5 Keys To Outsourcing – How To Find & Hire The Best Virtual Teamamtes, Everytime!

5 Keys To Outsourcing – How To Find & Hire The Best Virtual Teamamtes, Everytime!

Hey Miles here, milesbecker.com. This video
reveals the five keys to outsourcing. Specifically.
You’re going to get my five main tips or my
five main strategies I use to find the right
people at the right price for my job. So whether
you’re hiring a virtual assistant, a customer
support person, a developer, it doesn’t matter.
These are relevant every time. And I’ve personally
been on a little bit of a hiring binge. I’ve
hired many new people. I’ve got a bunch of
job listings open right now and I figured
I’d share with you kind of the specifics,
right? So you can bring on the right people.
Number one test different hiring platforms
there for a while I was very kind of um, all
in on one platform. I had great success with
Upwork many years ago actually when it was
called oDesk. So before they got bought out
and changed over.
Um, today I’m getting a much higher quality
teammate coming in at a much better price
from other platforms. One of the key platforms
that I use is online jobs dot P H a I am an
affiliate of theirs. The link is down below.
So if you want to use that, if you’re hiring,
I appreciate it. But either way it’s important
to just check the different ecosystems against
each other because here’s what’s going on.
And on Upwork specifically when you get in
a closed loop system, the prices for the actual
services can really become competitive within
that one closed system. But when you go look
at a different system, you can find a much
different price. Same idea is true in local
markets. So the San Francisco job market for
hiring for a content marketer is going to
have a much different price than Tulsa, Oklahoma,
K and I’m looking for the Tulsa Oklahoma price,
proverbially speaking, not the highest price
in the world, which Upwork seems to be bringing
me some intense prices.
So on one specific job I put it on Upwork
and online jobs at pH. So I’m testing these
two platforms against each other. Um, I got
70 to $125 applicants on Upwork and I’ve got
well qualified applicants in the seven to
$10 per hour range. And I’m talking really
well qualified applicants on online jobs.ph.
So this is the difference between not being
able to afford to bring on somebody to fill
this role and continuing to do it myself.
And the difference of actually being able
to hire. So definitely test different platforms.
So there’s other ones, like the freelancers
of the world, rent a coders, right? Depending
on what you’re doing, do a little bit of searching
on what the best platform is for the job that
you like. If you’re looking at writers and
you want a native English writer, uh, online
jobs.ph might not be the right other platform
to test, but maybe it’s, I writer would be
a great one for you to test in that scenario.
Number two, be specific and realistic. Okay.
So I want to talk about the realistic part
first. Um, a lot of times people will get
into outsourcing and they’re like, cool, I’m
going to find a virtual assistant who can
write my blog posts. They can customize my
WordPress, they can run my Facebook ads, they
can do my dishes, they can do absolutely everything
for me. Um, they’re human means just like
you and me. And if you really think about
it, someone who knows how to customize WordPress,
uh, templates and themes and who can be kind
of your designer and developer in that world,
they’ve probably spent the better portion
of their professional life doing just that.
Whereas someone who is an expert writer, they’re
expert at crafting the written word at copy
editing at proofreading. They’ve probably
dedicated most of their life to that craft,
just like you probably can’t do all of those
different things.
Great. Neither can a virtual assistant, right?
So it’s important to keep that in mind and
you want to really hire specifically. So that’s
the other side of this coin, right? So when
you’re hiring for one specific task, allow
it to be for that one specific task. Don’t
expect to find a customer service representative
who’s also going to have the WordPress skills,
who can also manage your, your social media.
There’s a really good chance you could take
a great customer service representative and
teach them how to manage your social media,
but to expect them to understand PHP code
or CSS code or or theme customization, um,
that’s just outside of the box. So your job
needs to be for a very, very specific role.
And here’s what happens is we get on, we’re
like, all right, I’m going to start a job.
I want them to be able to do this.
And you start writing, you’re like, wow, I
really like it. If they could do that also
in the, add that in the list of things to
do and then why wish they could do that also.
And all of a sudden you’ve built up this job
listing for a total unicorn for someone who
doesn’t exist and obviously you’re not going
to find anyone to fill that role. Here’s the
other side of that. When you bring somebody
on who maybe he’s like, yeah, I could do all
of those things for you, and then you get
them started and they’re overwhelmed because
they actually can’t do all of those things.
They’re probably just going to disappear.
And that’s more common in other countries.
Uh, but even in the United States, that’s
why people disappear is they’re overwhelmed.
They don’t know what to do. They don’t feel
like they’re able to, to fill the position
So they just kinda disappear and go off onto
something else. And remember if that happens,
it’s often on you when that does happen because
it was something in the communication, the
expectations that was wrong from the get gout.
So have clear expectations, be super specific
and be reasonable with what you’re looking
for. Um, I’ve found to find specialists in
all of these different roles are helping me
grow my business massively compared to generalists
who might be able to kind of sort of do all
those different things. I need my WordPress
theme customizer and developer to be excellent,
right? I need that could be fast. I needed
the pages to load quickly. I need them to
be really good at what they do. And my writing
team and my copy editing team, they have to
be excellent. They’re writing in my voice.
They have to be great at what they do.
Customer support takes a certain type of a
person. Same thing. I need somebody who’s
great and has years and years and years of
customer support experience to support my
customers. Number three, ask open ended questions
that are relevant but random inside of your
job description. Now the job description portion
is simple, right? You just go write the job.
Here’s the exact tasks I expect you to do.
The time, all those bits and pieces, that’s
the simple part. At the bottom of the job
description, I always include at least two
or three questions. Now some of the platforms
like Upwork, they give you a a separate area
where you can add in the questions. I don’t
use that area. I put it at the bottom of my
job description. Number one, I’m making sure
they read through the whole thing and they
actually see these questions and they actually
answer them.
It’s just a check. Do these people have the
attention of detail required to work for me
because I expect a extreme attention to detail
from my employees, right? And if they just
are copying and pasting their application,
I’ll know in an instant because they didn’t
answer my questions. Then for the open ended
part, right? You don’t want to ask ask simple
questions that like, yes, no, five, uh, this
is my favorite. You know, WordPress is the
best one. You don’t want to ask closed questions
because you want to get them writing a little
bit. You want to try to get them to explain
a little bit. You want to see how they communicate.
So one common question I ask is why is now
the perfect time for you to land this job?
And I’m really searching for a story that’s
going to help me understand how ambitious
this individual is.
And I have heard all kinds of stories from
I’m starting a family and I want to be able
to stay at home with my child and still generate
income for my family. That’s a great story.
That lets me believe that individual’s probably
going to be there for a very long time for
me if we create something that works well
together. Another story I’ve heard commonly
is that a, I’m a caretaker and I have a family
member who needs, um, assistance, whether
it’s health assistance, getting to the doctors
this out the other. And so they need the lifestyle
freedom to be able to take an occasional Wednesday
off or a Thursday after noon off and they
need a job that’s going to fit that lifestyle
for them. Again, this allows the freedom I
can offer them from my kind of um, lifestyle
business. This allows them to get the value
of that freedom as well.
And oftentimes that means a lot to them and
they’re willing to accept less money. Not
that I low ball them or anything, but they
just realize that freedom has value in and
of itself, so they’re not going to be taking
the highest potential bid at the job because
they really, really appreciate that kind of
lifestyle freedom. Um, you can ask them what
about this job is the most challenging that
you’re most excited about or what challenge
within this job is the most exciting to you?
Right. Get them to explain about what they
are excited about in the job. Because really
as you start to help get your teammates with
more tasks on the things that they enjoy doing.
For example, if you have somebody who loves
organization and they’re just like an organization
neat freak and you realize this about them
and you get them in your email inbox to help
you clean up your email inbox, they’re going
to love that task, right?
They’re going to enjoy the feeling of taking
your messy inbox, and I’m probably talking
about myself here to be honest and making
it neat and organized. How do you know about
them in this way? You’ve got to get to know
them. You’ve got to ask them open ended questions.
You’ve got to find out these things about
them so you can figure out what are the next
best tasks and roles for them within your
corporation. Number four, ask for a video.
I always ask for a video. Now in the bottom
of the job application, I say, and if you
want to stand out as one of the top applicants
for this position, grab your cell phone or
hop on your laptop with your webcam and cut
a quick video to answer those three questions
and just give me a little introduction of
who you are so I can see you on video.
I tell them it’s okay to upload it to YouTube
as unlisted so no one else can see it and
that’s it. Now, this is a huge gauge of who
is willing, who has the ambition to do something
uncomfortable, who wants it that bad? I have
seen excuses. I have a sore throat yesterday.
I can’t do this great. I love knowing when
people make excuses for doing tough things,
they get out there. Their resume goes in the
camp, right? The people who actually take
the time to publish a video are the people
I’m most interested in because they were motivated
enough to do that uncomfortable thing to get
on video and just kind of randomly explained
themselves to their camera about why they’re
interested in this job. It gives me an opportunity
to kind of just like meet them virtually.
Right. Like you and I, we have this kind of
little connection here kind of because the
fact that I’m using video as my main method
of communication.
So it gives you that opportunity to really
kind of just peer into their eyes a little
bit and understand them. With that said on
one job that I’m a, I’m hiring a few people
on, which is number five, um, one of the individuals
did not make a video. So I don’t hold fast
to this if they’ve got the skills, if their
answers are great, uh, but I do look for people
who actually make the videos. And I think
three of my, um, four or five key teammates
that I have on my team all took the step of
making the video. And that lets me know that
when things get tough and when there’s a difficult
task to do, they’re probably going to be more
willing than somebody who made an excuse of,
Oh, my throat, I had a sore throat. I can’t
do the video today.
Right. Uh, those who want it bad enough, we’ll
do whatever it takes. And on my team, I want
the type of people who do whatever it takes.
Cool. So that’s how I find them. And number
five is hire multiple people for a test job.
There is so much like voodoo around the process
of interviewing and hiring. Um, I suck at
it. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at it.
Interviews are, I have no idea what’s going
on in an interview. I’m as awkward and nervous
as they are. I just, I don’t get it. I don’t
know what I’m looking for. But here’s the
thing, their work product and their work ethic
speak for themselves. So how do I learn this?
Well, I go invite a bunch of people to my
job and I invite as many as I can. Upwork
now limits you to six people you can invite
on online jobs up pH. You can invite as many
people as you want on many of the other platforms
you can invite as many as you want, which
is another reason a number one test.
Different platforms. I think Upwork’s on there
on the way out for me personally. Um, but
then when I find three, so I’ve got three
people for this most recent role that I’m
hiring for. Uh, and they’re all like pretty
good. Like I can’t really tell who’s going
to be the best. And I could nitpick about,
uh, positives and negatives from each of their,
uh, responses and cover letters and the, the
back and forth I’ve had with questions. So
now it’s just time to get the job in their
hands. So I hired him each for a two week
run and I’m willing to pay them the normal
hourly of the same salary that I’m going with
for two weeks, and I’ll pay them each out
in PayPal or whatever they want. Um, because
I just want to see who works, who gets hits
the ground running, who, what kind of work
product do they create?
Here’s what’s interesting. The individual
who, I thought it was middle of the pack,
so there’s three people. One guy stood out,
I was like, this dude, wow, really good chance.
This is gonna be my guy. And there was another
in there. She was kind of like, man, she might
be the person for this, right? So I put it
out to all three of them out. One person has
hit the ground, absolutely running every day,
showing up. Here’s the next thing. Person
number two asked a bunch of random questions
that were irrelevant. Kinda like, Oh, why
don’t you tell me about this and how many
other people apply for this job? And they’re
asking relatively irrelevant questions that
lead me to believe in the future. When I say,
here’s a big task I want you to go run with,
they’re probably going to come back with a
bunch of irrelevant questions or they maybe
don’t realize that everything we do in my
business is urgent, right?
We move forward quickly on things. So of all
three individuals, it’s now been two full
days. One person came back with work product
on day one. I gave them the next tasks for
the next day. On day two they came back with
work product, so I’d seen work product in
my inbox that’s high quality two days in a
row. The other people are just now getting
started because of whatever reasons in the
world now at a resume level, they were all
very, very relevant. They were all very similar.
I, I had no way to dif differentiate from
the the resume and the first questions I asked
and the videos couldn’t really tell who was
a standout. They all looked pretty standout.
But right now in the work product, in, in
the speed at which one of them specifically
is getting going. Now another one says they’re
going to, they have Wednesday available for
this and I get it.
They might have other things going on. So
I’m being patient, I’m going to allow this
two week window to unfold. But already right
away I’ve got a very excited feeling about
one of the applicants and I’m still hopeful
for the other applicants. And if they’re all
great, I theoretically could be hiring all
three of them. But this is how I really truly
learn. What is it going to be like working
with this individual? What kind of work product
can they actually do the job can they fulfill
on what they say? It’s one thing to write
a great cover letter and resume. Let’s be
real. All of these outsourcers realize that
they can go have a profile written from a
professional freelancer cause they’re on the
same freelancer websites with these individuals,
right? So can’t, how much can we trust their
cover letters, their, their description of
themselves on their profile.
Um, versus the actual work output. So doing
like a two week job where, Hey, I’m bringing
you on for two weeks, here’s the terms of
it. Uh, if I like you, we’ll talk about bringing
you on full time from that point on. But really
it’s just a two week thing. It gives me a
very easy out on the other side. If they’re
not great, if they’re not perfect, just like,
thank you very much. Uh, this didn’t work
for me, but it gives me that opportunity to
see how we mesh together, what their work
product is, what their work ethic is. And
that’s some of the most important things for
me. And one of the themes that I think you’re
going to see through this, and if you read
between the lines on all of these is I’m looking
for ambitious people. I’m looking for people
who are willing to do the hard work.
I’m looking for people who are willing to
show up every single day. This business of
building a business online is extremely difficult,
right? If you want the easy path, go punch
a clock in an office for 40 hours a day and
get your paycheck every two weeks. That’s
the easy path. This is magnitudes more difficult
to build a business from scratch to create
a business that gives values to it gives value
to millions of people online. It is an extremely
difficult business model, full of challenges.
So I need to make sure every one of my team
mates are ambitious enough and willing to
go through those challenges with me, right?
We’re all in the mud together. It’s difficult
to make forward progress every single day,
but I need those people who are really ready
to do whatever it takes to make that forward
progress happen. And people who have excuses
and people who don’t show up and people who
can’t deliver on what they say they can deliver.
I got no time for him in this business because
we are moving forward very, very quickly as
a team and I need people who can keep up from
day one and this is how I find those people,
how I analyze those people, how I help them
stand out from the array of 70 different applications
that I receive so I can delete 90% of them
immediately cause they didn’t answer my questions
and they didn’t make me a video. How I can
narrow it down to those three and then just
boom straight into higher from there to see
who actually delivers on what they say and
then have that out that hard out after two
weeks to be able to let go of someone if they’re
not the right person and ultimately to find
that one key person who can fit that super
specific role that I’m looking for and delivers
on time with excellence and they’re excited
to do more.
I wish you the best of luck. Outsourcing can
be a wonderful way to help grow your business,
but it’s a huge distraction and it’s a massive
time sink for you as the business owner. So
take it one task, one person at a time, get
them up, get them up to speed, get them going.
Then bring on the next and so on, so forth.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have
thumbs up like it, hit the subscribe, hit
the bell, do all those engagement things that
I forget to ask every single time. I appreciate
you. I got more videos coming out, so subscribe
and I’ll see you on the next video till we
meet again. Be well.


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