Bank of England £5 banknote 1971-91

so hello people are you going today and
here I have banknotes from the Bank of England and this is a five-pound
banknote and as you can tell it is used in the United Kingdom but these
banknotes are really only legal tender in England and Wales and in Scotland in
Northern Ireland they do have their own different
banknotes which are backed by these banknotes Bank of England anyway enough
of that yeah this banknote was issued between 1971 xi 1171 229 for the 1191
yeah they are no longer legal tender means you cannot spend them in the shops
but you can take it to a bank of england and exchange it for a 5-pound bank night
free of charge and people inside outside can post banknotes to the Bank of
England and they’ll send it back to you but anything under 1000 pounds you don’t
need ID over 1000 year new ID so let’s get int so you have the serial number
it’s quite a long one so you can have like a hundred mean banknotes for this a
and two billion six hundred million banknotes all up just just in the a
range and it just goes up X up from there okay these in this circle here
he’s a the Roman god victory she has a riff on ahead
I presume crowning a console or the victor and has two horses now if those
are for us as a be called a quadriga but these are only two horses maybe
that’s don’t know why it has just two horses because I haven’t found much
reference in our Roman history on eating it about a quadriga
contained just taursus but why not so that means victory is I presume that
means I the victory of the UK then here we have um Britannia now Britannia was
Roman icon for Britain and I was adopted by the UK government I’m just a years
ago to represent Britain and you used to be on the what used to be on the old one
penny before was decimalised then was on the fifty pence and outs on
the two pound coin which is pretty fitting because they need to change the
denomination today most probably not the most used but the most vague point of
the time okay and that’s a symbol for the pound five pounds and his chief
cashier was the last chief cashier in the 80s and this baton I was replaced in
1990 actually in 91 was owner Sam main on legal tender okay yep Queen Elizabeth
the second that’s um that will be which is in her 20s okay
you have a watermark day and I’ll show you the bank what a water my security
features I presume it says need be somewhere maybe not this is a security
Fred as you can see it’s not bad it’s a cashew nuts part metallic pot plastic
continue considering it just fades in certain places the reverse of the right
now he has Duke of Wellington a Wellington and this is our foe Wesley
and he actually was the guy along with ke baad like hard on Lisa
it was a Prussian general who defeated Napoleon in 1815 and as you can see it’s
mmm various medals from the UK which I’ve no
idea what they are you know 1769 to 1852 that’s when you
was born and died okay here we have yeah it says battle with Spain but this will
be probably format could be from a painting but I haven’t found any
reference really to it okay the top there’s no security feature five pounds
in no micro print and these are also security features as well they’re a bit
hard to engrave especially um if you had to take so much time in doing that and
so these lines up here just part here is easy to counterfeit there’s white panels
down there and the water mine as you can see there’s actually the Duke of
Wellington as well so then did a main secure security features Oh security
Fred and a watermark they’ll pretty standard on most being that’s at the
time except for most likely the United States so not bad bank night what a time
it was a pretty standard in design and coloration if the bank UK Beckner so
been ok ever since the 70s beforehand they were you know pretty crap in design
French banknotes always been better than UK banknotes that’s gonna take a lot a
lot of people from the UK public anyway no no
the French okay anyone from the mainland Europe and
Ireland they’ve always had a bit of like Knights in the UK and everyone has
better banknotes in the United States okay so that’s a Bank of England
five-pound knight from 71 to 91 hope you like this type of beat night I actually
like the quadtree g’day that’s why at least paint now it’s quite good so if
you click UK banknotes leaving no comment down below of what you think I’m
okay thank you very much and have a nice day

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