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Mike Novogratz now yesterday we talked about a lot of exciting things that were
going on we talked about Starbucks and Microsoft’s partnership with Beck’s
going through today we have not as much good news but we do have very important
news I think and first of all like I said is gonna come from Mike and
Novogratz and he said the cryptocurrency markets will flip next year now he is
someone who is an X called min Sachs part if you don’t know who Mike welcome
Mike Novogratz is he’s the one that made predictions before and everyone started
you know catching on his predictions because they were basically higher than
the prices are now so every time a prediction higher comes out people get
excited about it he’s an ex Goldman Sachs partner and he’s the founder of
galaxy digital now he wants galaxy digital he wants to become the
goldman-sachs of crypto so he left goldman sachs at a very high position a
very you know secure position in order to play the more volatile however the
more potential high reward game of cryptocurrency has been saying it’s been
very difficult to build a business in the bear market honestly I can’t say I’m
surprised if you start a business in 2008 you would see that it was also very
difficult to start a business during any form of bear market any form of crash
but nonetheless he is continuing through with it and he thinks next year we are
going to have an overall flip so he thinks with everything that’s coming out
with back that’s coming out with you know the each potential ETF coming out
he’s bullish on the fact that next year we’re not gonna have to wait you know
two or three years before we answer the bull run he’s bullish on the fact that
we could see higher prices new all-time highs potentially next year and this
comes after we’ve seen the CEO Oh a bit pay also come out and say something as
well as they see CEO Oh sunny Singh he ventured that Bitcoin will hit 15,000 to
20,000 dollars by the end of 2019 this is coming at the same time that we’ve
seen the huge job that you guys gonna see in just a bit if you have it already
where we’re in the three thousand dollars you guys can hear all about why
I’m super super excited with that now more news as to why this is bullish news
it might look bad but it’s bullish news so two banks pay a hundred eighty two
million dollars from market manipulation this is bullish news because this shows
the problems that we are having right now and the fact that this is getting
exposed and more and more people are catching on hopefully all you guys
understand when I say that this is a normal thing that goes on and that’s
terrible it’s terrible the fact that this is normal when these big players
and this is JPMorgan Chase & Co along with Citigroup they’re gonna pay a
combined 180 2.5 million to settle a qjs accusation that they conspired to rig
interbank interest rates now again this is something this manipulation like I
said it goes on in every market it goes on everywhere big players when they get
the power it is very difficult for them to refuse to use that power or to not
use that power when they know what could happen and what happen
these guys get allegations all the time they get lawsuits all the time saying
that they are manipulating the market they’ve you know all the time and what
do they do they pay it off because you know what 182 million dollars combined
so let’s just say it’s a hundred million dollars for one easier ninety million
dollars for one that’s nothing compared to how much money they were able to make
with the manipulation right so just keep that in mind these guys basically accept
paying what they’re gonna have to pay because they know they can make a lot
more by manipulating the market that’s just how things are working and it just
become a norm either for people that don’t know about it but also don’t care
enough to figure it out it’s not very hard to figure it out but those who do
know about it think they are helpless and this is the type of stuff that I
think cryptocurrencies gonna come in this was I think as part of what’s gonna
help people shift over to cryptocurrency because obviously we also have our
manipulation we also have everything going on but I believe as we continue to
grow we’re gonna see less and less of that happened big news here again bad
news for people who believe that crypto is going to zero and that banks are the
best thing in the world but good news for those of us who are actually welcome
to use that term I’ve never used that before but those of us who are woke in
seeing that there’s a lot of a lot of dirty stuff that goes on now anyway so
anyone who turns around and says oh the bitcoins manipulated okay buddy okay
buddy now moving on we had 63 billion dollars
deleted from crypto in the last seven days this is one of the worst weeks that
we’ve had I believe since like April 2013 something like that it was a while
ago since we had something this bad now it looked like after hitting 3,600 we
were potentially making a little bit of a bounce however not looking like that
yet now for those of you guys who have been watching my videos leading up to
this I’ve been saying that I believe the 3600 to 3,800 range which my new is
pretty much exactly where we hit towards was where I thought Bitcoin could fall
and even past that to $3,000 because of everything being postponed and everyone
waiting in into in anticipation for the good news to come now a natural habit
that people have is they want the good news before they buy into something it’s
just the number one rule of how to whose money trading or how to lose money
with investments is you know by the news but everyone everyone does it anyway so
I’m trying to share with you guys that yes I do think we still have the
possibility of going to the three thousand dollars three thousand six
hundred to eight thousand was roughly the I believe the second target that I
was looking at on our way down the second larger target on our way down now
lastly I think we could definitely still see and keep in mind Bitcoin has support
all the way down to the 1000s although I don’t think that’s going to be the case
but I’ve been seeing a lot of people out there claiming at six thousand dollars
was the bottom at five thousand dollars was the bottom that four thousand
dollars was the bottom here we are at three thousand six hundred dollars and
still apparently everyone was wrong when it comes to predicting the bottom so be
careful when you listen to just something to keep in mind I have been
dollar cost averaging my way down because obviously we don’t know 100%
what’s gonna happen with cryptocurrency we don’t know what’s gonna happen with
the price of Bitcoin it could go parabolic at any moment for any given
reason as we’ve seen you know the backed announcement being postponed no one
expected that to happen but it caused the price to go down yet it seemed like
people knew that information before and they were able to do that before so
again now any moment in time we can see anything happened that’s why I’m more
calm I’m most comfortable if I am picking up Bitcoin or the all coins or
whatever it is that I’m picking up if I am a dollar cost averaging it on the way
down but is the five is the bottom finally it there is no guarantee that
the bottom is in right now guys keep that in mind I want to keep you guys it
works everyone who’s been in the trailer group and I’ve been posting daily
Bitcoin updates everyone in there knew we were probably going to these levels
so everyone in theirs excited about seeing these prices and you know trading
according to that and the possibility of course of us having an even full even
further pullback or update you guys more on that if it does come into play
looking again at the overall Bitcoin analysis like I said we are continuing
to fall we hit 3,600 there are different there are smaller
I’d say supports on the way down to the next major one being three thousand
dollars if you guys want to look at some of the supports and the resistance
moving forward here are some of them right here again these are the smaller
ones on the way on the way either up or down they are
however small so they are easier to break the larger ones are the ones that
I previously mentioned now if we look at the overall market cap guys we are
inching closer to that one hundred billion dollars in market cap we never
thought we’d see that right majority of people did it now we’re at 121 billion
with a 54.3% Bitcoin dominance and if you look at the
prices you could see that almost any alchemy trade that you would have
entered right now you would have hit a stop loss unless your stop-loss is like
minus 25% but at that point you should probably reconsider that it’s not it’s
not a very good move if you look at 24-hour change we have very few crypto
currencies in the green 4 out of the 5 are stable coins so linky breaks its way
into the top 100 being up 3% that’s what type of day it is right now we’re seeing
USD coin as well obviously another stable coin so here we go 4 out of the
no 1 2 3 4 5 I can’t count five out of the six biggest movers in the green
direction again this is in the red but it’s the smallest red mover I guess oh
we have to Heather after guys there’s a lot of it’s it’s a bad day in the market
when stable coins are dominating the 24 hour change if we look the biggest
losers stellar is down exponentially Aeons down pun
DX’s down face potential tokens down some Syrian Labs is down Bitcoin cash
thank God is down arc is doubt icons down cardano’s down Silica’s down cut
every single cryptocurrency that you could possibly want to buy just coming a
few days after Black Friday this week I guess they knew guys I’ve been saying it
crypto Black Friday is the best day of the year they decided to give us a
crypto Black Friday week ok crypto black week look at that so you guys can think
yes me thank the market for these beautiful prices we are seeing again
getting more and more excited every time we drop down
stop picking more and more up again my favorite all coins a lot of you guys
already know what they are so I’m not going to go through them every single
video some the all coins I’m looking at I think we do have a lot of all coins
with a lot of potential we also saw XRP slowly start to try to decoupled from
Bitcoin now it’s down 14.5 percent but when Bitcoin initially had it’s a drop
we saw XRP try and move upwards and that is showing xrp trying
to decouple from Bitcoin Bitcoin at sixty six billion dollars in mark koep
guys things are falling heavy but again those of us who have been prepared knew
that this was happening knew that this was a possibility and are less worried
about the outcome now getting closer and closer again though it’s only a 2.5
million dollar difference between number two and number three spot let’s give
this a refresh to see if something changes um no okay so not quite yet I
was no look if a OS passed Bitcoin cash because iOS did officially takeover
Bitcoin cash for a little bit for the number four position now again
vos is one that had a lot of potential and it’s continuing to lose and lose
this reputation over time it’s showing a lot of flaws a lot of people losing a
lot of faith in it and for good reason US has not lived up to what they said
they were going to and oh and overall stuff like that they have not lived up
to it but for a moment in time they did break to the number four spot now of
course looking like we have corrected from that now ripple XRP has the least
value dropped while Bitcoin hits 14 a 14-month lowest now what they mean by
here honestly XRP is down fourteen and a half percent almost fourteen a half
percent it’s at 34 cents I didn’t even realize it was this cheap again possible
opportunity for me to pick some more up now I’m not telling you guys what to do
not a financial advisor to sharing you guys what I’m gonna do in this situation
but again XRP I think given the job that Bitcoin has been having recently and
what the price is you know the prices it was at XRP definitely is holding its
value a lot better than most other all coins have I believe it’d be at like 20
cents or something like that if it was dropping at the same rate or following
if it was following Bitcoin directly so I do think there’s a little bit of a
decoupling happening I think we’re gonna see him more and more possible again I
am still bullish on XRP for the end of the year and lastly tether beads out
like point for the number-7 position well it’s still here guys so you know
it’s official it’s it you know it’s a bad day in the market it’s a red day in
the mark I’m not gonna say bags a lot of opportunities do come out of this you
know it’s a red day in the market when tether is moving up the ranks now out
now up to number seven before it wasn’t even in the top ten now
it’s slowly inching its way higher and higher maybe tether is going to be the
number one cryptocurrency an X rpm Bitcoin are gonna have to watch out who
knows guys who knows just kidding anyways those that’s to do
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