Beti Episode 10 – 8th January 2019 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

So Mr. Aazhar, you are sitting here studying. And I am looking for you all over the university Why? Everything okay? How did I get so lucky today that miss Marium herself is looking for me? Madam, only one week left for the exams and I have no preparation. That’s why I thought I would come early today and do some self study You are a very bad person mister Aazhar. You were studying on your own, you could’ve sent a text message at least. I would’ve come to study with you. Madam, intelligent people like you don’t need to study like this. This is for us dumb ones who have to do some extra hard work to compete with people like you Yes yes, I know all your excuses. You sit here to check out all the pretty girls in the university What? Such a big allegation. God forgive me, You are watching this God, she is such a cruel girl. Where have you trapped me God? Enough, I am not getting fooled by your innocence. Even if you go a thousand miles away I would still find you and follow you. Oh, that would be my good fortune, that you stay with me like my shadow That day would so beautiful, when you will become a part of my life, and never leave I thought that you came in to my life to never leave. I didn’t know you are one of those who abandon there partners along the way Your mother will not let your family be ruined. Nobody knows better then me what loneliness is. I will go and talk myself That clever Majid has made it difficult for me to even step out in the neighborhood Mother, you leave everything. You just do one thing. Get me a spell from the religious figure to kill Majid. The whole problem will be solved What will that cursed man do with all that money. Will he take it with him in the grave I want to talk to you people about something What happened to you? Do you also want to run away like Aazhar’s wife? Oh no, she won’t even be able to do that. She would have to move her arms and legs for that. How would she be able to do that? Now speak up I wanted to say that, since we are the elders of this house, we should explain to Aazhar. It would not be good if his family splits like this Look, me and mother are the elders of this house. We will do what we feel is better for everyone. You go and put your small brain in cooking food in the kitchen Look at her. The one whose daughter’s house is breaking is not concerned but she’s getting depressed in her memory Come sister please come. Welcome to our house.How did you forget the way today? Oh she must have come to take sides with her daughter and call our son a useless person and to call us inferior No, please for God’s sake don’t humiliate me and my daughter so much, she is very innocent You mean she’s innocent and we are evil? Look what she’s saying mother No it’s not what I meant. I have come here to ask forgiveness on her behalf. She is not that sensible she still doesn’t know how to manage relationships. I will talk to her Okay so we get the blame for this as well? Your daughter curses us and leaves this house and we are the ones who get the blame, right? Look we didn’t ask her to leave. She left in the middle of the night and humiliated her husband in front of every one I know. She is naive and ignorant. I will talk to her. Please just overlook her mistake this time. Give her one more chance. I am her mother, she will listen to me Oh so do have any respect? Standing there like a statue. A guest is standing next to you at least ask what they would like to eat or drink. Regardless of what there daughter has done to us But we are not so disrespectful that we won’t even offer our guest a glass of water. Go and get something to drink!
Regardless of what there daughter has done to us But we are not so disrespectful that we won’t even offer our guest a glass of water. Go and get something to drink! And you, now that you’re here at least have a seat, don’t stand on my head Look sister. It doesn’t matter if they agree or not. First, how do you expect us to agree? We had already lost our son to your daughter’s brainwashing. But thank God he got some sense Listen Hashmat. I think you should settle her daughter’s matter today. I am tired of this daily nonsense For God’s sake please don’t do anything harsh with our daughter I am giving you my assurance everything will be okay. For God’s sakes please don’t talk like this about making a decision about my daughter Oh, and what would we do with your assurance? Should we just gamble on our child and his coming generations simply on your assurance? Look, your clever tricks will not work here don’t play these games with us No I am not playing any games with you people. Please have faith in my word. I am saying this from my heart, I am saying the truth Mother, I can not stand watching a woman cry. My heart is very weak. You take care of this please Look woman, after knowing what you and your daughter have done in the past, how do we believe that you are telling the truth? Honestly, I have no trust on you and your daughter anymore Mother, I think there is one way we could settle this. Look, Marium is after all our son’s wife. We should give her one more chance Hmm, what you’re saying is right. But there will be one condition condition? I don’t know what mother will decide Marium made a big mistake. I told her that it is difficult for her to win this fight But she left the house But mother she didn’t do anything willingly she forcefully had to choose this path because of these people Mother, you are Aazhar’s mother. Talk to him. It might help him to differentiate between right and wrong Mother? I’m just a source to bring Taimoor and Aazhar in this world otherwise, it was always their grand-mother who had a right to take their decisions I couldn’t even dress up my children according to my will I had to take mother’s permission to hug them If they had flu or fever due to bad weather, mother used to punish me for that Marium did the right thing. She didn’t handover her daughter to them but is facing them bravely But it is difficult to fight with mother Honestly, Aazhar disappointed me alot. I wasn’t expecting this from him Look sister, a man’s ego is everything for him and your daughter hurt Aazhar’s ego and left This insulted him, so it will take sometime. It is not easy to make him understand things Also, there are Sonia and Fareeda who live in this house. They do not dare to raise their voices infront of their husbands Bringing Marium back to the house will disturb our home’s environment Ofcourse, afterall we have to answer them as well. If you want to bring your daughter and grand-daughter back to this house then atleast help us a little Okay! I’m ready to do anything you will ask to bring my daughter back to this house Now, this has made things easy for us Okay, then give us the ownership of your house House? Look, now you have to decide what to save, either its your house or your daughter’s house Look, you don’t have to live forever. Your daughter and her children will get the ownership of your house after you will die. Then why not now? But your name? Look sister, Aazhar is not ready to bring Marium back to this house we will do something if you will help us If she will get divorce, she would have to prove her innocence to the society for her whole life. Also, she gave birth to a girl How many would she answer to about her father? Look sister, we have told the easy way out. Now you have to decide that its either your house or your daughter’s house Look Aazhar, I do understand your problems. But it is very difficult for me to get this loan approved due to company’s policies Policies, what policies? An employee can get the loan after two years services and you have served for one year only Can you please try it once? If you say, can I talk to Mr. Dewaan myself? You can try if you want to but it is very difficult. He doesn’t go against policies to give favors to anyone Where is Naheed sister? I brought this all for … You shameless woman, why have you brought this lavish tea for a woman who’s daughter insulted us and left the house? Mother asked me … Really? How obedient you are, you liar. As if you listen to me all the time She is lying. There is no need of this, you lazy woman Put it here! Give it to me Take it mother! Marium! Mother, where were you? You didn’t inform me, I was so worried My child, you were awake the whole night so I thought you must be sleeping How’s my doll? She is sleeping. Her grand-mother loved her so much. She is fine Grand-mother can give her life for her Mother, what happened to you? Aasiya! Mother? What has happened to you? I’ve told you before not to go alone without telling anyone like this. Where did you go? Dear, I had some important things to do What was so important that you had to go all by yourself. Look at your condition. You BP is low and I think you have some fever as well Dear I am absolutely fine. You should not worry about me unnecessarily Focus on your child. Did you give her medicine? I will go and prepare something for her Is everything alright mother? Yes ofcourse, everything is fine But it doesn’t seem right to me. Tell me the truth, where did you go? When I’ve told you once that everything is fine that means everything is fine. Believe it. You start investigating everything Look Shajia is crying, go and check on her Oh Majid, why have you forgotten all that has happened in the past and acting like I am your enemy? All these people have witnessed our friendship. Oh brothers, tell me, what is our friendship like? Yes Uncle Majid, we have such an old relation with you, please be a little considerate with us Oh beware of these clever father and son. I will break this lock Look Majid, this shop is my bread and butter. Leave it alone I am telling you right now Hey listen to me, the amount you owe me for the supplies you have taken from my shop on credit is more then what this shop is worth You have waited for so long can’t you wait for a few more days? I will pay back every single penny that I owe you. I am saying this in front of so many people Yes Uncle, we have the right to ask you for this much a favor. At least some time would be required to arrange the amount. Please, you people help us to explain him. Oh Majid, let them go. They will return your money, they have recently suffered a robbery. They are already worried Money doesn’t grow on trees. He will return you when he has the amount. Let them go Listen brother, you all can be fooled by these clever people. I will not. I am going to take what they owe me. And listen to me loud and clear. This is now Majid’s shop! Oh my God, why did’nt you kill me before I heard what he just said. My childhood friend has become my enemy Oh my God, just take away my life now. I don’t want to live in this world anymore, Taimur! I will give away my life. I will come under a truck and commit suicide Look, for you Hashmat will give his life. Just let me go, I am going to die Bring water Majid just let them go Greetings Aunty. I have seen you after so long Greetings, I was just passing by so I thought I would meet Naheed. She never comes to my house Okay leave it, come inside. I will go and call mother, have a seat and finally I got to meet you too. I had not seen you ever since you got married. Are you here to stay? How is your daughter? Naheed told me you’re a mother now Have a seat aunty. I will call mother Is that Faakhra? What a pleasant surprise. What brings you here today? I wanted to meet Marium, that’s why. You had told me she never comes here but see, I found her here today God bless her, she looks just like a Marium. She is such a doll COngratulations Naheed Thank you Marium, your mother misses you alot, you should come to meet her more often And you know what? What daughter’s come home smiling it refreshes us even more And when a daughter and her husband come home happily, it gives peace to a mother, she sleeps well. Other she stays restless And she gets strange thoughts in her mind. Every mother wants that her daughter stays happily after marriage. Why Naheed, am I saying wrong? Marium, bring some tea for Aunty Yes mother, I will And you tell me, how’s everything at home? Everything’s fine And when a daughter and her husband come home happily, it gives peace to a mother, she sleeps well. Other she stays restless And she gets strange thoughts in her mind Every mother wants that her daughter stays happily after marriage Aunt is right! Mother must have gotten sick because of me I shouldn’t have come here. But where else could I go Should I have let grand-mother be cruel towards Shajiya? Should I have handed-over Shajiya to grand-mother like Sonia sister? and be like a puppet following her order blindly? You have hurt us alot Aazhar I fulfilled your all wishes hoping that one day you will take responsibilities of this house Neither did your corporate job come in handy nor did your wife bring good fortune to this house On the other hand, it seems that our house is facing more problems ever since she has come to this house Father I’m trying my best. I have talked to my company’s higher management. We will find some solution very soon You and your management. Like mother like son You are acting the way she does What shall I do about Majid? She is asking for his payments Father, you have taken so many loans. If you had paid them little by little, we could have gotten some supplies on credit from uncle Majid atleast the shop would not be sealed today How would I have known that despite of being so strong you won’t be able to fight those 4 thieves You gave away everything The shop is locked because of you, not Hashmat You should have supported your father and saved some money so he would not have faced this difficulty Wow grand-mother. Now suddenly everything is my fault How would I saved any money? Father never paid me more than my daily expense Father would keep all the earnings from the shop to himself Mother I’m telling you, we are feeding a snake Father you can say whatever you want to. In the end it was your mistake There is no point in abusing me now. This is what I got after serving you my entire life Get lost! You also go and cry on your wife’s betrayal Good that she left you. You couldn’t be of any help to your father, how could you be any help to your wife? Useless person Get lost! Hasn’t he started spewing venom. What’s the matter? Hey, are you and Sonia inciting him? No mother, what are you talking about? Listen to me carefully, if I will find any proof then remember, I will burn you alive here The boy who never spoke infront of his father before is speaking this much. There must be something wrong Bring me tea Idiot! I don’t want it. Go inside Don’t you have anything else to do than rest You are all the time resting. Your drama starts as soon as you see your husband coming I fell asleep while waiting for you Were you waiting for me with this nuisance face? Go and bring me food Go! Was waiting for me Where are you? Now tell me, what did you talk about to father after I left? Father is very tensed. This shop created such crisis in Marium’s and Aazhar’s relationship that Marium had to leave the house What are you trying to say? Speak up! Taimoor, why don’t you help them if you have this much money I have already told you that you have to pretend as if you never saw this money I don’t want to hear you discussing about that money ever. You understood? Grand-mother always think that I incite you but you don’t want to help them why do I have to face everyone’s hatred? When did you start stalking so much? Listen, don’t try to be Marium because I’m not Aazhar who will sit quietly I will shred your skin. Do you understand? Yes! O my Lord, put kindness in Aazhar’s heart clear all the misunderstandings between them she can cry on my shoulder today because I’m alive. But there is no guarantee of life who will she go to with her problems if I’m not there O Lord, please bless my daughter’s home and she goes back to live with her husband Oh God, I can not bear watching my daughter’s pain, please have mercy on us Oh God, please have mercy on my daughter Mother, I did not have any intention of hurting your feelings. If it was up to me I would never have come from there. But I can not bear Aazhar’s behavior, and neither Grandmother and father’s cruel attitude. It is more than I can bear My dear. we are helpless now. My heart wishes that I could keep you in my arms forever. But daughter’s have to leave their parent’s home They have to start a new home with their husband. What can I do dear. I am totally helpless I have complete faith that what you are saying is right. But it is very difficult for me to survive over there You did not make any mistake by coming here. But, leaving your husband’s home without his permission was a huge mistake But mother my daughter was not safe over there. Grandmother could have done anything with her at any time My dear, that was your mistake. You were thinking only as a mother. You did not think as Aazhar wife Look dear, he would have had to face so much criticism over there. Shajia is not just your daughter. She is also Aazhar’s daughter I have seen Aazhar cry alot for you and Shajia in the hospital. He loves you too a lot. But it’s not like this any more mother. Aazhar has changed a lot. Grandmother just wants to kill Shajia. If it was up to her Shajia would never even have come home from the hospital And now that she is home, grandmother is just after her life And Aazhar is just blinded by grandmother, which I can never change So then you should not have run away like this. You should have stayed and faced the challenges. You can open Aazhar’s blindfold with your love So you think I should return to that place? Even if they open there doors for me or not? Fine, I will go back if you say so, regardless of how they treat me. Whether they open the doors of there house for me or not Look sister, Aazhar has no intention of bringing Marium back to this house. If you help us with our problem, we will try to find a way Okay then, if you want then I will go back to that home. But do you really think Aazhar will accept me? If Aazhar will accept me then I will never leave his home. But that will never happen mother You and I both know this No Marium, that’s not what I meant I know you are right This home is your own. You can live here with Shajia for as long as you want Now till Aazhar does not realize his own mistake and does not come to take you and Shajia, you and Shajia are not going anywhere from here Go and rest in your room. Shajia would get worried if she wakes up and you’re not there Go dear I will not let my daughter’s ego get hurt. Aazhar will have to come and take Marium and Shajia back with love and respect Look at him, feeling sad for his wife while she is relaxing in her home. Meanwhile he is acting like a sad movie hero Grandmother is it you? Why are you standing there? Why would I come here. I have so many problems of my own I was not feeling well, couldn’t find my medicine. I saw you room’s light was on so I came here Why are you awake so late at night? I’m awake for my office work I was just about to go to bed Look here in my eyes. Don’t lie to me, I have brought you up You mother did not take care of you when you were a baby, I did. Your mother used to be sleeping all the time. It was me who used to stay awake all night long for you. I’m your mother, I know you from the inside Grandmother you are right I feel so sad when I see you depressed like this. I can not bear watching you like this I had tried to explain to you earlier that these university girls are not your type I dont know how she had blinded you that you couldn’t see a thing. Now look how she just ran away Oh who is calling you this late in the middle of the night? Grandmother it’s a friend from office Grandmother I am very sleepy now, I want to sleep, and you need to get some rest too I know who is calling you. She left after cursing you, still you are dyeing for her? fine, do whatever you want

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