1. Something has to be a reliable store of value before it will become a widely adopted medium of exchange, and then unit of account. Game theory

  2. What about your own recommendation to whait for 6 confirmations on a BCH transaction to avoid doble spending? So, you are talking of the speed of an NON settled BCH transaction vs. a SETTLED BTC transaction. You are manipulating de data Roger.

  3. Roger Ver in my opinion I think you are correct and you have a good vision Bitcoin is slow, expensive and unreliable it's not the future of nothing. Let's imagine if google or was slow or even the internet if it takes a day or a week to load a page.?¿ BTC is past not future and not even good as store of value, there is much more potential in other crypto like per ex BCH. Hopefully will not drag down all other crypto with it.

  4. hi Roger! good job but i discovered a channel that is explained everything better than you


    Pls enroll this for the bitcoin.com channel!

  5. As a person that started using BTC for overseas payment back in 2013, late 2017 was a total disaster. I switched to BCH for all my business uses.

  6. Stop focusing on the bad within BTC and focus on the good in BCH in the end the market will decide what coin produces more value to them

  7. Even if it is 24 minutes as it stands by today that is faster then any bank transfer. Trying to go ahead by trying to trash Bitcoin with OLD data is a bad tactics. That way you will never have success. So far your wonderful BCH is going down, down down. Stop your crap comments and start focusing on positive things. So far you are doing a bad job trying to convince the word. You are disappointing

  8. Roger, I enjoy your videos. You are a helpful voice in this space. I just suggest we stop focusing on comparing to each other, we are 2 + years post fork. BCH is building a community and growing better than all others. Please no more need to slam Btc we know it’s limitations. Don’t listen to this trying to ‘get your goat’

  9. Roger, correct me if I'm wrong on what I've understood. IF the global adoption continues and we'll see the prices going back up to areas around previous ATH (~20k USD) the waiting time and fees will go back to the arounds of peak levels you pointed?

  10. I cannot agree at all with the unreliability of btc but the slow and costly transaction on btc is why i buy BCH and BTC

  11. I'm starting to give up on humanity. There is a reason why they are called sheep by some, and I am afraid that that this may be correct unfortunately..

  12. I just cannot understand how people are so easily brainwashed by branding? Bitcoin Cash actually sounds better anyways.. And who the hell would transact everyday with "Satoshi's", what a stupid name for everyday transactions. "Hey man can you send me those Satoshi's that you owe me" lol

  13. Bilderberg Bitcoin Core meetings, have you been invited yet? Block the Stream of Bitcoin Core. Sorry LN not ready, 18 months more, rinse repeat.

  14. I don't understand why do you guys keep this nonsense cash vs core.
    It is obvious core wants btc to be store of value, with no other use. Not as a currency,but as digital gold. That implies high hash rate, priority to the security, not the transactions. They won't change idea.
    On the other side bitcoin cash is aiming to be digital cash. If one wants to keep his money safe, then he uses btc. If one wants to buy stuff, then he uses bch. They are both different views of bitcoin, they are both bitcoin. I don't like btc. I believe they both will exist. One will get value because of security and people investing in it to get rich. The other one will get value because of use cases, 1000s of merchants use bch, use case will bring bch to the sky.

  15. I love bitcoin but it doesn’t work. I’m a newer investor and can’t see bitcoin being used like bitcoin cash in the future. Its kind of simple if you stop being bias because your so invested in bitcoin.

  16. My last Bitcoin transaction confirmed in 2 seconds and was free. Ver also personally recommends you wait for 10 confirmations for bcash transactions which is approximately 100 minutes. I wonder if ver had generated his LN invoice for $50k before making the ridiculous suggestion? I'm doubting it though. More lies from roger that only stupid or uninformed people will believe. So sad…

  17. You're absolutely right Roger. With those delays in Bitcoin network we are going back to those days when banks didn't use blockchain and we had to wait days and weeks until transaction will be confirmed and money will be transfered.

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