Bitcoin Bob Ross | Bitcoin and Friends

Hey everyone, I didn’t see you there.
Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to paint and we’re gonna start off with
a happy blue sky. Uh, which reminds me of the endless potential of Bitcoin, of course. And, uh, next we’re gonna be going into some titanium white and we’re gonna paint a
little cloud here. Yeah, right here. And uh, let’s give the cloud a little friend of course. You know we all need a friend. Perfect and now for some sap green and
we’ll start a little nice little hill over here which rolls down into a a nice
upper-middle class home. Look how quaint that is. Umm, and now this house was definitely
built for a for a man with a job. Nice and sturdy. A man who probably
worked on Wall Street or for a big bank and a man who probably loved cash and
was convinced that the dollar would be on top because he believed the future
would be just like the past, of course. And uh, next to the house will paint a nice road. And, uh, what’s this? A foreclosed sign. I guess this man just thought the good
times would roll on forever at the bank poor thing. What’s this I see a pile of
cash on the front lawn, burning. Must have been hyper-inflated.
And in fact, it looks like this poor man would have used it for toilet paper but
it was too scratchy, of course. Poor thing couldn’t even afford gas so he he’s been cooking his meals on a fiat fueled barbecue in the yard. Our poor banker friend even at the peak of his wealth refused to buy even one satoshi, of
course. And uh, opposite the cash what’s this? hmm We’ll get a little forest green and uh, hmm I see a happy little tree here in the
front yard with a nice big sturdy branch. And finally well let’s paint the sad man
here under the tree enjoying the fate of all humans who doubt my ascendancy. And with that I think the scene is complete. The end.

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