A banknote dear to my heart

so hello fellow banknote collectors and
here I have an Austrian bank note that is dear to my heart
so 1991 at Christmas time I actually got everyone who was there to actually sign
this banknote and he has some people who are no longer with us has my cousin
passed away in 2006 my cousin Kelly she’s still around my nan is no longer
around Philip Mackenzie’s also passed away too
Jason uncle Shannon he passed away in 2004 so
if your family is dear to you which a lot of people are maybe you should
actually get banknote and get them to write all their names on it no here’s my
mum there’s me hmm mekka that’s what cousin Craig yeah just get didn’t just
get a like valued bank night and just get into actually sign a name on it no
just bank note that in the future is actually not gonna be worth much and you
can show people later and as these people pass on you can just bring your
sound just fun memories of them that might be your lenders mum
so Randa Yolanda my cousin Craig Jamie McKenzie my aunt Patricia he’s passed
away in 2006 Cara my other cousin and I need to get a few other people in here
I’m Jason McKenzie he’s still around so a lot of my cousin’s had children now I
know them quite well and well they’re not on this need to get Harley make it
Jessie Corey cuz that would be awesome this bank now hasn’t been in circulation
since 1993 so it’s quite an old banknote
and the value of these ones now probably none circulated they’re actually worth
collecting bidding on you know circulator grade like this you’re
probably really really not much and in 1991 this was actually worth a lot more
than what ten dollars combined now so anyway enjoy your family we never know
what’s gonna happen in your future thank you and have awesome Bank they click in
time people bye-bye

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