BITCOIN 70.000 DOLAR YOLUNDA MI? BTC’DE NELER OLACAK? Altcoin ve Kripto Paralarda Olaylar – Barginex

BITCOIN 70.000 DOLAR YOLUNDA MI? BTC’DE NELER OLACAK? Altcoin ve Kripto Paralarda Olaylar – Barginex

What we’ll talk about soon doesn’t include
investment advice, but it includes a possible
up-map of Bitcoin through an analysis that
has kept up to date.
Afterwards, at Bitcoin, I am expecting a hard
break, hard action, and some ideas about whether
Bitcoin falls or rises.
For those who are depressed, those who suffer
from crypto money are shaking from the air,
in the light of some data you are doing or
you come to yourself, some excitement 10 years
ago, not investing in the technology of the
technology of 10 years later, you should be
hopeful that even though the birth pains.
Get the intro.
I came to you today with 4 surprise news.
Let me tell them first.
First, we have entered the new moon, and traditionally
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Here’s my third surprise.
Record it.
Look at the records.
I make a claim that there is some excitement
and adrenaline.
We have 30 days ahead of us.
If we’re 30,000 people on YouTube by the end
of this month, you’ll get at least 2 extra
Ledgers from me and extra coin gifts.
Remember, but we’re supposed to be 30,000.
I’m going to my fourth surprise.
This is about Bitcoin.
I will share an analysis with you in the long
run, so I hope you will take a deep look in
the long run.
So today we will look at this video before
drowning in small accounts, and we will store
morale in the light of certain data, but if
you want this video to reach its purpose,
please take your own precautions.
Never mind the bitcoin, altcoin or anything
you can’t risk.
Yes, I accept that I am very excited about
Bitcoin, but I have to think about you.
Because we need to exist in crypto money without
excessive damages, without disturbing our
flow of life, family life, if we will.
If we’re not going to be watching this video,
maybe there’s no point.
Otherwise, we don’t even know what’s going
Anyway, folks, I’m moving on to that analysis.
b-Connoisseurs knows that a few years ago
there wasn’t much Bitcoin analyst, but there
was Masterluc, Pentarhudi in tradingview.
This person usually used to make short and
long term analyzes every 3-5 months.
In other words, he does not usually deal with
short-term, daily and short-term, but sits,
for example, draws a 3-year decline and ascension
Usually it was right.
Look for masterluc in the sour dictionary
of all the fluctuations in the history of
Bitcoin as they know they wrote positive things.
Anyway, I’m going to share an accurate analysis
of this person up to 90% today.
If you say why you do this, there is no such
thing as I will share my own analysis in every
video, we do it abundantly, we need to include
different sounds in order to be able to color
the videos as much as possible, and to offer
you different perspectives, and even Crypto
Dictionary I think it brings it forward.
And I think it’s a good thing to bring those
analyzes to you and to be a bridge between
We open up a little mind.
In fact, if you recall a similar one, we also
talked about an analysis that revealed that
Coca-Cola shares and Bitcoin’s price were
moving very similar.
If I’m not mistaken then, Bitcoin was around
$ 5,000, and that analysis said it would rise.
Anyway, Masterluc shared it when analysis
calendars showed December 2, 2018.
So, Bitcoin, you know how much?
That’s $ 4087.
I mean, it wasn’t even $ 4100, but it’s a
long-term job.
Now you see it on the screen.
At that time, he said, Bitcoin won’t stay
at $ 4,000, but it’s going to make it a little
bit lower.
You know, there’s a drop down to $ 2300, but
we didn’t fall down there.
Bitcoin around $ 3,000 was beginning to rise
shortly after it stayed.
Anyway, after this fall Bitcoin says it will
rise, but to what extent?
He’s pointing and pointing at 13900.
Here you see the brother in all its nakedness.
He said he was going to go down, but now we’re
going on that plan, folks.
He says we’re going to drop $ 6500 on this
route right now, but that’s not the message
I want to give in this video.
Hey guys, look, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna
There is a possibility that we can go for
$ 6500, or we have just talked about the same
analysis.We went to work.
It could be the same thing again.
The message I want to give is the story I
want to tell.
So after this bottom wave, Masterluc says
the target for Bitcoin is $ 70,000.
In other words, all the fluctuations in the
history of Bitcoin known that this person
known as the target of $ 4,000 while Bitcoin
$ 70,000.
Here’s just a little vague part, I think,
there’s no exact date, probably from tradingview,
but when we look at the previous months, it
seems to correspond to approximately 2021-2022.
Now, until this part of the video, I usually
wanted to tell you about it without adding
my own comments.
If you ask me my opinion, I can briefly say
the following.
Yes, of course it can.
I think how Bitcoin was in 2013 fell from
$ 1200 to $ 150-200 and then rocketed up.
It may be the same again, but we need to take
the risk as much as we wouldn’t worry if it’s
the other way around.
This of course varies from person to person.
Going for $ 70,000, for example, and putting
a lot of money to buy Bitcoin can be a terrible
Of course, everyone is free, they can do whatever
they want.
What I don’t want to do here is to guide you
in the dark.
First of all, you shouldn’t buy every story
and every event easily, but if you go up to
$ 70,000, the starting story may be the halving
block we call halving, but it can only be
the starting story.
Halving alone is not enough power to continue.
And, unfortunately, because we’re in a manipulative
market, you see, if you wanted to see them
recently, they could raise $ 3,000 on the
same day.
So what?
Send Bass Tether to the stock market as long
as you want.
And don’t forget what I have to say in this
$ 70,000 conversation, my friends.
As the entire crypto currency market, especially
Bitcoin, matures, as new investors arrive,
we will see new correlations that we have
never seen before.
So what does that mean?
Bitcoin, for example, will react badly when
the FED raises interest rates.
It doesn’t give now, for example, what happened
when you cut interest rates a day or two ago,
there wasn’t much of a move in Bitcoin, but
close your eyes and imagine for a moment.
Imagine those who have whales in other markets,
for example, who hold lots of dollars in their
hands, and buy some Bitcoin with this money.
The man will now have a solid investment in
both Bitcoin and dollar.
When the FED cuts the interest rates in the
dollar, there will be an expectation of a
fall in the market.
For example, he will go and take that dollar
before he drops it and buy Bitcoin.
What’s that gonna change in Bitcoin?
The answer, I think, is that Bitcoin is now
more likely to be affected by many incidents
than crypto currencies, such as the possibility
of war, such as the Fed’s interest rate decisions.
That’s what I’m talking about, but probably
after a new wave of ascension.
So if masterluc’s analysis continues to work
correctly and Bitcoin catches $ 70,000, there’s
probably a downward trend that might come
after it, and if Bitcoin hits $ 70,000, of
course, more people will know about Bitcoin
than in 2017, so maybe invest in Bitcoin.
I think this will enter our lives more than
now, maybe a little digital gold consistency.
I made an example scenario for you guys.
Well, at the beginning of the video that we
talk about at the beginning of Bitcoin today,
what can happen tomorrow, decline or rise,
even if you say, first of all, look at my
Telegram channel last night, we started to
go in a descending triangle again.
Recall from the previous videos, there was
a sharp decline at the end of the triangle.
It can happen again.
Now we have come to the end of the triangle
so that we can wait for the decline and ascension
stops, very narrow.
So let me tell you this.
If Bitcoin could throw over $ 9250 and hold
on, it might have canceled our expectation
of a natural fall from the triangle, but otherwise
it would be dangerous to stand over $ 9000
as I said in my Bitcoin analysis video 3-4
days ago.
That’s $ 9050, $ 9100.
These are dangerous areas.
Probably a bitcoin for under $ 9000, and I
might even give you a date.
Of course, 100 percent may not say a hard
move until the closing of November 2, but
I’m talking about investment advice is not.
That’s Bitcoin.
I expect everything from China, I do not know
a statement from here and there, in the case
of what does not come in the natural flow
of life trying to explain them.
Yes, folks, I shared with you today masterluc’s
analysis, what can happen tomorrow at Bitcoin
We talked about this briefly.
Although we haven’t done our analysis in November,
we’re a little late this month.
Very likely next week.
Now you can also sponsor successful traders.
n I would like to talk about Barginex, which
has the ability to copy one-to-one.
I put the link in the description part of
this video, you can look at it from there.
Barginex is a stock market and there are crypto
coins in it, yes, but not only.
There is a stock exchange of traditional currencies
like dollar, euro, which we call forex exchange
in foreign currency, there is a stock exchange
of crypto currencies, there is a stock exchange
of empties that we call derivative markets
and finally there are index markets but we
want to focus on crypto currencies.
There are coins such as Cardano, Bitcoin,
Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Monero, XRP in
the crypto money exchange.
It seems to me that there is not much variety
of coins, but Barginex says we want to be
the best in this crypto currency and forex.
And folks, our of Hydro investors in Turkey
probably do not write very well know that
the Google’s not Hydro’s two-factor protection
of kullanıyor.y new first code 2f you receive
the phone when entering Barginex website,
you acknowledge opposite the entrance to your
mobile phone.
I think it’s nice for them to go through this
kind of innovation if they’ve done enough
tests for security.
If you’d like to use this feature of Hydro,
select the blog from the tabs above and explain
how to do it there.
It also offers real-time data, and we have
a trading analysis tool with blockchain-based
There are up to 200x leverage so that those
who really know the leverage take responsibility.
Otherwise, I do not recommend too much and
they say that we serve more than 150 countries.
In short, if we talk about other features,
there is no authentication process that we
call KYC in 5 Bitcoin transactions.
This is a 5-bitcoin-debated right to verdict
that you don’t want authentication underneath.
During the authentication process, they worked
with a company called Civic.
In the meantime, we’re chatting here, the
word opens.
Look at this Civic, you guys have developed
a direct vertical business model, and he walks
They also work with the Brave scanner.
Anyway, apart from these, our commissions
are low, you can see the transactions in the
stock market as performance graphs and of
course we have copy trade feature.
Although this feature looks nice, it should
be used with caution.
Copy trade event, for example, one of the
people you see as an expert in the system
can sell all purchases automatically according
to the figure you specify and you can make
So the guy you’re following as an expert has
gone gone to XRP, as well as you are automatically
getting XRP.
Of course, even if it provides convenience
in a way and allows you to make money from
the transactions of the people you are experts
in theory, everyone will do harm, and if that
expert does harm, you can also harm.
Pros, cons of this copy trade business in
this way.
I just want to draw your attention to something
else inside.
You can see the popular traders monthly.
If you do not click on the names of the details
you see only the profits.
In other words, you see that 40% profit maker
makes 40% profit while 30% profit maker makes
no profit.
So we need to go inside and take a good look
if we do.
Barginex’s good, by the way.
Insco Bitcoin shooting fee is just like 45
cents at the current rate.
I mean, it’s 3 pounds or something.
There are certain fees for the long position
and the short position.
There is a documentation section inside.
You can get more detailed information from
On the other hand, there is no restriction
on the minimum amount to be paid to Barginex.
As I said, the link to Barginex is down.
You can take a look, you can use it if you
think it is the job you know.
I’m just putting options on the table and
trying to help you decide without making any
As a result, a company founded in 2018 Barginex
and yes we can say that it is
very new in general, but when we consider
the crypto coins in 2017 with Bitcoin’s
big rise, many good
and bad startups emerged.
Now, fellas, if we talked
about Barginex, let’s move on to the bonus
info column of the day.
I would like
to tell you about the ketchup we know in the
bonus info corner.
Friends, ketchup due to lycopene in tomatoes
in the treatment of various diseases such
as cholera intended to be sold as a drug.
In the meantime, this video is not so long
as it is known that withdrawal or something,
this time I did not include comments from
you, but the same in the next video continue.
You might wonder about the balloons in the
Today is my daughter’s first birthday.
We’il congratulate him after we release this
Now, if you like, let’s go to the lottery
and let me
see who are the lucky winners of
this month’s signed Bitcoin tshirt.
the meantime, if the winners write their e-mail
addresses under this video via their YouTube
profile, I’ll reach them and
get their thirt bodies and addresses.
Come on, let’s go.


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