Austria-Hungary 2 kronen banknote

so hang on people today’s beautiful day
show is beautiful Batman and this is actually one of the in these thing
that’s actually ever gone and if you don’t know what it is it’s actually bent
neck from austria-hungary so on this side you have German slide Cornyn and on
the reverse side you have Hungarian get caught on okay and with austria-hungary
banknotes that pretty much the same as this all the time one with one side
Hungarian one side we’ve had German and you also had the different languages as
well so this is really so one will be in Serbian another one probably method not
mesud onion whatever probably like a Ukrainian yeah and then you probably
have creation and probably a Czech or Slovak you know I’m not too sure what
languages there if you read any of these languages please let me know so
disappointment was issued in in Vienna curse March 1917 and this issue but it
ought to reach the Austrian engage or Hungarian bank and that bank went
defunct in about 1920 after the first world war because austria-hungary no
longer existed and it says deutsche withstood ice so it’s issued his candor
stamp for Austria only so already over territory is like Yugoslavia Hungary
Romania these are no longer legal tender at this time
this bank may all have been after this world war poor in 1919 1920 and I don’t
you have the Austrian coat of arms okay signatures of the various officials at
the bank and you have like flowers and fruit and here looks like bells or
something here could be just flowers yeah allegorical figures a neighbor’s
probably represent Austria they say and it has no watermark as you can see no
watermark so I’m not hunger in so you have the Hungarian coat of arms and you
have any initial here which is just the this rack major bang we just just means
austrian-hungarian Bank pretty much all this is the same what it says on the
Austrian side and you have the infobar figures and it just in Reverse on yep on
the other side so you look up the image of the woman could you must assign me so
you don’t get any overlap in their facial features when you look at that
like this so that’s it to cloning from austria-hungary I like to collect these
type of banknotes austria-hungary just fascinates me as well as the
polish-lithuanian Commonwealth anyway thank you very much for watching my
video give you the thumbs up and if you’re displaying like they’re not that
expensive I’ll be back
thank you very much and have a nice day

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