1. re: Eth 2.0 launch "current Ethereum (1.0) – was born with the task of prolonging the life of the chain for at least another 3-5 years, before a more dramatic upgrade to Serenity (Eth 2.0) arrives. https://blog.ethereum.org/2019/12/10/eth1x-files-fast-sync/

  2. No thanks…..you can keep your useless Bitcoin…..we will buy crypto’s which actually have real use case value like Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2) and Credits (CS) Blockchain. Bitcoin network will collapse with the Banking System because it can’t handle transactions and is increasingly centralized mostly by huge Chinese mining farms/pools and scaling lightning network.

  3. I learned that Aragon App did't work after the Istanbul upgrade.. Great info today! I also learned that the colon looking thing in TA is a bollinger band.

  4. Today I learned that if it looks like duct tape, sounds like duct tape and walks like duct tape, it's probably a duct taped economy!

  5. imo u should consider removing the market outlook from ur videos.
    everybody in crypto checking the price on an hourly basis anyway, so no point wasting time on that lol.

  6. I learned how repressive certain platforms (**cough cough**), and how desperately content providers need decentralized platforms!

  7. https://go.hotmart.com/Q19113023P O curso segredos do bitcoin é o maior treinamento sobre investimentos com criptomoedas do Brasil. Nesse curso é revelado todos os segredos para ter sucesso e lucrar muito com bitcoin. Módulo 01 – Intrudução ao Bitcoin Módulo 02 – Quanto investir no bitcoin Módulo 03 – Como analisar Uma Criptomoeda Módulo 04 – Como adquirir bitcoin na prática Módulo 05 – Exchange internancionais Módulo 06 – Saque, imposto e recomendações

  8. What I learned is that banks crisis has become worse and that is why Fed is pumping $500 billions in market…most altcoins are near bollinger bands…but no one knows what will next move

  9. I have been watching what the Fed has been doing since late September 2019. Repos is an overnight loaning from banks to banks. They don't have $$ to do this. So the Fed is doing QE4

  10. I invest with one of the best brokers, more than 4 years the profit is stable. Do not make a lot of mistakes, you will find a link to the broker on my channel. 👍

  11. Hi Ivan. As an English teacher I just wanted to let you know that I learned that Ivan confuses the word ‘borrowed’ with ‘lended’. Bank A loans Bank B money overnight, therefore Bank B ‘borrowed’ money from Bank A.

  12. Hey Ivan…I am curious as to what you think about crypto.com and how that too is a bank and my point is, wouldn't it too collapse if the other banks do? Or, does the fact that it is a crypto bank moreso than a normal fiat bank mean that it can survive any possible future bank collapses? It makes me wonder if I should keep a certain amount of crypto loaded onto their platform to gain interest on my #hodlquest so what do you think? Should I take back most of my hodls or leave it be and continue the minimum gains over time?

  13. I learned that Ivan has broadened his scope to include the macro picture including stocks, precious metals, and everything important in the financial world.

  14. I've learned bitcoin cannot be replaced by eth or any alt coin, but could be out valued someday because eth can build groovy things that btc cannot.

  15. I learned (learnt) that one in-solvent bank will start resession and spread like wildfire if not rescued by Fed or 'till exempel' ECB.. :S

  16. Legacy institutions in all industries will get progressively wiped in the next decade, from banking to law to accounting to supply management. Even in the case of crowdfunding, an innovative platform called Pledgecamp is poised to wipe Kickstarter and Indiegogo from the face of the Earth. There's simply no room in the future for outdated products and concepts.

  17. More than 1 bank is insolvent hence the billions injected repeatedly. Global debt is a quarter of a quadrillion dollars….425 trillion approx.

  18. I learned a new catch phrase: "duct tape economy"… and that "Good Morning Crypto" is on Spotify, never thought to look for it there.

  19. I learned that QE increases inflation and can not solve financial problems effectively. Bitcoin has a decreasing inflation and can’t do QE with it. #MoneyInTheRightDirection

  20. Not sure if bitcoin will be accepted as a co-currency for other nations, as there better versions of bitcoin out there.

  21. How long till the $1,000 bills are back??? Should be anytime now!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even the 10,000 dollar bill!!! How exciting!!!! LOL Go USA!!!!

  22. I have learned that everyone always have to have a back up plan. YouTube can come and shot anyone down, always need to have a backup plan in everything.

  23. I learned that the banking system is broken and no-one wants us to know about it. Beeing in Crypto 2019 could be lifechanging in the future.

  24. You are very correct; something is very wrong behind the scenes, I am not worried as the world economic system collapses as per prophecy. Don't care who believes this, it was written long ago, and said when, "Critical times hard to deal with will be here" In the time of the end… Ezekiel said ‘They will throw their silver into the streets, And their gold will be like refuse; Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them In the day of the wrath of the LORD; They will not satisfy their souls, Nor fill their stomachs, Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity." "NUFF SAID, Governments are going DOWN!

  25. I've been hearing about this collapse since 2012 😡 .Just go make some money people stop worrying about this bullshit. In my opinion the average Joe will never find out about a recession unless is to late …

  26. When the shit hit the fan world wide economically, it's only the silver coins that would save my black arse. Cryptos are ponzi schemes, an illusion of wealth which would eventually goes to minus zero.. and that's the Gospel truth

  27. Just see Years and Years the world in five yers would be worse. great Series bbc. inmigration, bank collpase, atomic war so on people suffer to much.

  28. Banks collpase then bail-ins will take effect. I wouldn't keep your coins on the markets at this point. Have a feeling they will use fake hacks to take everyone's crypto.

  29. Hi All
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  30. The problem with crypto as payment method is because it's way too much hassle to get to the payment than people are used to. I wanted crypto wallet payment for my website, but was advised against it because Visa / Paypal are just too easy. Regular customers don't want to go to a platform, buy Despite transfer fees being higher, people pay more just to be lazy. Cryptos require to go to a website like Bitpanda or an exchange, buy tokens, confirmation, send to your wallet, then pay. Somehow it should be linked to your account and more things should go automatically. I have to move back to Visa / Paypal because of this.

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