15 Worst Jobs Ever

15 Worst Jobs Ever

• From employees hired to steal dead bodies
to people hired to farm digital currency for almost no income themselves we count 15 of
some of the most horrible occupations ever seen throughout history
15 – Vomit Collector, • A slave to the Roman Empire who was forced
to hang around dining room tables waiting for vomit to hit the floor so he can crawl
around on all fours and clean it up • It was actually a common occupation since
the emperor and his guests would voluntarily vomit to make room for more food
• In fact, Julius Caesar avoided an assassination attempt by feigning interest in visiting the
toilet, only to return to his room to blow chunks – which, of course, would need to be
cleaned up by a certain slave 14 – Fuller,
• A job in which sheep are sheared, their wool carded, spun and then woven – basically,
cleanse and thicken woollen cloth • This wasn’t so bad except they needed
alkaline to cleanse the wool and it was expensive, so they turned to stale urine instead – gallons
of urine taken from farms and private houses, only for the poor wool cleaner to trod through
urine for over 7 hours a day, up to their knees in stale human urine
• Not something you’d want to print on your resume
13 – Sin-Eater, • Pretty much a terrible job no matter which
way you spin it, the sin-eater was a 19th century outcast who nobody cared about, essentially
a homeless person paid to absorb the sins of other people
• They did this by waiting for a person to die, pass food over the corpse, then have
the sin-eater eat the food and thereby absorb the sins – in return they were given scraps
of money • The sin-eaters give up any chance of a
decent afterlife, are shunned by society and usually starving to death anyway – but hey,
first world problems, am I right? 12 – Gold Farmer,
• A Chinese job started around 2007 in the massively multiplayer online role playing
game World of Warcraft, in which your job is to amass virtual currency called gold
• The gold is sold to other players in exchange for real money, but to farm the gold is basically
slave labour – work in 12 hour shifts for the world’s most measly pay: 30 cents per
hour • That’s $3.60 per day, so you’ve already
paid off your monthly Warcraft subscription in 5 days
• What a deal 11 – Knocker-Up,
• This one has nothing to do with impregnating people, which is a shame because then the
occupation would actually mean something • Instead, the knocker-up goes around tapping
on your window with some bamboo in order to wake you up in time for work
• In fact, he won’t STOP tapping until you tell him to go away, but only if you give
him a little bit of money – so, you’re employing someone to bother you
• But at least he isn’t trying to sell you something
10 – Spit Boy, • The lowest ranking-member of kitchen staff,
a teenage hired to stand there and turn a metal spit that roasts meat for hours
• And it wasn’t as easy as you might think – the meat was packed on so extensively that
you could barely turn the thing, the handle made of iron, heat in your face all day long
• Just imagine if someone hired you to stand next to a bonfire and lift weights for 8 hours
a day – try and keep your eyeballs from melting into your beard
9 – Leech Collector, • A job that continued until the late 19th
century, to collect leeches so they can latch onto a medical patient and withdraw small
amounts of blood for therapeutic reasons • Leech-gatherers were forced to wade through
dense leech-filled areas and allow them to latch onto their legs and suck, losing tremendous
amounts of blood for measly pay • It never occurred to them that they should
maybe use a net 8 – Body Snatcher,
• A man employed to dig up fresh graves and sell off the bodies, without leaving any
trace that the body was now gone so as not to alert the grieving family
• The bodies were used in the rapidly-advancing 19th century field of medicine with medical
students who desperately needed fresh bodies, but with only executed criminals allowed,
they turned to this black market trade • And then we all discovered cremation and
the industry took a downward turn 7 – Subway Pusher,
• A Japanese line of employment created purely to manage the peak hour public transport
traffic, when trains are filled beyond 200% of their maximum capacity
• The pushers job is to cram people in so the doors will actually close, otherwise the
train can’t leave and you get massive delays • Pushers are generally made up of part-time
students, train staff or desperate bulked-up part-time workers who like pushing people
around 6 – Dog Whipper,
• A lovely title for a church employee in charge of keeping dogs from interrupting the
weekly service • In the 16th through 19th centuries, church-goers
would bring along their pets but it was the job of the dog whipper, armed with whip and
wooden tongs, to eject animals if they became disruptive
• It was a valid occupation with payment records still around in old parish account
books from churches all over England 5 – Snake Milker,
• This is a job still around today, to get your venomous snake to squirt its venom into
a cup to create an antivenin used to treat snake bites
• In fact, one legendary snake milker named Bill Haast survived over 172 venomous snake
bites during the whole of his 100 year career • This is mostly due to the fact he was
a snake milker, so antivenin was abundant and the snake responsible very close by
4 – Plague Burier, • The Black Death which swept through Europe,
leaving piles and piles of bodies rotting in people’s houses
• If you’ve watched some Monty Python, you’ll know about the old quote “Bring our yer dead”,
but that really is what happened – someone was hired to go around with a cart collecting
bodies to head off and bury them • And the employees were then riddled with
disease from the decomposing corpse, so not long after they got sick and had to be dumped
on another cart moved by some other unlucky fool
3 – Groom of the Stool, • A fancy way to describe someone hired
by royalty to stand in the toilet with them and then wipe their grotty ass-crack and clean
it • But they weren’t slaves, oh no – more
often than not you’ll find the sons of noblemen or personal assistants to the King very high
up on social standing • To be selected to clean the gunk off a
royal anus was quite the honour, and it’s a shame we’re today forced to do it ourselves
like savage cave-men 2 – Tosher,
• A person who used to scavenge in the sewers of London, stripping valuable copper from
the hulls of ships and stealing tradable treasures flushed down sewers
• This occupation made you smell like garbage 24/7, so you might imagine they weren’t very
popular when encountered 1 – French Beggar
• This is barely an occupation, more of a desperate act for homeless people to get
by day-to-day • It was pre-revolution France and beggar
competition was intense, so the idea came up to invoke as much sympathy from donators
as possible • The worst of which involved something
called denatsate, in which the mouth is cut open ear-to-ear in a joker’s grin – gums and
nose removed, a disfigured face pleading with you for coins
• Puts things into perspective next time you complain about
your 9/5 job


  1. gold farming has been around a lot longer than wow, i know that people did it on games as early as Ultima

  2. For the last countdown, those Joker grins are also known as Chelsea Grins, Chelsea Smiles, Glasgow Grins/Smiles, etc. I believe it started in England with gangs, but you should look it up. It's a pretty cool topic to learn about.

  3. the bring out your dead one was used during the yellow fever epidemic like in the book fever. mattie (the main character) her grandfather dies not of yellow fever but murderd. a man walking down the street is calling bring out your dead. so she brings out her grandfather.

  4. Butt wiper moment:
    Are you kidding me?! Lazy little…
    Who am I kidding I think I'm lazier than that when I'm not in sports. :3
    This generation is mostly lazy people. XD Including me.

  5. Ass wipers! Queen: DO YOU EXPECT SOMEONE TO ALWAYS BE THERE TO WIPE YOUR ASS?! Prince: actually yes because dad has an ass wiper!

  6. What's the worst job in the world? Pushing a disabled suicide bomber around in his wheelchair.

  7. Worst job : Being the one to do the death penalty. I don't live in a country with it, but that would be horrible! One in every 25 people sentenced to death are later found innocent. Or the person to put down animals. And great job, Danger Dolan! 🙂

  8. @Danger Dolan I love watching your videos so much, 7/10 times i get on youtube just to watch your videos, the other 3 are usually music or other stuff, you are truly my most favorite youtuber



  10. The worst job I had was a cropsitter. I had to sit around and live in a house rent and weed free all day with pay just to make sure no one came in and messed with the hundreds of marijuana plants growing in the basement for my employer. The consequences of being caught was what made it the worst, other than that it was fucking awesome getting a free home and weed and play video games all day.

  11. I saw a movie that was directed by Michael Landon some time ago called The Last Sin-Eater, so I totally already knew what that was!

  12. From a popular podcast I listened to recently "the history of Rome" the Romans didn't actually make themselves vomit to eat more food

  13. People hired to masturbate animals for semen collection. Just imagine that conversation:
    "Oh, I jerk off Shamu for a living. But he knows we're just friends with benefits."

  14. @ number 6 – thjat's really fucking heartless and retarded. Glad that's gone now, OH WAIT, CRUELTY STILL GOES ON TOFUCKINGDAY, IN FUCKING TWO THOUSAND AND GODDAMN FIFTEEN. Fucking WAKE UP people.

  15. I would say the plague job would be no1 in your listing. The smell of rotting corps must have been really nasty , then catching the plague yourself as a bonus of all your hard graft , sucks to be damned.

  16. The Chinese farmers have pretty much been extinct thanks to the Russians. Prior to all of those, it was Americans who made a killing off of selling 'Plat' to players of EQ1 around 2000. It was VERY lucrative, selling 1k Plat for nearly $200 USD. A nice bump of income every 3 days or so. Been there, did that. Chinese farmers put us under around 2005

  17. Still all looks better than watching bestiality videos, child porn, people getting killed/tortured ect for 8 hours every day for google.

  18. Now we kno where the term ass wipe came from. You forgot night soil man. They are from London and paid very well to clean up the great stink of London. There weren't any toilets so people just threw human waste out the window which caused the stink. These men were hired to collect this waste that was mostly solid. No that's a job that sucks shoveling sh** all night.

  19. Nothing about the guys with stinging nettle harnesses embracing their crotches as they collected eggs from shit-stained cliff ledges? Really?

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