Banknotes of South Vietnam

and today I would like to show him a
case myself Fiat minis banknotes don’t they look pretty eat the first
letter banknotes I’d like to show you the ones that come from 1955 have a look
I don’t have them all but the first issue was this one down here in which it
comes in 2 1 5 10 and 20 down that were pretty similar to the indo-chinese
banknotes and here I have it compared to the Lau 5 Kip which is this one here as
you can see they’re most likely printed by the same company the serial numbers
pretty much the same the actual style is overall the same and if you have a look
at this one this one’s also issued a 9 in 55 and probably issued after this one
stand bottom but I do not know and the information is coming flick ting okay
also issued versus 100 dong as you can see he has two prefixes will move one
letter and one with two letter on the back or fact that shit on the back has
the Phoenix which would have come from Chinese mythology and adopted by Vietnam
as we know Vietnam has adopted a lot of Chinese things and this is just one of
him yeah this one shows a but enough look at
the fucker fuck it’s gone fast fuck you fucking pump it up pump it up
let’s go faster bastard oh look at this pork comes fucking in war on the cows
gonna get a fuck off I wanna get he get me any fucking water even though I’m a
water buffalo I fucking hide it kidney out 50 Dom no no she’s feeding a
cow this is dinner mmm you’re gonna be
dinner you’re going to be my bloody rose look at the two holes someone tried to
shoot count I do aah then he’s cute a couple one holding
some grain like it’s a baby you and holding the forks in my fuckin pitchfork
motherfucker as you can see the designs are great these are printed in the
United States and they have no watermark you can see the reverse of the 5 Kip and
the $5 pretty much the same in design although they reflect the cultural
values of the country like his hat I want one like yeah okay if you have a
look at the others this one is a guy no idea what he’s doing because the
banknote is pretty staffed but it’s probably something to do fries
traditional housing yeah another traditional house oh yeah and I like
this one this looks like a temple no idea where it is oh look security bank
note company it’s better I can read on it Boyd on hi Dom now I’m done not more
Dom Oh single color and beautiful this is the watermark with the stealth paint
nice Park dong a moving along to the 60s here we have a 1 and $100 ok this on
issue 1964 this will never issued 1960 or 1966 and this one issue 1966 as you
can see the $100 on a divan toy yet ok this has been described as a National
Library in Saigon and if you can see the signatures this
guy was in power until about 1975 then he probably ran away but I do not know
who this what this science or whether sighs I expect be amazed in this
two-hour consecutive pair I’ve never actually come across any self enemies
bundles of X pairs or something like that before
so this is the first one I’ve seen and for a lot of people first one you’ve
seen okay here we have the reverse look we have a tractor the one dong some damn
on the $100 1960 and we have the temple which is the same temple that was on the
ten dollar 1955 but as you can see the colors changed and it was no standard
coloration for all banknotes in South Vietnam and I presume the counterfeiting
by the north and China and Russia would have been quite high especially for
these banknotes you say fuck all security features at least this one is
the security thread and that has a watermark if I bring it up yep
leave and I put them out but also have ones with a dragon on it as well and if
I show this one this one has come wheat unless it’s made that way this one the
one dong has the same thing this image also is included on the 1 5 and 10
dollar South Vietnam on the coins I mean okay so that is they reverses okay here
I have some banknotes from 1969 to 1971 20 $50 issued in 1969 100 200 500 on
issue 97 e1000 1971 this one has the National Bank building in Saigon and
designs pretty abstract reverses nothing at all discernible except for the
writing and the number everything else is just abstract and quite easily
printed okay the watermark you turn home towel and if you can see that’s in there
and it’s on all of these banknotes here okay the last issue of banknotes disease ones
has independence palace of Sai Gon on the front which is now a museum as far
as ID but I have no idea here the reverse of these banknotes have
different images apart from the preceding banknotes which had nothing
that was that discernible this one has horses on the 5100 water buffalo 200 SDR
is my favourite one 500 has the tiger looks beautiful this grouse Indy 1000
has elephants that were used as pack animals okay if you have a look at the
watermark it’s just a self Viennese woman I presume able to use the model
but I have no idea who it is you can see how the colorations changed over time
especially forward to 100 he adds it was black and then went sort of like a brown
then a red then the last to issue my 70s green the 50 was pretty similar purple
then I went to like a bluish green to 200 yeah like a brownish color 500
orange orange brown 1000 like a bluish color – okay now in 1966 this equal one
American dollar in 1975 just five hundred to one American dollar and 1975
the new banknotes are issued that were printed in 1966 and is equal to one nude
on nude about fifty old doll okay it’s the reverse dip communist team as
manufacturing this is agriculture can’t see any what
Marcus although because it’s beat up you probably does have one okay so I hope
you like my presentation and I hope that you look at the other videos please like
and subscribe and let me know if you came by

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