumping on this bandwagon you take a few steps back take a few said
this is this is not a big coin thing this is a it’s an Envy thing and it’s an
intervention thing this is where the big boys play I mean literally the compete
don’t complain all they’re doing is complaining over there now there’s a
million people in the street complaining all right
all right so explore crypto my buddy in uh in British Columbia
maybe people are loving Bitcoin so much that they are trading it back and forth
versus being patient and cost averaging their salaries to buy more yeah of
course they are there are all sorts of people that are doing that people won’t
learn their lesson from what just happened this weekend no they’re not
gonna learn the 80 percenters never learned they’re gonna do what they’re
gonna do they’re gonna keep on trading it even though they got burnt like a
banshee this frickin weekend pal Matt like one explore trip though he’s got a
good channel he’s got two he’s a technical dude check him out alright
this door if I could hear stuff outside here this door is thinner than here in
Adelaide the walls are a bit thinner than I originally anticipated so they’re
probably hearing me scream to that like button for Australia okay um
oh I saw them gone to the price yeah I’m getting to the dark price because this
is it one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin that’s the darn price I had to talk
about Chile yes spoke about that way too much III think I can’t get do you
research people and this is the head I can’t believe big something pointers
area like go go Chile protests all right here here’s a tweet the first part I I
disagree with the second part is true this is from pop one of the main topics
that every presidential debate should be Bitcoin and crypto
it is that important whichever country wins this race will hold the significant
Vantage for decades that come that second part is what’s really important I
don’t care if the sociopathic politicians that debate in presidential
debates that they bring a big point or not
Bitcoin is going to do great without them all right it’s about action it’s
not about talking if there’s and there’s gonna be a country out there that’s
gonna be but that is buying a Bitcoin secretly now and once we understand what
country that is that country is going to be in great economic shape and when
people heard gee say the word blockchain I’m sure there are some people like oh
it’s China that’s buying up okay and then everyone’s like if China’s buying
it up we gotta buy it okay that was part of the thought process that helped pump
the darn thing but no I know I don’t think it should be talking about it so I
did that they don’t know about it if they talk about that Presidential
Debates great let them do it they’re not going to do it and it shouldn’t be the
main topic this is not about the Bitcoin has it’s not about politics all right
that they can’t they can’t change Bitcoin they can’t change the direction
of Bitcoin they can try to slow it down hands off hands off I’m up I’m for the
government hands-off approach so I’m I’ll take it to the next level I you
should they even talk about if they’re gonna have a hands-off approach to it
they know if they talk about it they’re going to be talking about like how they
are gonna try to have the attempt to ruin it or make social justice warriors
happy about it from the great hath McCook has a tweet out there check it
out is a good thread with lots of information on it I need to look at it a
little bit closer he’s talking about the cash Act he says the average price for
the quarter a big coin for your Fiat freaks with $7,600 that means a hundred
sixty five thousand Bitcoin were mined in that time and that’s 1.25 billion
dollars worth of mine supply to be absorbed by the market cash act absorbed
10% of the the mining supply so cash app is a big player in the overall the owed
the overall picture of new Bitcoin being mined so that that was his point it is I
mentioned something like this before on a past show good for cash app keep on
absorbing that new supply people keep on buying that new supply I was just sent
five dollars in the super chat by oh I got
and miss some stuff there for we tried to warn you and II found that like
button sister valve that grass he sent five Canadian dollars thank you for
supporting the show to vow and thank you for trying to be a friend to Eddie Eddie
says some interesting things in the chat he is very impulsive as some of the
things that he says but we try to be kind to him over there so he doesn’t do
things silly things I mean he’s kind of he’s got him down or attitude sometimes
he talks about he lost $60,000 he talk you gotta be positive in you’re gonna be
positive now and to vow it what should be positive I can tell thank you for
support to Bell now once you three noscope says do you think bitcoin will
come up in the 2020 presidential debates night
hey I know bitcoinmeister chunk a dog says bitcoinmeister is probably a few
countries it’s probably a few countries in Africa they might sneak up on all of
us no I think I said this on the other show I don’t think it’ll be if at the
African countries knew what was best for them yeah it would be then secretly
buying it right now unfortunately what’s probably what that’s probably gonna
happen is the third world crackpot dictators in those African countries
they’re buddies will tell them about Bitcoin and they will personally use the
funds of their country to enrich themselves by buying Bitcoin so yeah so
Africans will be buying big woman that not for the Treasury of their of their
countries for themselves personally but they will be using their people’s money
so yeah it hey that I’ve been there before I I hear that I know about
Zimbabwe I know about the Mozambique it’s ridiculous the corruption even in
South Africa that the leader I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that but the past
leader bought himself some big big houses with the people’s money so why
not buy Bitcoin with it it would be great
if an African country you know maybe Rwanda or something like that had
leaders that were not corrupted and helped their country this way switched
over to Bitcoin instead of their their weird currencies but nah I’m not
predicting that again a lot of people think it’s Japan was secretly gonna buy
it I guess China now is in the mix I would
hope it’s the United States of America maybe it’s Israel now it’s but maybe I
think that the shock wouldn’t wouldn’t shot me through some Eastern European
country that would propel itself to like first world status by doing something I
mean we’re seriously a country from Africa or Eastern Europe or Southeast
Asia they would propel themselves into a major a major major country if they did
that but it takes the fur off Greta the gratification it takes long-term of
thinking and that’s not what piraka see and government is about they want it now
they want they want the answers now they want to show off to their people now and
roaming Shusett bitcoinmeister what a beautiful week in Bitcoin a lot of big
coins transferred from the Fiat freaks to the holders of last resort wealth is
flowing from the 80% to the 20% pound that like button dude thank you for them
makes you beautiful statement on your part now I wanna share a LK 201 91 said
some 80 percenters got crucified on the death cross man sorry there sorry there
Eddie you might not like that too much but it
is true the people who are like yes cross coming better going to tether now that did not end up very well because
death cross isn’t a person death cross doesn’t can’t tell you when the
president GE is going to make an announcement
and the price of bitcoins gonna go up like $1,000 in a minute or something
Fiat freaks just learn my lost my place alright so we’ve talked about hashes of
tweet there and this is just Joe’s ending upload ending up long okay so
we’re gonna start talking about that what happened you you find digit roamers
and the yes sign arc says the previous two times Bitcoin saw a greater than 40
percent daily gain it was trading at 40 cents and 5.65 cents today’s bitcoins 42
percent swing is the third largest daily gain in price history so it was on
Friday night I guess in America Bitcoin was around seventy four hundred dollars
and over the next 24 hours it got to what ten thousand three hundred for a
few seconds and now is in the nine thousand so there was a tremendous price
increase in turn in for free up freaks and I have said before dude it’s just
one of those days for the that when people were freaking out that went down
by a thousand one thing I said there’s nobody days that goes up by a thousand
days that go up by two thousand we had on those days that was one of those
promised days you should be used to this by now people you really should be but
some people were going wild and I again it was Shabbat for me when I found out
all of this happened I was I was happy and I wanted to know you know what what
I immediately thought first thing comes in my mind is well again
every time that Zuckerberg has a hearing it goes down and every time the hearing
up is over for a few days it goes up then I learn and on that
subject matter Judy said the excitement from Lieber rumors and announcements up
from an announcement Alden overextended Bitcoin rally from
3,000 to 14,000 even though it had it has nothing to do with Bitcoin and
people don’t think geez blotching statement could get us from 7,000 to
10,000 so yes geez statement has something to do with
this Zuckerberg hearing probably had
something to do with this also well panda had a hilarious tweet out
there that says deleted tweets and charts everywhere pound that like button
no doubt about it well panda did 80 percenters out there
who are making big statements showing big sharks before all this happening
happened predicting doom and gloom you better believe they’re erasing their
tweets you’re gonna believe that Adam Meister never erases his tweets and that
the news that I have on this show if I found out they were in racing tweets I
would eviscerate them I that I that is the lowest of the low and people have to
try to change the past try to train try to change history and that’s one of the
things about the beauties of Bitcoin there is no changing history and big
coin with the blockchain no changing history but yeah I’m sure there were a
lot of people now that that that are erasing there they got a help there
their trading brand don’t want to know don’t want to see that people to know
that I made a mistake we all make mistakes people be proud of your
mistakes and learn from our mistakes in other words now I’m going to say the
first leg up it seemed like it went in stages it went from a day went up a
thousand bucks real fast all right it went up to a thousand bucks real fast
and it was right around when she made his announcement all right thanks he
said the word blotchy he leave wants to do an investigation and blotching fun
and this is why you don’t go into tether okay but you never know when
announcement is gonna be is gonna come like that and you’re stuck you’re sold
your precious Bitcoin and now it’s worth a lot
more but you’re still stuck in tether I mean it’s horrifying
but and then do you panic by at that point or do you pray that it goes back
down well some people prayed that it would go
back down but then there was more then there was more it went to the nine
thousand and something happened on Robin Hood someone paid forty one thousand if
they bought a whole Bitcoin for this or just that fraction of a Bitcoin but at a
forty one thousand dollar rate and I believe it was at that point that
Bitcoin spiked to ten thousand three hundred dollars an experiment that could
we could do is someone should try to buy a little bit of Bitcoin or Robin Hood
for an incredibly high price again and see if that I mean that that would prove
if that was part of the whole spike there are some people that said oh it’s
only because of Robin Hood that this even happen no that’s not that is doing
well also people are saying well maybe it’s because of that maybe there’s all
these all these theories out there who cares dudes this is the thing that the
long-term thinkers now we know that needs one day closer to an all-time high
okay I think it is noteworthy obviously that
in terms of Fiat price to say in terms of jumping this is one of the bit this
is the biggest day says 2017 we just said like this is the biggest day in
percentage rise since like 2011 or just ridiculous time periods these things
happen these think that is the beauty of Bitcoin we have positive days like this
they’re going to happen again they’re going to happen again and it’s that’s
why you don’t you don’t but you don’t know when they’re going to happen so why
gamble why not just hold on to your Bitcoin collect your crypto dividends
and enjoy days like this and have a big smile on one of your face because you
know that you did the right thing you never do you have to worry about oh god
I got to get back in because you suddenly spiked $1,000 and I
have a link to below there are related tweets from Nick Carter from Ooty that
are our bet if you want to explore this topic some more it is funny that this
China making an announcement still works after all these years that people feel
like I gotta buy now because of China it’s ridicu it’s a ridiculous logic okay
it’s ridiculous logic but people still fall for it still peace people still
panic when their bad things out of China – and I just kind of love Rinda Oh
another statistic WeChat searches on the 23rd which is before this for blockchain
were 770,000 and for Bitcoin were 572,000 after these announcement they
had gone from 9.2 million to 1.3 million so they say there were people
was it the price that got people interested was it G’s announced with a
there’s no doubt about it that Chinese interests spiked on social media after G
made his announcement there is something here I did I erased one of my uh I raced
one of my things here alright um yeah I talked about the 8th alright alright so
so but bottom line all this Zach Randolph
this is Bitcoin Meister it was a glitch or Robin Hood I made a video about it no
orders got filled at high prices okay so that’s fear it there all sorts of
theories here and I want to say this I want to say this to calm every you can’t
get too excited about all this stuff you can get you can have a big smiley face
and you should be happy but we should really be happy about is is the future
that people are talking one about what caused this what we know is
that bat is going to do better China is going to buy Bitcoin eventually or the
other Libra is going to get approved
eventually all these things that people are speculating about we know are going
to happen eventually and so we get a little bit of a taste of with what just
happened this weekend of what will happen eventually when they happen
eventually people were getting very excited it will be tremendous mainstream
news there are other things that are down the line that people speculate or
financialization a big coin big players institutions coming in and whenever you
have a get a rumor about it sometimes we get a spike we know all of these things
will happen and that’s why you should get into big point now early on why you
should have gotten the big coin last week why you should be good because it’s
just a matter of time before all these things happen maybe it won’t be until
2022 for solid well maybe it won’t be until 2021 or 2020 all of these big deal
of it they’re going to be so many big deal events and all of them will take
away Bitcoin supply from the market and they will make a big difference for all
the fiat freaks out there so that that’s the lesson to take away from all the
rumors and the spikes that happen that spikes of the future will be based on
reality and lack of Bitcoin in the market that holders of last resorts
gobbling it all up and not letting go get bit with their incredible strong
hands so and again they’re going to be days of panic too when we get some more
bad news about Facebook coiner when people and all the Downers out there are
like well no it’s impossible all these predictions that we know will
eventually happen they aren’t going to happen and people will dump on those
days but they are going to happen one day don’t keep a long-term mentality
about it don’t freak out about the daily the daily rumors because the future
reality is what the real value is all based upon all right finally I
linked to a Ben Shapiro video below he he talked about Zuckerberg getting
grilled by and he was saying how ridiculous it was and he even said that
he likes Libra he likes cock or he likes competition
with private money competing with public money so that that’s that’s good to hear
that that’s I’ll tie it up I’ll tie it up with that okay and Eddie just said
never try to outsmart the market dude I’m glad you said that I’ve been saying
that for a very long time and you said the other day Eddie that I call people
80 percenters that I don’t that don’t agree with me no I call people 80
percenters who try to outsmart the market who try to be impulsive who
aren’t long-term thinkers that’s what an 80 percenter is is it’s a person who
can’t defer gratification and yeah they usually don’t agree with me but it
there’s there’s a lot of people that don’t agree with me like Vinny lingham
really believes in a tokenization it’s tough he’s not an eighty percent of them
and I’m not calling him an 80 percenter he’s a smart guy that can defer
gratification does he do the right thing all the time
no but 80 percenter is not an insult that I just heard around it there’s a
basis behind being an 80 percenter they can’t defer gratification they do
impulsive things and that’s the basis of people trying to outsmart the mid-market
they’re gamblers so that there you go for those people who think don’t
understand what an 80% there is no it’s it’s a real thing it’s and that’s what
most people 80 percenters 20 percenters per our producers 20 percenters or
producers they’re not impulsive they produce 80 percent of what’s out there
20 percenters 80 percenters can’t be productive but they make a lot of
mistakes they’re not as productive as the 20% of class all right on that like
button goodbye my elite friends I and I will see you tomorrow there’s
there will be lots of talk about that I didn’t get to you today i’m adam meister
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