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  2. Thanx because I learned about the next hardfork happening on ethereum and that saying ₿-Cash has more appeal and is helpful for the whole community

  3. I learned that Ivan is obsessed with broadcast media immortality. And I also learned that the new ethereum fork is going to allow the tether mafia to print as much ethereum as they want, something they could not do with Bitcoin. Allowing a lot of wealthy people to save their money. (Ivan didn't say all that I'm just paira phrasing)

  4. I learned a lot but the most interesting was about the lotterry in which no one looses and how Defi app Compound serves the scheme. !

  5. i learned BCASH and DASH is giving the world a lot more features than BTC – maybe the price of BTC goes down because there are new better alternatives?

  6. I learned about the upcoming Ethereum hard fork, the difference between block times in BTC and ETH, the aftermath of the Plustoken scam and a lot more. Great episode again!

  7. KYC is too easy to be fooled in China, you hire a few farmers or Vietnamese to do for you, it's even available as a product/service easy to access

  8. I learned that scams like Plustoken can pump and dump the price of bitcoin and that is why ta analysis doesn’t work that well these times

  9. > Пластокен Выводит Деньги
    As a RU native speaker, I'd prefer to see the token/coin names without translation.
    Mocking EN transcription with RU letters feels confusing in my opinion.
    For example, "PlusToken выводит деньги".
    I think it would be easier for newbies to search those terms online and find good resources (like your academy or some major news).

    P.S. It might be ok to use "биткоин" or "эфириум" since they are very famous but I would not do that if I were a translator.
    Please also consider not translating terms"hard fork" since RU simply does not have a corresponding translation (as blockchain terminology is so new; but that's the issue for almost all computer related terminology as far as I know).

  10. I learned that Chainalysis is studying bitcoin transaction history to track PlusToken Ponzi scheme activity using OTC brokers who have no KYC.

  11. brother ivan- perhaps the markets are dropping bcuz of the trade deal with China & not with the scam theory. possible?

  12. Don't eat cravings, don't focus on massive increases; concentrate on analyzing history with historical lows and see the steady growth of $BTC Great teaching thanks Ivan 👍🔥 min 8:10

  13. I learned that chain analysis tells us that a ponzi is cashing out only after several months of dumping has taken place. I learned to save my money and wait before buying BTC. I learned to scroll right past bullish titles.

    I learned it may be time to take Ivan’s courses at the academy. I learned it’s time to short BTC and learn to code.

  14. its simple. people bought the ponzi (at their own risk) and the ponzi wants to sell, and people want to buy. i dont see a problem, meaning still no kyc required

  15. I have learned that it is still hard to track scammers on the blockchain, and it requires a lot of data analysis.

  16. I don't even care about the price action that much anymore, I'm past that point after being in this market for 3-4 years now.

  17. Ivan removed one of his moderators? Way to keep the integrity of the channel. I like it. If gov’t has this level of integrity, we wouldn’t have to build crypto and overthrow them. Keep up the good work Ivan 🙏🏻

  18. I learned that the ecosystem is still in its infancy cause plus token selling coins is dumping the price , i wonder what will happen is satoshis were to sell his coins ,I also learned the importance for the community to work together and united stand against exchanges and otc acepting scamed or hacked coins , we the people can make the change

  19. A few episodes ago you said you don't understand HEX because you lock your HEX up for more HEX. I'm curious how a decentralized crypto is supposed to earn you a return TRUSTLESSLY in something else without being a scam? It's my understanding the only things (besides HEX) you can earn interest on requires third party trust.

  20. I learned Ethereum is forking alredy again to delay the ice age. People are speculating devs forgot in the last fork.

  21. Ivan, when you speak with Dr. Ben Goertzel in a few days, would you please ask him why or how Singularitynet will be successful when they are competing with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Tencent, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, Facebook, etc. It is my understanding that Singularitynet plans to offer a solution for AI services that does not include monopolistic or corporate control. So singularitynet vs. Google is comparable to Linux vs. Windows. Lastly, in terms of tokenomics, is AGI value simply created by supply and demand? I know it's use case is the prime driver for the network, I'm just wondering how the value of the token would or could increase from a speculative standpoint. SingularityNET expresses strong opposition to speculative trading with the AGI token, would you please ask Ben why this is? Thanks Ivan, love your show!

  22. I learned that Ethereum Hard Forks are a big comedy show. A huge sequel with HF-Titles surpassing each other by epicness. Next HardFork: "Ethereum|BrainFuck" or "Ethereum|Poltergeist" or "Ethereum|ClimateChange". Ethereum is so irrelevant, that´s what i learned from your show! 🙂

  23. If Huobi were to deny the transactions on their exchange it would begin the bifurcation of the bitcoin blockchain, and this will destroy one of its biggest use cases. Bitcoin is bitcoin–take responsibility for your own actions, because if you expect the exchanges to start governing the blockchain, guess what: they will.

  24. Ahhh, the BTC maximalists, they can't figure out BTC is going NOWHERE for years – sideways up and down to pay the miners. The "Halving" make sit WORSE, not better! Keep paying those scammy Chinese miners …

  25. What a fukin idiot, Ivan don't know Jack! Yada yada yada, It's all a fukin scam, if the boy wasn't makin money runnin his mouth on a mic it would be on a cock. just my 2 cents, which really aint worth shit because they are in BTC.

  26. I learned about the VC ponzi scam.. thanks for the link to that video, very interesting. Sounds like another bubble waiting to burst.

  27. If no mechanism is put in place to stop these scams… crypto is never going to gain serious legitimacy. It will die a slow death. Too much news like this, too often – and everyone just shrugs their shoulders instead of trying to find a solution so we can get past this kind of crap. All the average person hears is about scam news like this… why would they ever put their hard earned money into something like this?

  28. I learned that scammers are cashing out, but I did not learn why these bad guys can not be caught. Not long ago Ivan made a stream about how easy it to track btc. Why can someone not stop them? This is not just coins… they are cashing out in dollars! Maybe Ivan can do an interview with somebody chasing scammers. It would be interesting to hear about.

  29. I learned about how Silicon Valley VC funding is often similar to a Ponzi scheme. I also checked on the VID app you mentioned…it actually looks pretty interesting, I think you should do more research on it.

  30. If the money is being all tracked and essentially blacklisted no matter where it goes is it it still permissionless money? What if you accidentally get that money unknowingly from a sale? It seems that the effort should be placed at preventing the scams or actually physically capturing the scammers rather than blacklisting the money. In the future, your wallet could be banned by those in power and essentially lock you out. Just doesn't seem like the right direction.

  31. Kids,
    821,050 #BTC is considered a LARGE amount.
    May 2020 is coming closer everyday.
    #Satoshi is back and fully supported by Real People.

    T.H.I.N.K. before it's too late.

  32. No..avoid adding sounds for your intro. Ive been watching/listening the channel since early 2018. As I litsent in the morning, its a plus to hear news/voice within the first few seconds..

  33. @ivan on tech, I learned about the btc energy value. Thank you very insightful. However doesn't this analysis show the cost rather than the price of bitcoin? price usually reflects the percieved value and is not necessarily the cost of production

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  35. I learned that the current BTC dump may be due to the Plus token cashing out. I also learned that ETH are not packaging their updates all that neatly so they have to do another one.

  36. I learned that the only platform that has really proven itself right now is Ethereum with Defi. Everything else is still in the background.

  37. This whole Ethereum thing with ice ages is kinda crazy… Who decides on the parameters of the hardfork(s)? The Ethereum Foundation? Isn't that just an easy way for them to have de facto control over the network?

  38. We can't lock up all the Bitcoin that gets stolen in ponzi's, because it all would be dirty eventually. The way to look at it is that the earlier pump this year was all ponzi as well, so we are not losing anything because the price should never have been as high as it was earlier. Its all a wash in the end, just painful if you FOMO'd in during the pump.

  39. Ivan- they can also just change it to other altcoins*(this means altcoins should shoot up)
    rather than selling dirty btc for cash to usd ,right?

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