Bahamas 50 cent banknote, good to collect

g’day people here you going today I’m
gonna show you spin it from the Bahamas and as you can see he is a 50 cent or a
half dollar and I’m not too sure if these are used now but this one decision
in 2001 as you can see from the date on their bank note series and this would
have been issued over a few years yeah the main features the bank note the red
border Bahamas we have queen elizabeth ii who is the head of state of the
Bahamas just like in Australia and New Zealand in Canada and we have some
weaved products over here so we have bags carry bags yeah various types looks
like a very extended and we have various anti counterfeiting features like a
about security Fred we have a watermark of a ship looks like it might be 1,400
type shit looks like I might be Spanish but I’m not too sure and it has a this
is a Nakano dome they call it the sand dollar and these are pretty common in
tropical waters and I know this because I like to click fossils as well if we
turn over this is why I got this banknote he has this beautiful colored
picture here and this is sister Sarah in Nashville market Nasu is the actual
capital of the Bahamas so here’s the back of the sand holiday as a coat of
arms of the Bahamas and the printer is Thomas did I ruin London there’s bananas
here and it has um you know these honeycomb pet works
beautiful nice beautiful painting that I reckon let’s have a close-up at the
market then this design come in I think in the 70s and it’s part of the series
but the series has evolved there and if they are still using these banknotes
this will be the actual banknote that they’re using the wardroom looks pretty
real okay so beautiful Bank now so I’ll show you
more beautiful banknotes later on and you can quite easily get these banknotes
on the internet they’re not rare hello you feel like beautiful banknotes
I implore you to get one of these thank very much for watching and have a
beautiful day

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