60,000 BTC Moved From Wallet!? Bitcoin Important Price Zone! (Bitmex Trading + Cryptocurrency News)

60,000 BTC Moved From Wallet!? Bitcoin Important Price Zone! (Bitmex Trading + Cryptocurrency News)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video – got
another killer video if you guys full of
information today we’re gonna be looking
at somebody moved sixty thousand Bitcoin
not sixty thousand dollars worth but
sixty thousand actual Bitcoin we’re
always gonna be looking at bitcoins
important price level as well as tons of
other news that went on in the
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let’s dive into the Bitcoin technical
analysis we are going to be looking at a
little bit more long term a long term
price action long term resistance the
Fibonacci and stuff which a lot of
people have been bringing up and makes
for some very good points but first
let’s dive into the actual short term
technical analysis on the 4-hour chart
so first of all we’re having a little
bit of a pullback a lot of people got
worried about this to me right now we
look on the stochastic we do have that
downward will move that downward
momentum we are looking down RSI same
thing on its way down do we still have
room to fall of course I think we still
have a lot of room to fall for Baek coin
I think Bitcoin given I still think
there’s going to be lower lows I do
there is a lot of room to fall key
levels on the way down would be one
breaking the support that we have seen
over here right with the touches over
here and over here we’ve seen this
established as support so a touch of
this a support down here see if we can
break below this again then to this
range which comes in nicely with this
big support that we have which came with
our lowest low as of recent and then of
course the one that came after that
again following this trendline another
one that we could see a bounce off
support over here so that’s the downward
side of Bitcoin of course to me I did
have my leverage trade stopped I had my
move the stop-loss to break even once we
were in a profit especially when we hit
the second target for Bitcoin so then on
this way back down we hit the break-even
stop-loss I I came out of the trade and
now I wait for another opportunity to
potentially jump in for something else
but to me Bitcoin right now is has two
important levels one again on the way
down if we do come here if we break
below we could see a retest of this area
and potentially if we fall below that
that capitulation move might come a lot
faster than a lot of us expected where
we could be seeing that double bottom
touch right around this range but on the
upside of course we still have the
upward side the upside we are still
looking at this range right here as what
needs to break for us to have confirmed
further movements up so as of right now
this area has been holding pretty well
if we break above this then this is a
very viable target and from here I’m
gonna show you guys if we do break this
area what we could see happen so if we
do a zoom out I will zoom how to the day
let’s actually go on the daily makes it
a little bit easier to go on the daily
now trust me this thing is a mess I’m
going to do my best to explain it but
just stick to the highlighted points
that I’m going to share with you that is
the Fibonacci retracement that I do so
if we go all the way from our last pick
up from the peak over here all the way
to our lowest job over here Bitcoin has
a love for the 0.618 Fibonacci
retracement it just does it has had it
for a very very long time pass bear
market during the bull run you can see
this play out over and over and over
again and there has been some great
explanations on this on YouTube so if
you guys go ahead check that out even on
even on trading viewing stuff like that
people have been going over this for
some time this is nothing new I said it
several times the six one eight the
is very very important for Bitcoin so
what does that mean well this lines up
pretty well again with the previous
support term resistance we’re gonna see
over here we saw that little bit of a
bounce and I think this region if
Bitcoin does carry out what it’s
previously been known to do could be an
area where we see Bitcoin if we break
above this this is the highlighted range
that I said where again we have this top
if we break the the resistance we’re
seeing right here and move our way into
this region which is going to be crucial
if we break it we definitely could see a
move that would bring us up to this
point six one eight area that’d be
pretty cool again it comes up nicely
with that theory that we could be seeing
five K before we reverse now trust me
just because we get to here does not
mean we are oh here we go we’re going to
the moon no no getting over here we
could very easily bounce off here come
right back down and crush everyone’s
hopes similar to what I was talking
about the other day what we have that
move up before seeing that reversal
crushing everyone’s hopes one last time
getting all the weekends that we’re on
the verge of leaving the market but they
didn’t with a sliver of Hope wiping them
out the market before finally entering
that border and hopefully none of us are
those that do sell personally I can say
hi will not be and I think most of you
guys watching judging by the comments
will not as well but we’re gonna have to
wait and see how many people are still
here if we do see that 5k move and then
a reversal a final capitulation move I’d
be very very curious to see what things
are like now that is one theory another
thing I want to highlight is the strong
resistance that we have seen this is
another thing that people have been
pointing out and are very very correct
in saying we’ve had this very strong
resistance all the way back here we can
see several touches with one touch –
touch didn’t quite touch but it was
close three touches again very similar
thing over here then a touch over here
and continue down so this is going to be
very strong resistance if we do want to
see Bitcoin that purple line up or
purple pink depending on what you see I
can’t I mean colors I get it wrong all
time you can ask my girlfriend
apparently there’s more colors than I
thought that are out there and I’m sure
a lot of you guys can resonate with that
but either way again this lines going to
act as
a strong resistance another key part
that we are going to have to break on
our way to the 0.618 potentially could
be seeing a balance off here maybe come
back down and then go to six one eight
we’re gonna have to wait and see how
that does play out that is a lot longer
term and it is banking on the pot on its
banking on the theory of us going higher
of course I’m currently out of trades
right now I’m not in any trade I’m
waiting for the opportunity if I do see
this potentially play out by do see a
long opportunity to this range or
wherever I believe it will be going to I
will of course update the group and I
will try to update you guys on here as
well with some basic information on that
if I think we’re going down same thing
but in Reverse we’re going to be
entering a short position but that’s
currently where Bitcoin is sat at right
now like I said I’m out of trade I’m
waiting the theories of the different
potential scenarios are there and I
wanted to share them with you guys now
let’s jump into some market updates and
some news so a hundred and just under
one hundred thirty three billion dollars
in market cap with a 51.7% bitcoin
dominance there is well a little bit of
change for Bitcoin it’s actually down
point nine five percent stopping our
little streak of having small but green
gains we are of course in the red right
now but not buy too much compared
especially in the last 24 hours still
haven’t broken one percent actually give
this a refresh see if it does there we
now we’re down put one point zero three
percent it’s been a while since we’ve
seen Bitcoin move a whole percent which
is not fun to say but I theory I’m down
two point three two point three eight
percent XRP barely down anything like
coin cos we do have some crypto
currencies in the green looks stellar up
a ton if you go to the 24 hour change
project pi is up 14% status is up 13
percent don’t know what this is
ravine is up 11% it’s over I got a
stellar one of the bigger ones up as
well not sure why I haven’t kept up to
date with what’s going on Khyber network
seeing a big job after it had a nice
increase reason for that from what I
understood is it is linked with engine
so engine apparently using Khyber so
when Samsung announced apart or when
they said that you know Samsung and
engine were official partners then
Khyber network also had a little bit of
a pump there that is why we are seeing
Khyber network
again several cryptocurrencies in the
right if we do scroll down looks like we
should have more red than green not by a
lot but definitely a little more red
than green indicating we are having a
red day in the market but trust me not
all is bad when you have GRS up 75% now
looking at a little bit from ripple so
it looks like we could see eat or owe
partnering with rip or at least for me a
beneficial you know collaboration this
came from the official Twitter of the
founder and ce o– of eToro hanging out
at ripple in SF learning more about ex
rapid thanks Chris Larson SF was of
course the co-founder and executive
chairman of ripple so they are starting
to get together obviously they did
announce or at least the CEO of eToro
did announce that he thinks is
beneficial for the companies to at least
get comfortable one another talk to one
another be on friendly terms if we do
see more coming in the future of course
I don’t think this is just that I do
think they are starting to talk and see
how one can benefit the other and we’re
gonna have to wait and see how that does
play out but a little bit of a hint a
little bit of a sneak peek maybe a
little bit of tail you know maybe just a
little bit of a trailer of what we could
be seeing coming in the future now I
talked a little bit of brow about brave
yesterday and I want to give you more
information on it so brave as rewards
are now live and you users can earn
seventy percent of revenues in basic
attention token that’s pretty cool also
if you have not downloaded brave browser
and you do want to it’s in the
description down below you guys will be
able to download it and I just found out
that apparently don’t quote me on this
I’m not a hundred percent sure if it’s
correct but apparently you get like five
dollars worth of free basic attention
token and if it does you know if it does
perform very well that five dollars
could be worth fifty dollars could be
worth less than five dollars depending
on where basic attention goes but it’s
free money it’s a free download so I’m
not really sure why you would not
download it at least and try it out and
like I said 70 percent of revenues and
basic attention token pretty easy way to
earn a pretty good cryptocurrency in my
opinion so I will be taking advantage of
this I think this is pretty cool now I
think the moment of most people I’ve
been waiting for and I save this for
last because we are gonna go over a
little bit of the Bitcoin rich list this
wallet just unloaded
60,000 Bitcoin not 60,000 US dollars in
60,000 bigpoint that’s like two hundred
and something
million dollars 231 million dollars I
believe it was but the Bitcoin price of
life roughly where it was um it’s just a
lot of money trust me I wish I had
60,000 Bitcoin in my account I believe
total this guy had 113 billion at least
113 million of 113,000 113 a half
thousand my god I can’t even talk right
now these numbers are too big one
hundred thirteen and a half thousand
Bitcoin at one point now the wallet has
zero zero that’s insane right so this
guy on ready actually went on and posted
when this guy was buying and when this
guy was selling so he picked up 26,000
Bitcoin early earlier so this guy was an
early investor in Bitcoin picked up some
more along the way kept again picking
some up picking some up buying in every
maybe you know every month or so coming
in selling occasionally and then we
start seeing the big sell his wallet was
worth more than 1 billion dollars at
this range now again this might sound
crazy but to somebody whose wallets
worth over a billion dollars it’s
possible that we could be seeing a weak
hand here who saw his wallet go from 1
billion to 200 million which is a huge
loss nonetheless although 200 million is
a lot of money it’s definitely not 1
billion or where was you know I don’t
know what the wallet was worth up to
this stage we can actually go in and
take a look we’re you know at the peak
of what it was balancing yourself one
point for seeing that drop to 200
million it’s definitely possible that we
saw you know we can’t happen
with a big wallet maybe this guy
invested so early he didn’t expect to
see this type of move maybe he is
cashing out or maybe there’s several
other theories coming in but first of
all let’s just admire what a wallet this
big looks like this is absolutely say I
believe this was number four at the peak
it was number four on BIC or on the
Bitcoin wallet rich list so leave
Bitcoin I just out there you guys can
see what the address is over here you
can if you guys want to go and check it
out yourself but this is saying shows
where he bought it shows where he sell
to me
that’s absolutely the same time the
fourth biggest while other people of
course are speculating what happened why
is he selling first I want to highlight
the emphasis of I want to highlight to
you guys what happened every time he did
move Bitcoin now he moved some Bitcoin
over here and this is just in the bear
market moved six point four thousand
Bitcoin which shortly after led to a job
he moved ten thousand big one over here
which shortly after led to a drop and he
emptied out his wallet moving 60,000
Bitcoin and people are saying could this
mean we are do we are in for a final
capitulation move since this guy sold it
is possible given he has a wallet that
big that’s absolutely insane but I don’t
want to spread fun I don’t want to
obviously give you guys misinformation
and so I want to say that it’s not
confirmed that he is going to sell this
could merely be a coincidence because we
were in the bear market it looks pretty
you know it looks pretty good but for
the most part to pay you it’s it would
be rare for you to sell and the price go
up in the market a lot of times the
price job so it wouldn’t be too
far-fetched to say that this was a
and just because 60,000 Bitcoin was
moved does not mean 60,000 Bitcoin was
sold so that’s one thing to keep in mind
this number one post over here now 100%
BTC removed from wallet does not equal
BTC sold so to everyone out there saying
that we are due for a job because this
guy is selling we don’t know if he saw
him we don’t know if he’s selling OTC we
don’t know if he’s moving we don’t know
if he’s spreading it out possibility is
that he has so much money in one wallet
he thought maybe I shouldn’t keep all of
that in one wallet maybe I just spread
it out so we separating it out in two
different while that’s another
possibility so of course just want to
keep you guys up to date and for some
fun I do want to share with you the
Bitcoin rich list there are some crazy
wallets in here if you guys want to go
ahead and check it out looking over here
cool this is on this is also something
pretty cool to look at if you have you
know more than there how many wallets
have more than one US dollars at Bitcoin
fifteen point two million how many
wallets have over $100 in Bitcoin four
point five million thousand US dollars
one point five million ten thousand US
dollars three hundred forty five
thousand a hundred thousand dollars
eighty four thousand 1 million dollars
and ten million dollars six hundred you
can guy you can kind of use this to
calculate how much or what percentile
you are in terms of how much big when
you have this of course is addresses so
people could have more than one address
that’s something that’s definitely
possible and something that is done a
lot especially when you have a lot of
big crime know several people who have a
lot of Bitcoin have it spread out myself
included I have it spread out in
different wallets just because it’s
safer than keeping it all in one place
and that’s gonna be for this video guys
hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and
leave a comment down below in order to
enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin
and of course be subscribe and have your
notifications turn on so you can check
back in to see if you did win so you can
go ahead and claim it but guys thank you
so much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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